Thursday, January 12, 2012


‘The Whistleblower 711’ blogger has now made another revelation of alleged corruption involving former Tourism Minister Azalina Othman Said when it was shown that she had received a CIMB Cheque amounting to RM300,000 on 7 April 2011 from one Dato Yahya Abdul Jalil of Advance Maintenance Precision Management Sdn Bhd, for unknown purpose. You know, I have not seen that kind of money in my entire life.

Earlier this same blogger had exposed what is believed to be allegation of corrupt practice involving aides of honourable Ministers and including one Deputy Minister Awang Adek himself (view my earlier article dated 28 December 2011 titled ‘Corruption – A Definition by UMNO’) and the giver is the same Dato Yahya Abdul Jalil. I suppose Dato Yahya must be an extremely wealthy person (I think he must be an UMNO member) and a generous one at that. And DPM Muhyiddin Yasin had said that he would do an internal investigation of the alleged corruption of his aide. Would you believe this?

I do not know Azalina Othman’s reaction to the allegation. Will she also claim that the money is a contribution towards her party work and that she has all the receipts to prove? The cheque was made payable in the name of Azalina Othman and this would mean that it has to be credited into her personal account. This seems a mirror image of Awang Adek’s case where he said that the money received and credited into his personal account was meant for party work for his constituency. What else can he say, but let’s wait awhile to see if Azalina Othman does come out with a statement to rebut the allegation. Dare you Azalina?

You see, despite all that has been said and written about the rampant corruption within UMNO involving every level within the party hierarchy, nothing can stop their ferocious appetite and greed for money. It does not really matter how it is done so long as money flows into their pockets. Fear for Allah’s wrath means nothing to them, and they shamelessly attend prayers sporting their recognizable high ‘Songkok Hitam’ and ‘Baju Melayu’, pretending to be good Muslims. I say to such people that they are a bunch of hypocrites and unworthy of being Malays and a Muslim. They all ought to be ashamed, but shame isn’t a word that they know off. And how could they be ashamed when even their Religious Affairs Minister unashamedly used ‘Zakat’ money to pay off his legal fees. What an in despicable act for a person learned in religion.

Now getting back at Azalina Othman, I have heard lots of stories about her when she was Tourism Minister. Not the so good ones though, and in sharp contrast to Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir when he was the Tourism Minister, who was very much liked by the Ministry’s staffs. I think that’s the reason why Azalina Othman did not last very long as a Minister. I don’t think she is any more a winnable candidate for the upcoming election by PM Najib’s definition.

The 13th General Election is just around the corner they say, and corruption will be a major issue to be talked about by the opposition during the campaigning. This will not be easy for PM Najib and his fellow ministers to defend. New exposures are being revealed every other day creating new challenges for the MACC to act speedily in order to satisfy the public’s urge for a corrupt free government.

And by the way things are going I do not think I could see my country be corrupt free during my life time if UMNO were to be back in power after the election. And if there were to be a change in government, I am not too optimistic either that the country will be absolutely free of corruption, although I believe corruption will be reduced drastically.



bruno said...

Dato,with insiders continueing to feed information about Umnoputras bad habits for the love of the ringgit,who needs enemies.

bruno said...

Dato,there have been leaks about Umnoputras on the take frequenting the news lately.Two of them were secretaries to the PM and DPM,and these two were more damning than the cow's scandal,as they happened under the noses of the country's two most senior ministers and in their offices too.

Something must be very wrong with this Umno GOM.Everybody is on the take,and there is nobody not on the take.Such rampant mass corruption only happened in third world countries.

Now this ex tourism minister Azalina Othman is being outed for her very love of the ringgit.Must be doing a lot of shopping overseas and buying upscale condos and high ene cars,I guessed.

And Mr Moo has said that an internal investigation will be carried out on his secretary.Why not the infamous MACC.That way many more UFO's will be flying out of high rise buildings.That will be the easiest way not to leave witnesses hanging around.

To save himself the secretary should outed to the MACC that Mr Moo be investigated for his past bad practices and dalliances when he was the 'taiko' of Johore.

Corruption is here to stay.Even China's death by firing squad do not totally discouraged corruption.The only way to eradicate corruption completely is to have their private parts totally chopped off.

mitchell said...

Corruption amongst ruling Ministers have been going on for so long...what we are seeing now is the exposure...why now?? As UMNOputras and putris jost for seats, its any man's game...killing someone be it a fellow party member thru exposures is the rule of the game now...The word of the day is....GREED!!!!

Frankie said...


I wholeheartedly agree with your article. I fear that if UMNO retains power, their level of corruption will even increase further as the UMNO people know that they can get away with committing all sorts of crimes and sins. Not one single UMNO leader has been hauled up or prosecuted by the law for corruption. Even Khir Toyo was not prosecuted for corruption but instead was prosecuted on a lesser penal code charge.

Sadly the PM does not have the guts or will to eradicate corruption. When the head of any organization refuses to take action against his employees/staff for criminal misdeeds, it is only fair assumption that he too is also involved in the misdeeds.

Hussin said...

Dato', I agree with you that we will not be corruption free even if UMNO is replaced because the politicians are not the only corrupt ones. The civil service is not spared either and we cannot replace them through elections. But if UMNO remains in power, I dread to think of the consequence.

Qistina Adriana said...

My <3 soulmate always remind me and it stuck in my head saying shameful people are greedy people.One goes hand in hand with another.Nobody is perfect but some people seem to display this trait much more than others. It's ugly…

kampong lad said...

general, was your gratuity less that 300k? pls dont misunderstand, tidak ada niat apa2, just curious...

Sam Yap said...

No country is free from corruption. Never ever believe that countries such as the UK, USA (a senator's seat can be up for sale)and even Singapore can be 100% corruption free.

It can be reduced, yes, to maybe a negligible percentage, perhaps 5%.

But if we can reduce corruption in our country by even 20% from what it is now, you can feel the positive socio-economic effects almost within a year or two.

Penang is a case study. We cannot be sure how much corruption has been reduced but we all know that the state government is trying to tighten controls, for example by practicing open tenders.

And though we do not know how corruption has been reduced, one can feel the optimism and the increased economic activities. the Malay business community who had been screwed by "UMNO members first policy", are at having a good chance of winning state contracts through a more equitable system.

So, I believe that we will have a good chance of rescuing our country.