Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Has anyone given a serious thought as to who were the people likely to be involved in planting the explosives during the ‘Free Anwar’ rally at the Jalan Duta Court complex Monday last, other than what was commented by the police? Has anyone seriously argued or reasoned out what was the real motive behind the planting of the explosives?

It was reported that the explosives were time activated and placed under a police cone. We were told that the police had cleared the area around the court complex a day before and continued to maintain surveillance of the area till the very last minute. I am told that there were several hundred policemen deployed to maintain tight security around the court complex a day before, and continued their presence until the crowd gradually dispersed after the verdict on Anwar Ibrahim was announced.

What comes to mind about this peculiar incident is that the nature of explosives used (as described by the police) cannot be prepared by any ordinary person. It has to be done by someone with a good knowledge in the handling of explosive and if it is to be timed activated, the process is even more difficult. With this in mind therefore, the operation to plant the explosive cannot be done in haste; rather it has to be deliberately done and this would involve more than one person. One must be reminded that for an explosion to occur there has to be at least three basic components used i.e. detonating cord, detonator and the charge. I am to remind my readers that these three basic components are not readily available in the sundry shop or super market. These are highly controlled items available only to the military, police and companies involved in quarry blasting.

To most, the immediate reaction to this incident is to square blame on the people that attended the rally, and this would mean supporters of the opposition and their sympathizers. I detest to such a view because I know too well that it is beyond the crowd’s ability or intent to deliberately plant explosives without being detected, and of all places under a police cone. If at all the crowd wanted to be unruly, they do not need explosives to cause a riot. Even their bare hands could be equally destructive.

Now, let’s back track to the Reformasi Movement of 1998 and the recent Bersih 2.0 rally. Were there explosive used? Yes, the police did find some ‘Molotov cocktail’ during the Bersih 2.0 rally but even that, I believe it wasn’t the work of members of the rally. It was some flimsy job by some ‘agent provocateurs’ who let the find by the police who then claimed that it is the work of members of the rally. How convenient.

Now, in the case of the explosion at the Jalan Duta court complex, I again say that it isn’t the work of anyone from the crowd because they had no interest in being riotous, even if the verdict on Anwar Ibrahim was a guilty verdict. I do not wish to place blame on anyone but my gut feeling says that some professional hands maybe involved.

I did speak to some of my military friends about the incident, and one responded by saying that this is a job done by someone stupid who thinks that we are all stupid to place the blame on the rally. Now, who could that someone stupid be? Your guess is as good as mine.



Gengis Khan said...

I can only speculate that this is the work of those who want to discredit Annuars supporters. We have so often seen that every time the police kill a 'robber' there is always the story that the 'robber' charged the police with a parang hence the killing in self defense. It is as if every patrol car comes with a assortment of parangs/ spears/ even fire arms as standard equipment. So who did this well timed explosions which had just limited distructional ability but just enough to use it as an excuse to clear the area and put the blame on the organizers. Most probably the job of those in blue !!!

Anonymous said...

Dato, 2 policeman was convicted by the court for blasting Altantuya to pieces for reference.

Frankie said...


The government and authorities continue to take us Malaysians as stupid and ignorant. They think that after so many cases of fabricating evidence successfully to put blame on their "enemies", they could still get away with the same modus operandi. Well let's see how far or how low the government will go with these dirty tricks.

johnnie lim said...

Not too long ago a mongolian girl was blown out of this world because someone was able to obtain the C5 and now this? If something is not done it may become a common thing when people will start using explosive like fire crackers. Are there no one who is bold enough to bring those responsible to justice? Will it end up another no action case?

LaM said...

Almost everyone had entertained the thought that it was the work of agent provocateurs. We had also entertained the thought that it must be the work of the SBs...but devoid of proof. But since you have said it,then the theory must be correct.

Molotov coctails maybe lahhh...the public can make one. But a timer bomb laden with ball bearings that could kill is the work of semi-professionals and not that of the ordinary man in the street.

Why!!! I heard a lot of ex-army and even an ex-General are also Perkasa members. Who knows there may be some who had served in the Engineering Corps that specializes in booby-traps, homemade bombs and bomb disposals. These group of people could not be discounted also. But my strong suspicion is that it is the work of SBs and the police are now trying hard to put the blame on the rally participants and rally organizers. Perkasa and Malaysian SBs can do ugly things for Umno. Why...the late Altantuya was C4ed using explosives that are only available in the Army and they did it for an Umno top leader. So the bomb explosion device at Jln Duta is chicken feed to these people.

Yap said...

I had a good laugh with my friends. The joke is : the cone are placed by the Police and under their surveillance and exploded. Even a private soldier will laugh.

SysOp said...

Dear Dato',

As I also have an experience handling explosive including some military grade SEMTEX ... for me to set-up a time-bomb is quite time consumes..

An to install and activated it under Police Cone is quite impossible on that scenario and conditions.

I think you and I will share the same idea who's shall be the culprits.... ha ha ha..

By the way... based on my informer input, the design of this time-bomb were lookalike one's that you can find in Malaysia deep jungle left by CPM ....

Hahaha... who are the people that still know how to work a time bomb based on CPM design... hahaha...

You and I know already... ha ha ha


pronto said...

Sad to say we either have a bunch of stupid and inefficient police force or a police force who are thick face and have no feeling of shame. The explosion happen under the cone placed by them. They were there to clear and make sure the placs were safe. They were filming the rally and I think they must have video on all the incidents. They should be ashamed that the explosion happened just under their nose yet they had the chit to blame on the rally. If other country the IGP should have resign to have a bunch of stupid and inefficient police on duties.

Anonymous said...

Utusan today reported, quoting a "police sopurce", that the bombs were believed to have been brought in by participants of Anwar's rally.

Bom milik peserta perhimpunan

To which, PAS AMK chief Shamsul Iskandar responded with a challenge to reveal the "police source".

He also said:

"Laporan berita ini jelas bersifat jahat dan bertujuan untuk memburuk-burukkan imej penyokong Anwar Ibrahim."

Letupan: Utusan dicabar dedah 'sumber polis'

bruno said...

Dato,first of all I am no explosives expert.In fact many Malaysians like myself actually have no ideas what are the components and materials to be used for this type of timebombs,least to say the talents and expertise needed.

But one thing is for sure.One need not have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.Who would have excess to these materials and components.And who would have the talents and expertise to construct these playtoys(compared to c4's)

A democratic leadership will not have their thugs and goons blowing up their own buildings,schools and citizens and children,or would they.This is not the Philliphines, Indonesia,Palestine,Beirut,Somalia,Irag or Afghanistan.

What has these crazy politicians think of their antics.If they want to play with fire,they should put their wives,daughters,sons and grandchildren there and let the explosives explode besides them.These cowardly pariahs.

maurice said...

It could be the work of foreign agents all out to detablize our country.We have so many illegals in our country which could be used to carry out their work.

I do not believe the PDRM, Army and for that matter Malaysian NGOs would want to cause the loss of lives and limbs towards their fellow Malaysians.For what purpose?The bombs could have killed some peole that morning.Which Malaysian agency or NGO would want that to happen?I say it must be the work of outsiders who are jealous of our racial harmony, prosperity and advancement.

cskok8 said...

You forgot a power source and trigger to set off the explosive. As for the culprit, I think it is the same as the one that ordered the murder of A*#@%&%*a

Qistina Adriana said...

What we have here is a very well thought of "ear-witness"…What does this mean? Does it mean that those who control the MEDIA SPIN and those who own the managed media who tell their editors and reporters what to write, what to print and what to show? COVERED UP THIS CRIME? Exactly! Before our very eyes! That those in who control the government security and all investigative agencies related to the crime are “involved” in this act of slaughter? Yes!

God bless!

mycuntree said...

The use of an explosive device during a gathering to intimidate,hurt and or kill is unprecedented in this country. Not even molotov cocktails.

Does it portent a more dangerous and more violent future from those on the opposite side of the fence in such gatherings? It does look like this country is beginning to slide in the direction of the Middle East,Pakistan,India,North Africa and the likes.

Desperate people are resorting to more desperate means to hold on to their agenda!


kampong lad said...

hitler bakar bangunan parlimen & tuduh musuh. thank god, no loss of life

Anonymous said...


Who are we to speculate?

Government & opposition has alot to loose if they were the one that put the bomb there.

Don't ever believe is speculation. Don't believe politicians. Didn't your parents ever teach you that?

Curiosity killed the cat.

Hope the stupid people are caught.

monty said...

Who can rig-up a timed-bomb inside a police traffic cone placed in an demo area with hundreds of policemen on duty since midnight 901?? I think every ones guess is as good as mine.