Saturday, January 14, 2012


I had in some earlier articles mentioned the name Kugan; a 23 year old Indian boy who was found dead in police custody some three years ago in the Taipan police station, Subang Jaya. The name is now a symbol of police brutality that is commonly associated with dictatorial regimes. I am glad that the case is once again brought to public notice by the lawyers representing Kugan’s family members who has sought that justice be brought against those responsible for Kugan’s death. Having seen photos of Kugan’s dead body, I am very certain that he did not die a natural death as the police had alleged; rather Kugan had died a violent death of beatings and torture, all in the hands of the police. Surely Kugan did not beat himself to death; just like the Anwar’s black eye incident where the IGP then had said that the black eye was self inflicted; only to know later that the IGP was a blatant liar.

Till this day, I cannot understand nor could I accept the lies perpetrated by those that had caused the death of Kugan; directly or otherwise. Everyone, from the police to the doctors that had examined the body of Kugan had lied through and through, without any sense of guilt and fear that they all will be answerable and questioned in their graves. Yes, they may escape the wrath of the law now because of the power they yield, but one has to believe that God’s punishment in the hereafter is most severe. As I have said before, those who had caused Kugan’s death and the death of the hundreds more in police custody can have their freedom today, but their guilt cannot escape them. With blood in their hands, it will linger in their minds and hearts till they finally face the Creator.

As the lawyer of the family of Kugan had said that this is the most heinous crime committed by the police upon a yet to be proven offender, but the police finds it irrelevant to take up the case to prosecute the murders despite the knowledge that a grievous crime had occurred under their charge. Till this day, not a single person has been charge and the case remained unheard; safe in the vaults of the Taipan police station. For all we know, all the files may have gone missing.

I can now appreciate and understand the reason why retired senior police officer Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim is so vehemently passionate and persistent to bring to justice the abuses, fabrication and misconduct by AG Gani Patail and former IGP Musa Hassan, particularly in the case involving Anwar Ibrahim black eye incident of 1998. Despite the evidences detailed out by Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim in several revelations against the two to the media, nothing has been done, let alone be acted upon by the relevant authorities in the government. The silence is indeed deafening, but this is the sorry state of affairs of the nation today where the powerful rules as it wishes and they do absolutely no wrong. It is only the weak and meek that get to answer for the slightest mistakes made. And as Anwar Ibrahim would say, “a policeman that takes RM50 from someone is called corruption, but for the well connected, taking RM500 million is called commission”. I do not believe that under the present regime, Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim’s lone voice of reason will ever be heard. There is too much at stake and if all the allegations are to be heard, then those in power today and the past would have a lot to answer.

Finally, let’s hope that Kugan’s family gets the justice that they so deserve. Likewise, the hundreds more that had mysteriously died in police custody. The same can also be said of the death of Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sharbani whose cause of death too remains a mystery that makes a good Bollywood movie. And how many more mysterious deaths will continue occur in the hands of the authorities before we Malaysians can finally be assured that justice has no bounds and limits – rather justice is equal for all.



bruno said...

Dato,definitely Kugan died under police interogation.It was police brutality over and over again looking at the photos posted on the net.Blue and blacks all over.

I could remember as a teenager in Penang,often one could see police brutality openly on the streets.
When the police would arrest pickpockets and street thugs and gangsters,they would beat and kick them like dogs before hauling them up the trucks.Then nobody paid any attention.Even in schools I would even get smacked and caned for not paying attention and fighting.

It was only in the eighties,I think that parents were up in arms against physical or coporal punishment.It was also about that time that the people were more aware of these human right's things.

But sad to say our Umno/BN GOM does encouraged this type of police brutality.Or else how come these man in blue can be so daring.Even the MACC praticed these type of physical brutality against white collar crimes.
Witnesses in MACC investigations have been seen flying out of MACC windows like UFO'S.And the beauty of it is these culprits are never even reprimanded,least to say being charged of minumum manslaughter or murder.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Dear Sir, just managed compiling 62 instances of corruption in my scroller at the top of my blog. They run into the billions. Took it off Zorro's blog, of course without his permission. It will keep on running for sometime.

cskok8 said...

All the pathologists invariably find the cause of death as 'water in the lungs" or "heart failure" when a detainee is "found dead". Sometimes I think our police only knows how to "solve" cases by interrogation. Notice how incompetent they seem when questioned during a few high profile trials.

Gengis Khan said...

Have you noticed most of those who died in police custody are Indians. Indians are no longer the slaves of the British Raj.that brought them here to work in all sectors that required brawn. Indians to day are not sub servant to any race and they should be treated as such. Hopefully the PR
When it comes to power will make a note of this. By the way I am not an Indian.