Thursday, January 26, 2012


The ABU-Hindraf gathering at Jalan Kebun, Shah Alam on 21 January 2012 that ended up being roughed up by Malay thugs and ruffians allegedly at the behest of UMNO and in connivance with the local police proves that this country is at the verge of a total collapse of civility, respect and tolerance. Viewing the video that was uploaded in several blogs, it was clear that the fracas was started by a group of thugs led by one Muhamad Razali alias Baharom. I do not know if he is from the force or paid by someone to create trouble, but one thing was certain i.e. from the language uttered by the thug, it was derogatory aimed at the Indian community intent at causing a riot.

My question is what if it were an Indian guy that started the fracas and the audience were mainly Malays? I am quite sure there will be a riot and the police will be there in droves and in double quick time making the arrest. What is actually happening to this country today, especially that of the police force that is suppose to protect us? Is the government in control or have they lost the interest to run this country? Or has that responsibility to govern being handed over to the police? Can Home Minister Hishamuddin say something please? Where are the 60,000 security guards that the government has been talking about? Blue Ocean strategy they say.

I am utterly disgusted at the initial response by the state police officer whose remark reflects total ignorance, arrogance, lack responsibility and incompetency. I just wonder where he was when the trouble was brewing. Was he at home or attending a kenduri kahwin somewhere? Wasn’t he briefed by his officers or was the briefing given by the thugs themselves? And now he comes up with a statement that they have arrested six people whose age ranges from 16 to 19 years old. But the video shows that the main perpetrator to be someone much older and a fatso. Why hasn’t this thug being arrested? Or has he being told to go into hiding until all is safe and clear?

If this is what we call efficiency of the police force, then I beg to differ. If the police had responded well and professionally, they could have affected arrest that same night because there was police presence that was witnessed to the fracas. Obviously the policemen that were there didn't have the slightest clue as to how to react and to control the situation. This clearly shows the standard of training of the policemen now that were no better than the Rela guards. I am sorry to say this because I have many police friends, but I believe they too are equally disappointed at the lack of professionalism in the policemen. Had they been some military guys, I would have hit at them much harder.

I do not know if the six and several others will be charged for causing a public disturbance. Whatever the outcome, the punishment must be seen to be punitive and not just a simple fine and a warning. This incident could have caused a racial riot that we do not wish to experience it once more.



SSrahman said...

Bos ,

I strongly believe its a paid job.
By whom - whoelse but by those who are very worried about dap being accepted by malays.
To be very frank,theres a lot of my malay friends who admire the dap and have indicated their votes will be for ABU.
If BN wants to stay relevent,It has to do a complete house cleaning of all corrupt acts.
Charge all and sundry who have the slightest smell of corruption. Can najib do it with the heavy baggage he is accused of carrying ????

A Pinch Of Salt said...

Your article is precise and aptly written. I thank you for your impartiality, tolerance and understanding in your writings. Being a non-Malay, I am very blessed by your writings. It is really so sad/shameful to see Malay youths carrying out such acts of intimidation. I could not imagine what would have happened had there been retaliation! I really shudder at that thought. Like all Malaysians irrespective of race, religion and creed, in this country, I pray for good will and peace of everyone in this country. God bless you, sir.

mike said...

I am totally disgusted with the situation in the country today. There is a clear breakdown of law and order where thugs are protected and victims harassed to no end. It is time the ordinary folks speak up against this injustice and the only way to effect this change is to cast your votes against the BN regime.

mask topeng said...

Dato', you must be very familiar with this word, "Takpe orang melayu kite". This word is spoiling the Malays...

bruno said...

Dato,in my personal opinion,I think that at least some of the policemen in that police district,were briefed by some people of what was going to happened.That was the reason of the 'tidak apa' attitude of the police.

In the sixties and seventies our Special Branch was considered the best in our region.The SB if they were monitoring a suspect or suspects they will know of all that is happening,from inside the bedroom to the bathroom,and anywhere inside the house to outside.Maybe because of cronism the standards have slacked tremendously,allowing our neighbours to overtake and making our SB look as amateurs.That was what happened to our ACA and now MACC.

It was no secret that the meeting was going on or else how do the thugs know.If the thugs know and the police do not know,then it is better that they hand over their uniforms and badges to these gangsters.

The police are supposed to protect the people irrespective of race,religion and political affiliations.If the purposes of the police is to serve their political masters,then they have failed in their duties to country and all Malaysians.

Gengis Khan said...

I think this is a prelude of what is to come in the days leading to the coming elections. With the police behaving the way they did many fat pigs similar to the one in the vidio will be unleashed to cause trouble and mayhem in all parts of the country. What more with the prominence now given to the various seni Silat groups, the Rela, and UMNOs storm troopers the worst is perhaps yet to come.

Dato' tell me do you seriously think that if the BN loses the election they will calmly hand over Putra Jaya and next day again calmy take their seats in the opposition benches? I often admire the British, when the PM and his party lose the elections, the very next day the PM will go to his office clear his table say good bye to his staff . This scene has been played over and over over the years as something routine.

I am prepared to say that opposition will most probably
win the election but will still lose Putra Jaya if this episode that you wrote "ABU- HINDRAF FRACAS" is any thing to go by.

Sam Yap said...

The breakdown of law and order began many years ago when a certain Dr. took over as PM. The way he attacked the Royal Houses and especially the Judiciary gave licence to anyone who is remotely politically connected to UMNO to act outside the law.

The same Dr. allowed the gathering of hundreds of UMNO youths at the TPCA Stadium Kampung Baru led by then UMNO Youth chief Najib who was alleged to have uttered the words "we will bathe this keris in Chinese blood". Yet Najib was not rounded up in the Ops Lallang which saw most of the opposition members being locked up in Kamunitng but Najib was let off scot free.

Does anyone remember Datuk Mohktar, the Minister of Science in the 1980s? He shot and killed a fellow UMNO member because he suspected him of sleeping with his sister. Mohktar went to jail but was granted a full pardon a couple of years later. Hey! He took someone's life!

Look at how the police spend their time setting roadblocks at choice places where they know minor traffic offenses are commonly committed. They would surreptitiously ask for duit kopi or else they will issue the full summons. But when you call them for help they will arrive an hour later after the burgular has bolted.

So whats new about our men in blue?

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Beware the Ides of March

Frankie said...


The police farce force was already a standout failure from the days when a certain doctor politician became the prime minister. The doctor politician or Apanama made the police farce force his own secret force designed to intimidate and crucify the opposition party and anyone who stands in his way of becoming the dictator supremo. In many ways, the Apanama ex-PM made the police force his own Gestapo, following in the footsteps of his idol Adolf Hitler.

It is therefore not surprising that the police farce force continue with the intimidation policies to this present day simply because the Apanama idol worshippers in the present government openly promotes the police farce force actions. How many times have we heard the beer loving Minister Rumah praising the police farce force in subduing the peaceful public with chemical water canons, tear gas and brutal beatings. With such open support from the Minister Rumah, do we expect the police farce force to behave any differently?

mycuntree said...

Dear Dato,

The integrity of the PDRM has been put into questions too many times for any hope of redemption with its current leadership's morality and mentality. And I maintain that we are just hoping against hope that we will see any bright spot any time soon.

If we can recall, even a very senior ex-PDRM officer once said that for any hope of seeing a revived and upright police force, some thing like 90 to 95% of the top echelon of the PDRM must be rid off first.

The current malaise afflicting the PDRM is too deep-seated, too embedded,too institutionalised and so culturally ingrained that only such a massive excision of its force will have any impact and hence for Malaysians to have a glimmer of hope and expectations of a force we so wished for.

Chan Kwang Yew said...

The same thing happened several times to the anti lynas demonstration in Kuantan. The policemen were there but they see no evil and hear no evil. The policemen were known to be useless. We were taxed to pay them and we have to take out another after taxed Rm50 to pay for foreigner to safeguard our housing area.