Monday, January 16, 2012


I found it interesting when look at the array of local newspapers available today concerning the BBC interview with Anwar Ibrahim. What I found amazing was that the interview made the headlines on the front page of a Malay vernacular paper while in the STAR, and English tabloid, it only occupied a very small unnoticeable column on page 12.

The English version was straight forward while the Malay version had other motives. I guess it is a battle of the minds within the Malay Muslim community. Even though Anwar meant well, but the usual twist and turn makes it look like he is promoting gayism and of course its activities, all unacceptable in Islam. It would be better if Anwar avoided these bobby traps and get down to doing what needs to be done.

What I find equally amazing is that people who have plundered the country’s wealth, murders etc, have yet to be tried justly and punished or may have been tried and given holiday sentences, to be viewed by the same community in general with indifference but yet when it comes to sodomy, there is s hue and cry. Are not all kinds of offences treated with severity in Islam, but yet SODOMY occupies the headlines!

When further reflect on this issue, is it not archaic when we view the 20 year prison term in comparison to one year for plunder the nation’s wealth? I definitely believe that such laws are outdated while those in practice truly a joke.

In concluding, it can be said that there is a need to look at justice with a conscience rather than to manipulate it to serve specific interest.

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bruno said...

Dato,sometimes this Anwar seems a funny and unpredictable guy.He gets aquitted and straight on the same day he goes to Mumbai acts like a celebrity and gives interviews.

When the Ulu Selangor by election and some other by elections were taking place he also was busy travelling abroad.No wonder they lost.Sometimes we have to wonder whether this man is smart, inteligent,stupid or ignorant of the happenings around.When he is supposed to be around to show his face he goes travelling abroad.

Gengis Khan said...

Annuar should be very careful with his words especially when it has anything to with Gays and their rights. No comments should be his standard answer knowing well if he answers It is going to be twisted to potray him in bad light by the UMNO controlled media.

bruno said...

Dato,as the writer states,people who have plundered the country's wealth,murders,rapes etc,has yet to be tried is because of the two sets of laws.

So when PR wins this coming GE,the first thing the incoming GOM must do is to seal all the ports of departures and borders.This is to prevent the culprits from escaping to Zimbabwe.

matsingkong said...

Those days, there was no such thing as corruption in the Malay community.If there was, it was neglible.The Malay old folkes would advised us young generations the sins of fitnah. Its apparent today its the reverse...Malays seems to feel its okay to be corrupted if its for the sake of Malay struggle. How can they have that feeling and go to perform sickens me. But probably I should not jump to conclusion, for only god knows whats happening. So when will we know the truth??

exrmafazhar said...

Anwar was invited by Mahatma Gandhi's grandson to be in Mumbai on the 11th Jan and also invited by Erdogan to be in Turkay on the 12th. The invitation was made well before the judge made a decision to give the verdict of Sodony 2 on the 9th Jan. Both invitations were accepted. So i dont see any reason for us to question his decision to go there. If you follow his movement he was back in country on the 13th and did his Friday Prayer here in Malaysia. In his round before the verdict Anwar did mentioned about the invitations. Please remember Anwar needs all the support both local and abroad. He went there not for enjoyment.
Its difficult for people in his shoes just to ignore any question being posed to him even as sensitive as Gays Right. He has to say something and in this case Anwar said it rightly. However, as usual, the local MSM manipulated it. No matter how Anwar said it the MSM will twist and turn the story. Even in cyberspace like blogs, Mind No Evil not excluded, the readers will try to spin, twist and turn the writings of the blogger. We just have to be aware who writes what and when.

Anas Syazwan Bin Md Ansar said...

A BBC reporter had asked Anwar whether he was prepared to push for the idea of anti-discrimination as far as gay rights were concerned.

His answer - “We Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia generally believe and are committed to support the sanctity of marriage between men and women, but we should not be seen to be punitive and consider the archaic law as relevant,”.

my intepretation to his answer after listening the question and his answer many times - "the marriage other than between man and women (homosex and lasbian) should be legalized, so that we will not be seen as punitive"

Then he added - “we do not promote homosexuality within the PUBLIC DOMAIN, and we do not need to make apologies for that.”

this is contradict with another PR member's stand of point that homosexsual and lesbian should be banned both within the public domain or in private. it is true that there is no promotion on such activities by PR. But what about the preventive action or PR stand on the issue.?

exrmafazhar said...

Anwar DID NOT say that he wants to legalise homosexuality marriage. Some people just like to put words onto other peoples mouth and say that is what you meant.
Anwar wants to engage those homosexuals in a more less punitive measures. Probably he want to 'rehabilitate' those homosexual. It did not means that he agrees to homosexualism. Its just that he wants to have a different approach. Thats all. Is that wrong?