Monday, January 9, 2012


At last all Malaysians can heave a sigh of relief and sing prayerfully with hope. The acquittal of Anwar Ibrahim this morning has potentially saved the nation from a worrisome ‘Malaysian Spring’.

It also gives the Malaysian judiciary a small opening in the window to ejaculate from the jaws of political injustice and reinstate the purity of democratic justice. It is now up to the entire judiciary to swing wide open its door to let the winds of democracy smoothly sailing the world to come full breath into the country too.

Indeed, the ruling party has wasted the rakyat’s wealth – in terms of costs and time, in its disgusting, persistent and vendetta-filled political agenda to finish-off a man who continues to give hope for a better Malaysia for all.

The time has come with wisdom as we Malaysian’s have been spared a nasty Spring, and now can jump-start our journey to a sunshine Malaysia. This now is in the hands of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) and his leadership partners in the coalition Pakatan pool. Malaysians must pray, hope and insist that the coalition move on a steady steam to build a hopeful and inspired nation that can nurture its people, the Rulers and the nation of tomorrow.

And for this to happen, all those who only have the hope for a fair Malaysia and its future generations at heart must come together without any conditions. It is time to rise, and continue this journey to cleanse this country of all the ill-doings of past and present politicians who have greedily thrived on corrupt ways to self enrichment.

Just look at the way the politicians have been leading their lives. Just look at the way they build palaces for themselves. Just count the flashy cars in their garage. Or take into account the splashing overseas trips their families frolic in. Or even the obscenely expensive jewelry and artifacts that hug their silken clothes, and the oversized rings and handbags that they shamelessly flash in all public settings.

Rings and bells? Of course! But let us not waste time on these filthy stories. It is time to cusp the early rays of sunshine in our bosom.
Let us rid all these opulence and give back to the rakyat and the nation what rightfully belongs to all Malaysians.

The time has come to a high note. We should move on to build our summer of tomorrow. Let us in the sunshine hope. DSAI, you have to deliver now Sir.

It is now or never. The rakyat must galvanize this God given new hope and it needs every citizen’s contribution.



LaM said...

Don't be too overjoy by the verdict. Everone was surprised because the same Judge should not have called for his defence in the first place. And for that matter he should not have been charged in the first place.

Q. Was there any last minute instructions to just let Anwar be free this time around considering the world wide condemnation of the trial and pending Gani Patil filing an appeal.

And, will we see the case of MB Nizar being replayed again; him winng at the High Crt and later losing at both the Crt of Appeal and Fed Crt. Wait for another 2 weeks whether Gani will file an appeal and you can guess the flow of the stream.
The system still stinks and Judges could be told what to decide. So just wait if they appeal this case.

bruno said...

Dato,to be honest a guilty verdict was expected.The Umno GOM did not trumped up these charges to let it end in an aquittal.So to come to a conclusion,the Umno GOM realising that sodomy 2 has backfired,got cold feet and decided to backtracked and play political chicken.

bruno said...

Dato,the night before the verdict of the Anwar trial was expected,the PR had good news.PAS had sacked the trojan from Umno,Hassan Ali.That was the best thing and good omen that has happened to PR for once in a long time.

People used to say that good or bad things happen in threes.The sacking of Hassan Ali was number one.The aquittal of Anwar Abrahim was number two.Umno/BN being chased out of Putrajaya with a big broomstick by the rakyat come GE 13 will be number three.That will be the self fulfillment phophecy of the whole cycle of the good threes.

The ABU warcry sure has a funny way of getting things done.ABU all the way to GE 13th. and Malaysians once again will see light at the end of the tunnel.God willing.

exrmafazhar said...

It is not only up to DSAI to deliver but the duty of all peace loving rakyat to make sure that this nation is run base on equality, fairness and justice for all, insyaallah.

Frankie said...


The case should have been thrown out of court by the same judge before the proceedings should even have started. The whole episode reeks of a political conspiracy by UMNO and the judge was probably instructed to play along with the conspiracy until it became too obvious to UMNO that the repercussions of a guilty verdict would be too much for UMNO to handle. Thus the best form of damage control for UMNO is to get the judge to deliver a not guilty verdict on technical grounds which UMNO hoped they can then exploit by showing the judiciary is independent and not under UMNO's control. UMNO still thinks that Malaysians are stupid, courtesy of a flawed education system started by the ex-pm, TDM and accelerated by the current DPM.

monty said...

Let's have a in-depth look at DSAI's case from the start. The events that unfolded when Saiful was first examined by the doc who was told that a plastic was inserted into his anus and later meeting up with our present PM Najib purportedly for purpose of a scholarship and later reverted to a statement of asking for advice was enough to arouse much suspicion of a conspiracy. In my humble opinion, from that point onwards it was all a sandiwara. So, to me the Court could have seen all this from the early stage and should have thrown out the case without DSAI defence be called.The people saw all this happening and was just waiting to see the finale today, i.e 09 Jan 12. The rakyat's perception had all along being that DSAI's prosecution was a political one. And so, today DSAI's acquittal should have been a fair judgement as anticipated. But again, with the UMNO/BN Govt everything is possible and that was very worrying to the people then. From here on we hope to move forward for a total change in Govt as what most of the people desired come GE 13.I think the rakyat's aspiration is not too far-fetched.

Lalok said...

Malaysia and its people will strive to glory and will be successful without the umngoks thieves and daylight robbers running the country anymore, for good, forever, put stop.

matsingkong said...

The battle is not over yet. Mahathir will rise from the 'grave'...Malaysians, be afraid, be very very afraid

maurice said...

Good luck to DSAI.What thing I do not like about him is that he is always boasting.Look at what he said after the verdict was given this morning.If I were him, I would instead thank all the supporters that came to show up as early as 5.30am.Show that PR care its people.Instead he is obsessed with toppling BN and wrestling Putrajaya.He has repeated this words so many times in the past that he has successfully created in himself an image of a power crazy politician.

fc said...

Bottom Line:

Just support ABU.

FreeYellowMan said...

If an appeal is filed by the AG before the deadline for appeals, then very likely that means the whole thing is an ongoing sandiwara just to keep Anwar and his resources distracted and bleeding for as long as possible.

Politically speaking, having this accusation alive as long as possible will provide the most bang for the buck for Umno.

A guilt or innocence verdict is a finality which would make it difficult for the ruling party to keep at hand lots of options in how they spin it. They need to keep it alive so they can change how they spin it as the ever-changing situation might demand.

They have already had 2-3 years do their spinning, and they want to keep that going until after GE-13.

If the judge had earlier thrown the case out without the defense being called, then I assume there could not so easily be an appeal by the AG (but I might be wrong in my understanding of the law.)

I do still feel though there is something else behind this. Whether it's in-fighting in Umno, or moves to remove the AG... no one really knows except those in the heat of this.

All this makes one wonder... when do they have time to actually do their jobs in running the government?

tiongsinwee said...

The acquittal of DSAI in this sodomy 11 episode, not only surprised Datuk Sri himself....but also surprised, if not shocked, the nation as a whole. The manner in which the case was conducted in court....showed that DSAI would be found guilty, even before today's verdict
The judge's assumption and belief that Mohd Saiful is a credible/reliable (blah, blah,blah) witness....was the basis that forced DSAI to enter his defence. N now, out of the blue, the same judge concluded that the sperm/semen could have been tainted...and he isn't 100% sure of its reliability. Like what uv mentioned Datuk....the GOM has wasted the rakyat's wealth - in terms of time and cost. This 'ridiculous' case should have been thrown out of court, even before it got started.
What actually is going on here? The Judge and prosecutors were all-out to get DSAI convicted.
On hearing that PAKATAN wd be holding a rally come 9th Jan....shockingly, the Judge admitted that he's not 100% sure as regard to the *tainted* semen/sperm.
Or was there an *invisible hand* ordering the Judge to pronouce an acquittal judgement. Either way.....guilty or innocent, Umno/BN will now have to face a rejuvenated Anwar and PAKATAN.

Anonymous said...

Matsingkong Mahathir is not dead yet.He is about to die in KERALA INDIA where his root is.If that happen then he has to Charter Air Asia AirBus from Tony Fernandez to come back to KL.......very scary