Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Perkasa’s court jester Ibrahim Ali has now made himself an unwarranted spokesman for the NFC. Now who is he to be briefed by the NFC’s Chairman about the much talked fiasco of the NFC? Who is he to make a comment after the briefing by the NFC Chairman that all is well with the company and for making some racist remarks that there was a non Malay that stole some money from the company and had exposed the NFC’s ‘misappropriation’; I suppose to the opposition.

If indeed money was stolen from the company, why wasn’t it reported early in the case? And why has the court jester to make a reference that it was a non Malay that had stolen the money? Now, is the court jester saying that there aren’t any Malay thieves involved in the fiasco? Now, who actually listens to this court jester – I wonder? And why would the NFC Chairman wants to brief Ibrahim Ali when there is already an ongoing investigation by the police and the MACC. And does he not know that the government had announced that the NFC accounts will be audited by a reputable auditor? Is Ibrahim Ali that reputable auditor?

My advice to Ibrahim Ali is to get off this case as he has nothing to do with it. He is a no body but just being a busy body. And I think he just want to be seen by his ‘masters’ to be doing a just service. I do not think he has a clue about accounting and even if the books were thrown at him, he wouldn’t know what to look at. Is Ibrahim Ali now questioning the integrity of the Auditor General who was the person to have brought out this issue to the public? And all Malaysians must thank the Auditor General for being brave and honest to highlight the many flaws in the management of the NFC.

After Ibrahim Ali, we now hear of another court jester i.e. Perkasa’s Secretary General declaring that Islam is under threat in Selangor with Selangor’s MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim taking over the portfolio of the Exco for Islamic Affairs. This court jester even questioned the religious credentials of Khalid Ibrahim whom he deemed as being unqualified for the job.

Now may I ask this court jester, what are your religious credentials? Do you honestly think you are more qualified than Khalid Ibrahim? Don’t you know that even if Khalid Ibrahim does not have the right credentials, I am quite sure he will have his religious advisors to assist and advise him to make a decision on all religious issues that arises?

Now, just look at all our Malay rulers. They all are the Head of the Islamic religion within the state. And do you think they will make a decision regarding matters of the Islamic faith without any consultation with the religious experts? Even PM Najib has an Islamic religious advisor in the person of Jamil Khir. So what is so wrong with Khalid Ibrahim taking over the post of the Exco for Islamic Affairs of the state?

My sincere advice to Ibrahim Ali is to start looking at all the corruption issues that are being reported involving UMNO politicians and their cronies. To begin with, go and investigate the people that are involved in the illicit money transfer out of the country that runs in the billions. If this is too big a job for Ibrahim Ali, then why not interview the PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor to ask if she did or did not spend that RM300,000 for her clothing in Australia as reported. And if this is also too difficult for Ibrahim Ali, why not interview the two secretaries, Azlina Othman and Awang Adek whether they did or did not received cash from an UMNO contractor as alleged?

And finally, if Ibrahim Ali is too shy to interview all the personalities stated above, then ask UMNO what have they done for the Malays for the last 54 years. You should know the answers.



Frankie said...


Ibrahim Ali is a paid mercenary of UMNO. He is a pimp who would sell his wife and daughters to any man as long as the price is right. Its obvious from this Ibrahim Ali's statement that he is paid by NFC to make noises on their behalf otherwise NFC would have immediately make a statement distancing themselves from this mercenary pimp. If it is true that the NFC chairman briefed this pimp, then I can only say that the NFC chairman is indeed guilty of all the allegations of misappropriation of funds because the NFC chairman seriously lack a brain and any form of good judgment. The NFC chairman might as well have stood in the center of Selangor Padang and brief the passersby and passing vehicles because the passing vehicles makes the same amount of noise as Ibrahim Ali. I strongly recommend the NFC chairman hires Ibrahim Ali to be his and NFC's defense counsel should this NFC fiasco ever goes to court but then again, I hold my breath that this NFC fiasco will be swept under the carpet, just like the PKFZ.


Sharp, incisive and perceptive commentary. You have raised many pertinent points and questions..as always. Taking on these unscrupulous in our midst is an act of incredible courage. Thank you from those of us less brave and less skilled.

Gengis Khan said...

Thank you for writing on this subject. I listened to video of Ibrahim Ali and Could not believe what nonsense this man was talking about. He seems to have appointed him self as the judge and was giving a running judgment in favour on each of the wrong doing done by NFC. He even declared that there were in fact two NRCs, one belonging to Sallehs family and the other belonging to the govt and that was the problem that people did not know.

He even blamed the auditor general for not knowing the real issue at hand and that the Sallel has already clarified
It to the AG and wanted the AG to issue a public statement that the NFC was not in a mess as alleged.
This clown was doing nothing but making a fool of himself .

sang kancil said...

Ayo, what do you expect the clown to, after all his bunch of scumbags are financed by the dUMNO. Therefore he and his ilks must be seen to be doing some work so as to be seen to 'justify' all these blood money being poured into his organisation. I wonder what accounts do they produce for his organisation or maybe they have been exempted as they fight for the Melayu rights!

pronto said...

Dato, you are right UMNO did nothing for the malay for the last 50 years. They are using the malays for their elite group of malays.
Dato - If you care to go into Lt Kol Robert Rizal Abdullah Facebook, you will find a lot of interesting comment on the issues on ex-service especially the Iban who had fought for the country.

Anonymous said...

The rule of the thumb here is that freedom of speech and freedom to express one's opinion is only valid if you disagree with the govt!

i think ibrahim ali is not a very smart guy but he should be allowed to express his opinion and the rakyat shall judged him.

stop him from saying anything will make you guys no better than him

bruno said...

Dato,these stupid Umnoputras are real life morons.They get caught with their pants off,and what did they do.They went to get the services of the self declared champion protector of Malay rights.This Abrahim Ali is a real life court appointed jester,clown,moron called him anything you like,he doesn't mind.He has skin as thick as a kerbau's hide.

When top management people of coporations are accused or charged with corruption,criminal breach of trust or insider trading,the first thing they do is get themselves
some good lawyers.But the cows of KFC are a special breed.They needed champion Abrahim Ali to be their defender.

What they didn't know is that this Abrahim Ali is a penakut.When his fellow Malays needed his services,he went hiding under any Mak Chik's sarong.He only show his face when he is being paid for his services by his political masters or corrupted robber barons.He should call himself a champion of pariahs.

bruno said...

Dato,what this stupid fool Abrahim Ali,didn't realised is that he is the big ass moron here.He should have been better off representing his Uncle Jibby.He still cannot even figured it out that the NFC fiasco was purposely leaked out to incriminate Shahrizat and her family.

It was used to neutralised the Badawi faction.To get then to stand behind Uncle Jibby's faction.Soon Jibby and Badawi will be celebrating and enjoying their second marriage and honeymoon.Enjoy it while it lasts.Have fun.

Gengis Khan said...

There is no rule of the thumb here wether you write in favor or against the govt your views will get published just as your views are published. The kind of rules of the thumb that you are referring are applied in the main stream media both print and electronic where only opinions that favor the govt gets to see the light of the day.

As far as Ibrahims views are concerned No one has suggested that he is not entitled to it give his views and opinions and no one is stopping him.Just as you rightly said the rakyat should Judge him. This is precisely we the rakayat are doing giving him a telling off for talking nonsense. Any thing wrong with that? It's just too bad that those who support the govt have not come forward to support this katak.

bruno said...

Dato,by now surely Abrahim Ali would have known that the people knows that he is a fraudster,and just a political tool for Umnoputras.He should go fly kites and not to be a pain in others butts,and stop pretending to be a champion fighting for Malay rights.He is actually a real life coward and hypocrite.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

The closer we are to the GE-13, the more statements coming out from all those Katak in ensuring their own political survival with high hope to be elected as candidate for dUMNO without caring what are the consequences from the said statement.

An the best part is dUMNO is relatively seen to endorse what this Katak are saying which can be read those statement are from dUMNO itself.

The worst part is poor to those grassroot of dUMNO for being too loyal to the party and yet never get benefit except those Katak who being treated with red-carpet. Either they are dumb or dumber, I don't know and don't want to think.


Tiger said...

Ibrahim who? Don't know him.

Riversidegrass said...

Yes...yes... Katak Braheng really a "no body" and also a rweeally really a useless and ballless "busy body".

“The person that loses their conscience has nothing left worth keeping.”


exrmafazhar said...

Ibrahim Ali will only stop being the spokeman of UMNO?BN when Pakatan becomes the government. Then you will see him trying to kowtow Pakatan leaders and offer his services to be Pakatan spokeman. You will then see him coming to see Tuan Guru Nik Aziz house and just sitting by the tangga (as he did in 2008) and minta ampun and trow some sweet words praising TGNA, Pas and Pakatan. This man will stop at nothing just to be accepted and be your balaci.