Friday, July 8, 2011


Guess who said this; I quote “So don’t be stubborn. I see the statement they made is like they want to provoke, they just keep wanting to fight, with no good intention, no tolerance, no sincerity” unquote, and this statement is said in reference to the organizers of the Bersih rally.

The quote is made by none other the Deputy PM Muhyiddin Yassin. You see how arrogant is his statement? It is just like a school teacher reprimanding his students, and Muhyiddin must have acquired that reprimanding skill since he became the Education Minister. It is not too often that we hear a school teacher being soft with their students. I was hit on the palm with a ruler by my teacher for failing to spell some English words correctly when I was in primary one. It was a Chinese teacher, and I thank the teacher for hitting me, for that made me to excel in my English spelling subsequently.

But in the case of Muhyiddin, I think he was wrong in using such words, because he failed to understand the audience to whom the words were meant. The audiences are not school children, but adults and many among them are educated professionals of various vocations. Do you think a national laureate like Pak Samad Ismail can accept such words coming from the honourable Malaysian minister? Muhyiddin must have likened the Bersih rally to that of a boisterous and rowdy rally organized by some school drop-outs without any purpose and reason. If that was what Muhyiddin had thought or assumed the Bersih rally to be, then he is seriously wrong.

Now, let me rebut some of the words that he had used in the statement.

First, he told Bersih not to be stubborn. Now, who is actually being stubborn? His Majesty the King has called upon the government to confer with Bersih to seek an amicable way out of the impasse. Does the government take heed of the King’s offer? The answer is NO, and you see how Najib makes a quick u-turn by first offering that Bersih hold its rally in a stadium and in the next breath says otherwise. Where did he learn such a tactic……….not from his predecessor Abdullah Badawi I hope.

Second, Muhyiddin says that he saw the statement made by Bersih as provocative. Now, have anyone heard Bersih say that they are sending teams of silat proponents to protect the rally and that Bersih cannot control them should they be provoked? I only heard Bersih gave the assurance that the rally will be peaceful, and even PAS have allowed the police to arrest its members should they cause any trouble. Compare the statements made by Bersih with that of UMNO youth and of Field Marshal Ibrahim Ali? Surely Muhyiddin can differentiate which statement is provocative and which is not. And if Muhyiddin does not know, let me tell him that the statements uttered by UMNO youth and Field Marshal Ibrahim Ali are provocative that deserves them to be thrown into ‘Kamunting Resort’. But why are they not?

Lastly, he says that Bersih has bad intentions, lack tolerance and insincere. May I ask Muhyidin this question; is seeking the government for an electoral reform that you and I know is mired in discrepancies and falsifications too much to ask? This demand for an electoral reform has been for years and the government seems not to heed the request. Are we to tolerate further and to continue feinting innocence and playing the good and obedient citizen, while the Election Commission continue to abuse the electoral roll to buttress your existence and survival?

If only Muhyiddin has good intentions, show tolerance and sincerity in acknowledging the need for an electoral reform, then this Bersih rally would not have been necessary.



EAGLE said...

No point arguing with an idiot as you will never win.
This DPM of Malaysia has problem with English and he have just picked up the language recently sebab terkejut dapat jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri.
Disgusting. Like it or not will be there tomorrow. POPO or No POPO will face the generals and his army!

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

In all fairness, we would not have come this far if the SPR simply said Yes or No to the points of issue and if it was a No, explain the reasons. On reflection I see that the situation veered way off to other scenarios until our beloved King is also dragged into it. I ask, as a simple former soldier- Who led us to this now? And was there any sincere damage control along the way by all parties? All that happened was due to the intransigence by all the so called educated leaders, we simply upped the ante. May GOD save us all from ourselves.
P.S. Pardon my English- my English teacher did not hit me, but she was a great teacher though


Dear Dato,
I am moved to leave a comment - something I've never done on any blog or website. But your courage and decency shine through your writing, and for that I SALUTE YOU.

Thank you for what you do, and please keep doing it for the rest of us. You are a rare commodity in this sad Malaysia. But people like you give hope to the future of our beautiful land.

Major Ismail Feisol (Rtd) said...

I concur with what you have pointed out, it is sad that this country that we fought for to repel from Communism has turned into a police state which condone corruptions and nepotism.
I cannot accept the fact that the elected government and the PDRM have been disloyal to the King. I cannot see any future for my kids or their kids, other then to be Bersih and Supporting what Bersih stand for.
I salute you for your statement and stand by your principle as they are the aspiration of mine for a free and uncorrupted Government.

Major Ismail Feisol (Rtd) said...

I concur with you statements, I believe that our present ruling government has been in power for too long and has begun to be so arrogant.
Many years ago we gave up our youth and life for the nation that we loved.We took an oath at Dewan Gurney,to be loyal to King and country.We fought the Communist for we believed in Democracy, but today the people we voted into office have gone against the advise of the King and lied to the people, the Police too have not heeded to the advise of the Agong. All because the country is now so corrupted. I want my country to be Bersih and for the sake of my children I need it to be Bersih.
Thank you for you statement and I salute you you Sir....

keng said...

dato, syabas.and all fellow army that came out to speak for the beloved mother land. before this, we hv no idea about army, we thought they were only taught the skill to shoot, and their brains were retarded in one way or another so that they can only take order from the govt.really sorry, please accpt my apology.