Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Got this comment via email. Interesting reading and I’d like you be the judge.

THE JUDGE GAVE A SIMPLE explanation that the DNA sample could have been contaminated. He could have come to this conclusion a long time ago and decided then that there was no case to answer. However, he did not do that and instead said that Anwar had a case to answer and hence the trial.

Remember also at one stage Anwar wanted the judge to be replaced because the judge had made comments that implied that Anwar was guilty. In any democratic country the case would have been thrown out based on the evidence presented.

Saiful even admitted that it was consensual sex so they change the charge. Saiful even had an audience with the PM to discuss this case – of course PM said he met Saiful to discuss about his scholarship!

Everything was pointing to a conviction by hook or by crook. Surprise, surprise the judge decided to acquit Anwar. What made the judge make a 180 degree turn around? Now, all the ministers and the good old Doc is saying, “there is no such thing as interference with the judiciary system”.

They must think we were born yesterday. Anwar was the biggest threat to UMNO and they are doing everything they can to hang on to power. So why was he acquitted?

So far I have not seen any pictures in the internet about the heavy presence of the FRU like they had the Bersih rally. I even got the impression that there was not much police presence. It is as if they knew that he was going to be acquitted.

I would guess that 90% of people would have thought that Anwar would have been convicted for a case that should not have gone to trial in the first place.

To me this verdict smells. What is the real answer why he was acquitted? Did Anwar do a deal? I am not debating the issue whether Anwar was guilty or not. To me the more interesting take from this is why was the decision so contrary to everyone’s expectation?

Let’s keep an eye on Anwar’s behavior from now onwards. Let’s wait and hear the things Anwar talks about from now onwards.

His first words after the acquittal was he is surprised and vindicated – “We have an agenda. Will focus on elections”. Hmmmmm.



Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Having seen Battleplan 360 in History Channel on Hitler's plan to rescue Mussolini, how Saddam was captured and US army to rescue POW in Vietnam couple with information/view from other blogs on the subject matter, I would conclude that the was an agenda behind this. The agenda to push Anwar hard to the wall.

Now their intention is to plant in Malaysian's mind that our juridical system is free from interference whilst analyzing the support to Anwar.

This is part of psychological warfare commonly used during WWII. Even Hitler used the same method.

What being said by the sender is true.
Where is FRU?
So nice police handling this gathering.
Most importantly, SaiFOOL was not presence.

Well, prepare for the best lor and all the best Anwar. Remember Anwar, you are not out from the woods yet tau.....

SysOp said...

Bhai Dato',

From what I'm seeing... I thinks the judgement works both ways...

Is't either let Anwar in Jail but loose GE13 or let Anwar free but will win GE13 ...

It's all in APCO planning I think..


bat8 said...


Buat masa ini kita ambil keputusan tersebut at face value. Najib melepaskan Anwar kerana kesannya tidak seburuk jika dipenjarakan. Ia juga membuka sedikit ruang kepada Najib untuk mengambil pendekatan yang lain untuk mengekang Anwar. Jika sebaliknya ia adalah merupakan paku terakhir yang akan memastikan UBN tewas didalam PRU 13.

2. Memenjarakan Anwar melalui kes sodomi 2 ini bukanlah strategi utama UBN untuk memenangi PRU 13 ini. Ia adalah salah satu strategi dari satu masterplan tersebut. Antara lain ialah merubah daftar pemilih to their favour, memberi kewarganegaraan kepada pati untuk menjadi pengundi segera UBN dsb.

Sentimen semasa rakyat dalam isu sodomi 2 tidak memungkin skrip asal memenjarakan Anwar possible tanpa merosakkan rancangan2 penipuan besar-besaran dalam PRU 13 nanti. Yang pasti penipuan dalam PRU 13 nanti akan begitu jelas dan terang-terangan.

Bayangkan masaalah yang akan timbul jika UBN menang melalui penipuan terang-terangan begini dan rakyat mengaitkan dengan isu Anwar dipenjarakan? So, bagi saya, politically Najib tidak mempunyai pilihan melainkan membebaskan Anwar.

3. Mengenai andaian yang dibuat bahawa Anwar cut some deal.dengan Najib untuk mendapat pembebasan - pada saya pada masa ini adalah andaian nakal untuk menimbulkan kesangsian rakyat kepada Anwar. Ini adalah tektik baru puak UMNO Baru nak memburukkan Anwar setelah gagal memenjarakan beliau.

Hakikatnya, Pakatan Rakyat has moved beyond Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar knows this. Therefore, Anwar is not foolish enuff to make any deal with Najib.

Bermula dengan pendedahan-pendedahan isu NFC, PKR dan Pakatan telah mula mobilise untuk mendapat sokongan rakyat ke pihaknya bukan sahaja untuk apply political pressure menjelang keputusan kes sodomi pada 9 Januari tetapi bagi menghadapi PRU 13.


Anonymous said...

It is the judge who made the decision and nobody else,unless we are more knowledgable and qualified than him to say or decide otherwise.If u are only a trishaw puller than my advise is for u to shut up and say nothing.If u are still nosy about Anwar case than go and see any lawyer in town for a clearer explanation on how Criminal cases being administered in our court.Dont speculate it is sinful....

Malaysian said...


What about the fence sitter, semi-urban and rural areas? Do they believe there is no interference from the government?


Frankie said...


I don't think Anwar struck a deal with UMNO. Instead I believe UMNO is setting up a trap with all their ministers parroting their well scripted "this shows the judiciary is independent" line when the judge acquitted Anwar. I believe the government and the AG will fabricate another incredible charge against Anwar and this time Anwar will be convicted of the incredible charge. And then the UMNO-BN ministers will happily repeat the same line "this shows the judiciary is independent and the government had nothing to do with the judge's decision to convict Anwar". Anwar's acquittal is a prelude of worst things to come for Anwar.

exrmafazhar said...

I am laughing with glee when reading the comments by WaliMuar. I am no trishaw puller but even if i am i dont think we should underrate a trishaw puller's capability and understanding of the law and the going on in the world at large. Had many opportunities to talk to these pengayoh beca while serving in Penang and you will be surprise to see them talk as factual and knowledgeable as any other men in the streets. Put them in the courts and perhaps they can argue better than some of our present lawyers. Some of them speaks with Queens English you know. I suggest WaliMuar to travel more and mix with people from all walks of life, dont just mix with UMNO dungus.

Raden said...

rasanya DSAI n PR tahu yang kes ni belum selesai sepenuhnya. sebab itu yg dok heboh judiaciary fully bebas cuma nenteri BN n TDM jer. DSAI pun tak cakap macam tu, dah bertahun menteri2 BN dok pulun yg DSAI ni peliwat, media2 dok pulun menda yang sama, tak kan tetiba hakim nak ckp tak bersalah pulak, ni suam ada udang disebalik batu dan DSAI pun tahu

bat8 said...


1. Mengimbau kembali perjalanan kes sodomi 2 ini, pada peringkat awal segalanya berjalan mengikut skrip yang telah dirancang. At every turn and corner hakim berganding tangan dengan pihak pendakwa untuk frustrate usaha pihak peguambela DSAI dengan mengguna pelbagai helah yang kadang-kadang tak masuk akal. Mereka memanipulasi undang-undang to frustrate the defense.

Begitu juga pada peringkat awal pembelaan bermula dengan usaha peguambela untuk memanggil Najib,Rosmah,Musa Hassan dan Rodhwan. The turning diperolehi apabila saksi pakar DNA pembela memberi keterangan. Pakar DNA pembela telah berjaya discredit segala bukti DNA yang dikemukakan oleh pakar-pakar pendakwa. By the end of the defense submission the whole case dah collapsed. Hakim dan pendakwa tidak dapat berpakat untuk memutar belit fakta yang dikemukakan menggunakan undang-undang.

Why did the judge tangguh keputusan kepada 9 Jan?. They were trying to figure what to do. They can cook up whatever reason to convict DSAI but am sure on appeal to higher court, they know that the conviction will be overturn. Actually the political consideration menjadi faktor utama mengapa DSAI dibebaskan.

DSAI sebenarnya masih belum selamat. Jangan underestimate UMNO Baru.

2. Saya rasa AG tidak akan merayu atas sebab diatas. Melainkan Najib nak ambil political risk untuk melakukan silap mata yang begitu glaring pada peringkat appeal. Lagipun dia kesuntukan masa kerana PRU 13 perlu diadakan sebelum Pemilihan UMNO akhir tahun ini dan sebelum kesan kelembapan ekonomi dunia mula dirasai oleh rakyat. Kalau nak remove DSAI ia perlu dilakukan sebelum PRU 13!


achibong said...

Don’t read too much between the lines. Anwar was acquitted simply because Najib bit off more than what he could chew. It’s either Najib gets choked to death, or to spit it out to fight another day.

The “there is no such thing as interference with the judiciary system” is just face saving and an afterthought.

Did Anwar do a deal? Well, would you do a deal with your executioner when you have the upper hand?

Iskandar said...


Happy New Year to you and your readers.

The judgement, though it comes as a surprise (based on the court cases so far) looks like it was orchestrated in such away to allow the case of be dragged on as long as possible with the opportunity to have 2 different endings...just like many of to days Hollywood movies.

For now, it has done as much as it was intended to do...but did not have the desired impact that BN had hoped for. Someway halfway through, Malaysians decided they have had enough of "gutter" politics....to the point that the Dato T chapter was almost a non event.

It is also no coincidence that the PM was conveniently away overseas at the time of the judgement (he has learned from Doc.M very well)...just in case something went wrong..he could always lay the blame on his deputy.

The decision by BN to go for the acquittal seems to be one which was made in the last few weeks based on their speculation that it would be the option of "least damage".

I do not think that DSAI is interested in making deals with BN...not now, as PR has significant momentum and I am sure he has an axe to grind with some of his former colleagues.. an "agenda" which only a change in gomen will satisfy.

When the change comes, the likes of the former PM's will be spared as it will be not in Malaysia's interest to hang former statesmen out to dry, regardless of their misdeeds...in some ways society has progressed a little from the days of "Hukum Semarah Padi"...but the mid sized fry will be the collateral damage..the ones who have the flashy cars and expensive condos..the OKB..but without the clout or enough influence to "bargain"...eg Toyol....and possibly one lady currently embroiled with a beefy problem....to name a few.

I suspect some of the younger BN elite family members may end up paying the price of their parents indiscretions as well, unless they start making deals now....they may be the ones to draw the "short straw"

equaliser said...

The acquiital is definitely a shocker.I don't think a deal has been cut.Even if both sides want to do a deal,it is still impossible to do it.Deals can only be done in the atmosphere of trust or there is an 'escape clause' if the other party renege on the deal.In this case there is none(except for the court of appeal).I am of the opinion, Anwar is acquitted because Najib(consciously or unconsciously) blinked.Nonetheless,losing this battle is only to prevent losing the war.Winning the war is the real 'Game-Changer'.The opposition better be prepared. If BN consciously lose such an important battle when they could easily have won,it demonstrates that there are very good strategists in their war room.

Anonymous said...

Saudara exrmafazhar I didnt know that trishaw puller goes to Law School as u perceived.Nabi Muhamad SAW also said that if u does not know anything please shut up in one of his Hadith.I am parroting what the prophet said.

equaliser said...

The acquiital is definitely a shocker.I don't think a deal has been cut.Even if both sides want to do a deal,it is still impossible to do it.Deals can only be done in the atmosphere of trust or there is an 'escape clause' if the other party renege on the deal.In this case there is none(except for the court of appeal).I am of the opinion, Anwar is acquitted because Najib(consciously or unconsciously) blinked.Nonetheless,losing this battle is only to prevent losing the war.Winning the war is the real 'Game-Changer'.The opposition better be prepared. If BN consciously lose such an important battle when they could easily have won,it demonstrates that there are very good strategists in their war room.

mitchell said...

Hi Dato...permit me to give my 2cents worth on the verdict...
1) After what happen to Augustine Paul and Ariffin Jaka, maybe this judge did not wanna mess with the Almighty.
2) Najib aka Rosmah finally standing up to Dr M, it is widely known that Dr M wants DSAI totally out of circulation for fear of exposing Dr M misdoing and also to secure the future of his son, Mukriz. Najib will feel that doing battle now with Dr M may present a possible win rather than at the UMNO General Assembly where Dr M still controls the shots.
3) and finally do not discount the fact that maybe just maybe, Najib will tie in with DSAI to wipe out DR M.

LaM said...

Just give the Judge the benefit of the doubt as to why he acquitted
Anwar. During the prosecution case, it was obvious that he had followed Umno's script to the letter. Admittedly the case should have been thrown at the end of the prosecution case.

During the defence case had also followed Umno's script. That is the reason he rejected Defence application to call Najib as a witness knowing fully well that Najib is a material witness for meeting Siful 2 days bf the alleged incident.
The Judge was supposed to convict Anwar according to Umno's script. What made him changed his mind at the last minute. I call it divine intervention. Almighty God must have knocked some sense in him not to play balls with Umno. That is the reason he only need two minute to deliver his decision.

Anyway the defence's duty is to cast doubt on the prosecutions's case. They have done more than enough to cast doubt on the authenticity of the DNA sample. And the evidence of the Pushrawi Dr who testified that Siful told hem he inserted a plastic object also cast doubt on Siful's story.

At the end of the day, the special prayers conducted by Anwar and his close family members as well as the rakyat made it possible for this divine intervention to change the Judge's mind. That is why it shocked Umno and in particular Mahathir for during his time Judges could be told by him what to do.

Pendakyahraya said...

Regardless of the verdict, there will always be;
"I think.."

In the end, Judiciary dipermain-mainkan n dijadikan modal by none other than politicians. kesian judiciary.

Kotepanjang said...

Blogger Pendakyahraya comment is the only sane comment in this blog,

Regardless of the verdict, there will always be;
"I think.."

My suggestion on both side of the political divide, especially those who "feel(rasanya )", should squeeze their nuts to activate and reboot their brain......

Kotepanjang said...

Pendakyahraya is the only one who thinking clearly, the rest of the commentators allow their hate get to them.

fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to the dark side......

Enjoy the dark side...

Lexter said...

I concur with your observation. Not only that the "ang tao bing" FRU's presence is minimal, the police even allow food peddlars to conduct business at the venue! How about the blasts? Who plant it? When was it planted? Doesn't sound interesting?

ak said...

Salam Dato,

Anwar will not do a deal with UMNO in this lifetime. He thrives where angels fear to thread. Even Mahatir does not have it in him. That's Anwar for you.

UMNO knew all along that Anwar will scream political crucifixion and to kill him off they applied the simple rule of reverse psychology to damage his credibility and so they did and shot themselves in the foot along with Mahatir's the initiator of Sodomy I. They who set out to tarnish his image have now given him outstanding credibility leaving a smelly trail leading to for it all started at his watch. Mahatir. The poor judge is collateral damage, an expendable true servant of the system.

They are not done with Anwar yet, there are still many loose ends dangling in the wind.

The greatest loser in this episode is Mahatir and Anwar will soldier on come what may.

If I were Anwar I will stay away from the country for now and let UMNO make it's next move, which may very well be another charge about something. If this is so, now they will have to get extradition process and this will be a massive headache and will further stoke the fire of destruction of Anwar.

I categorically state that I am not beholden to anyone here excepr for what is right or wrong.

johnhg said...

Judge Not 100% certain that Anwar is guilty, but maybe 90% certainty that consensual sex between 2 males did take place. 90% doesn't get a conviction, so saudara Anwar is off the hook. Create that perception and then let the electorate decide in GE 13. genius stroke by umno/apco!!

Bang said...

I posted in other blogs about after Christmas saying Anwar is likely to be found not guilty based on:-
1. There is no early GE,and dont
think will be before 3rd quater
2012. Najib will try to serve the
full term and wait for miracle.
2. The cowgate affair
All the above will reduce the impact of a guilty verdict.
When the police allow PKR to demonstrate outside the court,I am 100% sure Anwar will be aquitted.
In financial market,when the trend and your judgement is wrong,'cut loss'. That is what Najib is doing

Del Gado said...

WaliMuar, you are truely BANGANG, how do you know Dato' know nothis about law? everybody knows laws to a certain degree or else you will be violating the laws all the time. You have no respect of other people, a trait of an UMNO gurkha.

RYO said...

Just as LEE KUAN YEW'S son can get concessions from Najib, so can everyone else/foreign intelligence/ ex-PM, provided they have proof to link Altantunya to Najib.
Now if that some one else is an Anwar ally(most probably foreign- as the ex-PM would never pass the proof to his staunchest enemy), the verdict is explainable.
No other explanation for the verdict as the judge had contradicted himself with his own reasons in asking for accused defence.
The judgement itself implies the court flipped-flopped, and most Malaysians knows the Father of Flip-Flop.