Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Former Tourism Minster Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir has dropped a ‘bomb shell’ that will now proof for certain that money had been widely used by UMNO to buy votes in previous elections. In the past this issue has been widely talked about but there wasn’t anyone from within UMNO that dared to come forward to substantiate and confirm such an allegation. Since the statement was made, there has not been any single rebuttal by any member of the ruling UMNO party; certainly not from the party’s top leadership. Silence is golden they say, but in this particular case, silence is a confession of guilt.

With this revelation, it puts to rest the perception that I have had since the 2004 election, and that of many others, that UMNO had continuously won the elections through devious and corrupt means. It is now proven that UMNO is a party of cheaters and for that, all those that had won the election through the aforesaid means does not deserve the allowances paid to them, and calling them the ‘Yang Berhormat’ is utter disgrace and a mockery. It is more appropriate that such elected members be called the “Yang Penipu’. You may think that I am being rude and hard on these cheaters, but what better expression can I use to describe them.

I had been a leader of men and it dawn in me that being a leader comes with responsibilities. I have to gain respect from the men I command and lead, and I can only achieve this by showing to them my exemplary character and behavior; both in words and action. Had I been a leader that was unscrupulous and rose up the ranks through devious means, I ought to be mocked and shamed wherever I go. I am not saying that I am an exemplary leader, but I am convinced that I have not bribed or bad mouth anyone to get to where I was in my career in the Army. How my superiors viewed me wasn’t important, but how my subordinates had looked upon me, I think is more relevant.

The upcoming election will be a difficult one for both the BN and PR. UMNO/BN has declared this election to be a ‘Mother of all Battles’. PR too sees this election to be their ‘Day of Judgment’ that will determine whether the party sinks or be kept afloat. Both parties have their strength and weaknesses. UMNO/BN has a proven record of ruling the country (for better or for worse) since independence, while the PR has the four states to proof their worthiness. UMNO/BN of late seems to be mired in controversies (corruption, misappropriation and abuses), while the PR seems to be shaken by the sacking of its PAS Selangor state exco member Dato Hassan Ali that can be a torn in the PR’s efforts at winning the elections.

Surely UMNO/BN has all the resources, especially the money (taxpayers money of course) to be handed out to those with a household income of less than RM3000 and some other cash handout as a bait (this was vehemently denied by DPM Muhyiddin) to win votes. I say this is because if it was an honest gesture to help relieve the people’s suffering, it should have been done many years ago on a regular basis; not a one off and at a time when the election is just around the corner. Muhyiddin can say what he wants but clearly, he cannot hide the ulterior motives behind the cash handouts to Malaysian anymore. UMNO/BN is known for this and watch my word; more cash handouts will be delivered as the election draws near. Where the money is coming from, God knows.

With vote buying or not, UMNO/BN’s scheming tactics at winning the election will now be under close scrutiny; not only by concerned Malaysians voters, but by some of their own party members who are clearly fed up with the cheating that has been going on in UMNO/BN. This cheating scheme has gone long enough, and Malaysians can no longer stand by to watch and be govern by a party that is elected through the most unscrupulous and devious means. I will expect the people to rise against a government that is elected by such means.



bruno said...

Dato,it is an open secret that Umno/BN have been using the ringgit to buying elections.As the Umno GOM has a firm hold over the public institutions,all the evidence of their corrupted practices have been surpressed by their cronies,who have been placed in charge of these institutions.

Recently revelations after revelations of Umnoputras hanky pankies have been coming out in a steady flow.These are the work of insiders.The different strong hands behind the factions are at play and some factions are going for broke.

In my personal opinion Najib has around 40-45 percent of total Umno support,with the remaining shared between the Mahathir and Badawi camps.Najib's greatest mistakes was pleasing Dr Mahathir by appointing Mukriz as deputy minister,and leaving out Khairy Jamaluddin,and in the process offending the Badawi faction.

As we all know,Dr Mahathir only wants to lead the cows and kerbaus by the ring of their noses,and will only do what he wants to do.It is why Najib is in a dillema.He cannot depend on Dr Mahathir when he needs him.And the Badawi faction is not going to back him either.

So it is a free for all in Umno now.By the time they are finish with each other,they will be more weaker than the good for nothing,soon to be decimated Mca.

Former Tourism Minister Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir'S revelation will add another blackeye to Umno's already blue and black body of bruises.It has confirmed the wrong doings of the Umno,and what the authorities have been trying to keep a secret.

This coming GE will see the awakening of the usually quite and sleepy Malay community.They have been offended that Umno has taken their support for granted,and in the process Umnoputras have amassed huge fortunes,and in the process have forgotten about them,leaving them hanging high and dry.

The Malay community's payback to Umnoputras ignorance will be giving them the middle finger.My personal opinion is that Umno/BN will definitely get a trashing this GE 13th.

Riversidegrass said...

"....the ‘Yang Berhormat’ is utter disgrace and a mockery. It is more appropriate that such elected members be called the “Yang Penipu’......"

Yes, YB not only 'Yang Penipu' but also 'Yang Berdosa' for those who cheated to be MP or ADUN.

Respect is earned not by demand

GE-13 is a battle withing the RAKYAT not PR and UMNO-BN crooks

BERSIH 2.0 Launches JOM 100 for 100% Voter Turnout at GE-13
Jom GE-13

“All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke quote

mycuntree said...

Since I started paying attention to the politics of Malaysia, about 3 elections ago, the allegations that the ruling UMNO/BN regime has been buying votes has been a constant. Collect your $100.00 from their runner/money carriers after the BN candidates has won the votes!And in my mind, these are definitely more than just allegations.

Although personally, and sadly, I have not benefited from such largess,a very close and personal friend has made repeated claims of up to $400.00 the past 2 elections for his family of 4 votes.I have no reason to doubt the truth of his claims.

As more and more Malaysians become more politically aware,and politically educated;they will find such practices repulsive and unacceptable for its impingement of their democratic rights and freedom. The question is: Will these feelings reach a critical mass to over ride its short term gains for long term benefits?

It is blogs and writings by credible people, such as yours, that will help their discoveries and realisation that such cannot go on for the common good of our country and families.

And We thank you for that.

abdulhalimshah said...

Dear Dato',
It has been obvious all these while that they have bought votes in all the past elections in order to win. And to a lesser extent it pervades across all the political divide. It comes in many form, but the ruling party is the one practising it in a blatant manner. It will continue in this coming election and till the cats have horns. The only to get rid of this practice is follow what happens in Europe, where politics is not the be all and end all. We must ensure that politics is not given such a central issue in society. On top of it all, the corrupt must be made to pay for their heinous crimes, unlike now where they become celebrities even after their retirement.

Gengis Khan said...

What Kadir has disclosed is nothing new, we are well aware of what has been happening . How ever the fact remains that he is the first UMNO member who has the guts to bring it in the open. I respect him for that
But as they say desperate times require desperate measures and UMNO being desperate will do any thing to stay in power including menipu chara BESAR BESARAN and what we see now is just the beginning the worst is still to come.

azmie said...

for those who are close to ameno, this is nothing new. they hv been doing it at least for the last 2 decades. what he should explain is ..... where the hell has the money gone to in 2008? at least half of it was missing

tiongsinwee said...

Looks like its doomsday for BN/UMNO, this coming *mother of all elections* (Friday the 13th GE)....with more revelations and scandals!