Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Absurdity is the only word to describe the instruction by PM Najib to both DPM Muhyiddin Yasin and Agriculture Minister Noh Omar to look into the NFC fiasco. I think the instruction comes a bit too late since the case is now being investigated by the police and MACC. And what good is Muhyiddin and Noh Omar to the case now, particularly Muhyiddin who is deemed a party to the fiasco; him being the Agriculture Minister then to have approved the project to NFC. Now, it is just like asking someone to investigate a break in, when that someone was involved in the incident itself.

It was also reported that when a reporter had asked Noh Omar about the case, he conveniently said that the case be best referred to Muhyiddin. Now, what sort of an answer is this? It only shows how irresponsible he is, despite being instructed by PM Najib to look into the case. This answer would mean that the burden now rest solely upon Muhyiddin and Noh Omar wants to have nothing to do with it. This is the state that UMNO ministers are in now, where responsibility and accountability are taken for granted, despite Noh Omar being the present Agriculture Minister. The least he could have answered was that the matter is currently being looked at, although such an answer may sound equally stupid.

Shahrizat is now on a three weeks leave, hopefully to ponder over her fate and that of her family. I do not wish to speculate what will become of her when she is back from leave, and hopefully by then Malaysians would have a better insight as to how the case will proceed i.e. will there be charges leveled at the owners of the NFC or otherwise. I don’t believe that Shahrizat would be asked by the party leadership to resign knowing that she could bring others down with her over the NFC issue. The only choice that the party leadership has is for her to voluntarily exit the party and with ‘conditions’ attached.

As of now, the focus on the NFC fiasco is the misappropriation and abuse by the NFC management’s handling of the project where accusation is targeted at Shahrizat’s husband and her three children. But little attention is given to the people and authorities that were a party to have approved the project. Had the project being closely monitored and procedures abided strictly by the relevant government authorities, I think the project could have been saved from the mess that was reported. I am also not expecting that the approval was without a ‘side deal’ to benefit someone of influence or simply a ‘toll keeper’.

Looking back at the case, surely Muhyiddin who was the Agriculture Minister then has a lot to answer. And for him to absolve blame would tantamount to an act of betrayal, cowardice and dishonesty to the solemn pledge he made upon assuming the post of the Agriculture Minister. And now being the DPM, he has to show greater courage and forthrightness in what he does since this is a case of serious public interest. He can no longer hide the truth; neither can he lie because the facts are all in public domain. I think Muhyiddin is now trapped between the two evils and the only way out of his predicament is to reveal the truth, although this may be damaging to the party and to his close associate that had a hand in approving the project. This act may also be the cause of his final demise from politics, which I believe he fears most.

Clearly, the NFC fiasco has grown from bad to worse. The deeper you prod, the more is revealed, and now out comes the credit card spending amounting to RM600 thousand by NFC. Now, it would be interesting to know what was actually spent. I hope it is not for some personal luxury items like expensive watches, bags, shoes, perfumes and clothing that bears exclusive and branded names. I think there is that tendency to do the aforesaid because the money isn’t theirs.

Finally, let’s await the outcome of the investigation by the police and MACC. I would definitely not want to listen to what Muhyiddin or Noh Omar has to say about the case, and it would be best that they lay off from having to do anything with the ongoing investigations. Actually, they ought to be investigated too rather than being asked to look into the case, as ordered by PM Najib.



Gengis Khan said...

In 1998 when Muhyiddin was the sports minister he had lost the vice presidency in UMNO and was a no body. The success of the SUKOM 98 saved his hide and he gave the impression that he and he alone was behind the success of the games. The fact is that he did little than show his face at meetings while the real work was done by the staff who worked night and day. After the games were over he had the smug look on his mug face and went round telling how he personally supervised the games which led to it's success. Pembohong BESAR orang ini.

If the NFC was a success he would have claimed that it was he who had seen the viability of the project, of course now that it has failed and the thing is in the public domain he will be quick to was his hands off and blame others. This man cannot be trusted, hopefully he gets booted out in the coming elections.

He is the kind of person who rides on others success

bruno said...

Dato,first of all my personal opinion is that it is curtains down for Shahrizat when she comes back from her three weeks emergency leave.That if she ever comes back.

But honestly I sympatised with her as she was a Jeannie come lately.To be fair to her she was a hardworking minister.But one has to pay for one's mistakes as everyone eventually does.Most of the time powerful people fall because of greed and sex.

But Chuah Soi Lek of xxx rated films would swear that sex is a more powerful tool.Even Thambi would be the first to jump up to second CSL's statement.

It is a free for all in Umno and factions are steering clear of the scandal.No point getting into a muddy wrestling match,when your opponent is sinking faster that a kerbau fighting for his life in a quicksand.

mycuntree said...


My opinion of Najib's appointment of the 2 most responsible for the NFC fiasco is a clear indication of how he want the NFC mess to be cleaned up, or more specifically covered up.

Their appointments defy logic.

Lets not kid ourselves that the real intention of the project is as claimed, to increase the local supply of beef. And as you have alluded to yourself, there are plenty more of such "projects" that are initiated as " with conditions" for one reason or another.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Datuk, do you still seriously have faith in the Police or the MACC in investigating this? They are very selective, this concerns UMNO's well being. I would not cross my fingers.

exrmafazhar said...

Remember Altantuya? Only the two policemen were charged and found guilty. But nobody seems to care who direct the two policemen to blow up that Mongolian lady to smithereens.

So its going to be the same with NFC. Probably a couple of guys from NFC will be charge for misappropriation of fund and thats its. But will Muhyiddin be blamed? I bet he wont. Shahrizat? unlikely. Badawi? most unlikely. Najib/Rosmah? cannot be. What about KJ? Remember he was the first person to come out in the open and defended NFC. He was also the first person to defend NFC about buying the condos. How come he knows more about NFC than anybodys else?