Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The acquittal verdict by the presiding judge in the Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy charge on Monday will be headline news for many more weeks to come, particularly in the new media and blogs. Seriously, I did not expect an acquittal verdict, and I had even wrote earlier that Anwar’s position is a forgone case. I would not even believe the statements made by Anwar’s defence team that they had a good chance of winning the case, simply because I am greatly influence by previous court judgment, whereby cases brought up against the opposition would normally end up in them (opposition) being the loser.

I am not at all elated by the acquittal because I believe there are many more cases; and serious ones too, that have not been accorded due justice. Here, I am talking about the numerous incidents of death in police custody, and not a single policeman has been charged, tried, found guilty and sentenced for causing such death. I am not going to list them here as these are renowned cases where justice simply took a blind course. Clearly, there isn’t the will by the authorities to prosecute their kind and this leaves the perpetrators to roam freely, despite the guilt of being an accomplished in the murderous scheme.

I am also not too concern by the comments made by some of our UMNO leaders and their likes that the acquittal verdict on Anwar is proof that the judiciary wasn’t in anyway influenced by the government. I hope such comments coming from the PM, DPM, Rais Yatim and even from Tun Dr. Mahathir are sincere and come from deep in their heart. Honestly, I have serious doubts because it is a known fact that since Anwar’s sacking in 1998, he has been UMNO’s arch enemy and surely UMNO does want to see its enemy survive the political turmoil. They would rather like to see Anwar being cast away in oblivion. This is a fact that they all cannot deny.

I do not want to prejudge the course of action that the prosecution would want to take, but surely we cannot deny them their rights for an appeal. And should the prosecution wins the appeal and the acquittal verdict reversed to one of guilty as charged, then there is no justifiable reason for anyone to now say that the judgment is being influenced by the government. So you see this is the reason why I do not want to believe in any of the comments made by our UMNO leaders. In this regards, let us all be reminded of the illegal take-over by UMNO of the Perak state government following the 2008 election that an earlier judgment in favour of the PR was subsequently reversed in favour of UMNO. This is political trickery and a ploy of the highest order that could only happen in Boleh Land.

As for Anwar and PR, please do not for once be too certain that your chances of winning the upcoming election and of forming a new government is easily within grasp. You do not know what’s up the sleeves of the BN, and you ought to know too well the enormous resources (I mean money) within their control. Do you need to be reminded of how one particular UMNO Pekan candidate who was certain to lose the election, could suddenly become a winner by some miraculous stroke of luck? This can also happen to Anwar and the rest at their own turf. Anwar and PR have to set aside any thoughts of forming a new government as yet and to focus their sights on improving their gains in the last 2008 elections.

A strong and credible opposition is what this country desires, regardless who wins the election.



bruno said...

Dato,fearing the mounting public backlash of an Anwar conviction,that is Umno getting decimated in GE13,the Umnoputras decided to make a u-turn.That is playing political chicken and living to fight another day.

No corrupted regime would charged an opposition political leader,tried him for two years and set him free.Sometimes the people in power with good plots do backfired too,especially with the clowns in Najib's corner and the fools in the pariah Gani Patail AG's department.

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...


With reference to your statement, I would like to mention Rumie Azzan Mali, likened to the case of Teoh Beng Hock.
"...renowned cases where justice simply took a blind course. Clearly, there isn’t the will by the authorities to prosecute ...

Did Rumie Azzan Mali jumped to his death at his 9th floor office at the Bangunan Persekutuan, Kuching in 2005? The case has not been solved after several inquests. Below is part of article I wrote in NST, Apr 18 2005 titled "Honest and Dedicated Officer"

"... Rumie told me that he wanted to join the Sarawak DOE to further his studies. His father was retiring from the Pejabat Agama Islam, Kuching, and he wanted to be in Kuching so that his two boys would receive a better education.

I was stunned when I heard the news of his death, especially when it was rumoured that he jumped nine floors from his workplace. Why would a man of principle with a stable family, who had just been working for some months wanted to terminate his life? I vouch for his honesty (for he was under my charge at CRAUN Sago Research, Mukah, Sarawak).

A man of his nature is not easily corrupted. Perhaps he stumbled onto
something big. With his passing there are many questions to be answered and mysteries to be solved in the ongoing investigations.

His family, parents, relatives and circle of friends surely want to clear his name. Only then will part of their sadness fade away.

Justice is not done yet.Can the police and MACC reopen the case? Is a police report needed?

(my blogsite: sustainablelivinginstitute.blogspot.com)

SSrahman said...

Ahhhh There you are Bos !

I was running 'cold turkey" the past week and i just got my fix and a double dose at that.

exrmafazhar said...

I beg to differ with you Dato. Pakatan main focus should be to win the election and form the next government. It is not enough just to be a credible and strong opposition. If PR loose then we still have to face the antics and corrupts of BN/UMNO and the likes of Ibrahim Ali, Ezam, Zulkifli Nordin, Nallakarupan, Zahrain, Dato Ts, the high handedness of the police and the AG office and worst of all the 'unindependence' of the judiciary. Would anyone sincerely believe that with the acquittal of Anwar the judiciary is now independence and was not influence in any way by those in the corridor of power? Even those with little knowledge of the law could argue that the prosecution had little and flimsy evidence to prosecute and but still continue to prosecute. During the trial we the rakyat get the impression that the presiding judge has been unfair to the defence just like the 'irrelevent' judge in Sodomy 1. So everybody expect a guilty verdict. All along the judge has not shown any indication the verdict will be otherwise. But yesterday in just 3 minutes, after over 2 years of trial, he 'opted' for a not guilty verdict. Yes we thank him for that but is the tainted DNA is the only reason to acquit Anwar or.......
Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad posting "What the 901 verdict really proved" in The Malaysian Insider makes interesting reading.

Gengis Khan said...

I agree with you that a strong and creditable opposition is what this country needs, but not the way you put it. In my mind the PR forms the next govt and BN forms a strong opposition. For once let the arrogant UMNO blokes sit at the opposition benches and frot at the mouth like anjing gila.

Iskandar said...

I believe PR know too well their chances of winning are slim, but any good coach will drill into their team that when chasing a goal, one should always be focusing "beyond" the finish line.... Yes, set the goal to take over..as it is some thing tangible..and easy to measure...and if they don't take over Putrajaya..but just improve their performance, and gain some more ground..the Rakyat will be winners anyway.

maurice said...

If PR can achieve what it has stated in its Shadow Budget 2012 then we should take the party seriously, to be the alternative party which Malaysians could elect to be the next government.

What bothers me on PR's Shadow Budget is that nothing is mentioned about the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) and defence spending.

My questions to PR:What is PR's outlook on the strategic environment in our region for the next 5-10 years?What is PR's expectation of the MAF in such strategic environment?Will PR introduce military reforms to tailor the MAF to play its expected role in the perceived strategic environment?

Looking forward to get some responses from fellow readers.