Friday, January 27, 2012


Hello Khairy Jamaluddin, what is so wrong for a Malay to join the DAP? You should be asking yourself why are the Malays joining the DAP at a time when you think that there is no other party in the country that can serve the Malays better? Yes, UMNO have for the last 50 odd years served the Malays, but it has now become increasingly a party of the elitist that only takes care of a handful, rather than all Malays (regardless of their political affiliation). You may want to ask why is it that UMNO itself has been claiming that the Malays are still poor and need to be looked after. You mean to say that 50 odd years of UMNO/BN rule isn’t enough? Now who do you blame for the never ending predicament of the Malays – is it the DAP or PCG (Parti Cap Gajah)?

Search your soul Khairy and you will find the answer as to why the Malays are joining DAP. You don’t need to ask those that have joined because should they answer, you will then reply to them by saying that they are traitors of their race. But let me ask you Khairy, aren’t the Malays in UMNO traitors themselves? Just look at the faces of those that surround you? Do you think they are all an incorruptible lot? Corruption to me is the most heinous of all crimes performed by those that have little regard for their faith and are blind to Allah’s retribution in the hereafter. And I do not wish to bring out the many wrong doings of UMNO during the time of the Constitutional Crisis of 1992 where the Malay rulers were battered defenseless; stripped naked of their honor. That was the time when UMNO were really kurang ajar and please don’t deny this Khairy. You must be a school boy then when this entire Malay ruler’s bashing episode happened.

Now please don’t get me wrong Khairy. I am not saying that you are corrupt, but the talk about you being corrupt around the time when your father-in-law was the PM is so resounding that it is too difficult to disbelieve. I remembered your name being mentioned repeatedly around the coffee shops as the smartest 27 year old and a PM in the making. They also say that you acted like a ‘gate keeper’ and what this really implies, I do not know. I find it hard to believe that for a person like you, so young and to be educated at one of the most reputable and recognizable universities in the world is not able to reason why are the Malays joining the DAP, and you need others to give you the answer.

I am surprised that it was Khairy first that was able to sense the sudden migration of the Malays into the DAP. Now I hear that DPM Muhyiddin has also sounded a warning to the Malays “not to fall for the DAP trap”. I do not know what trap he is referring to – not a mouse trap I hope. We will now have to wait for a day or two before Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali and other Pro-UMNO NGOs to join in the fray with a threat to hold a massive public rally against the DAP; something that they are good at i.e. waste of time.

Let me warn UMNO that the Malays that joined the DAP are not the ‘kucing kurap’ or the ‘katak lompat’ type that goes around begging for favours and contracts. They know what they are doing. They are all learned and with a clear vision of change for the better for the country and its people. More importantly, they are clean and are yet to be exposed to the rot that is plaguing UMNO politicians today. Regardless of who and what they are, I personally think that they will be our leaders of the future. Mark my word.

Now, let me also say this that with Malays joining the DAP, this has further emboldened the Chinese, especially the fence sitters to say that they must be something good about the DAP that had drawn Malays to the party, knowing that the Malays in the past would not want to be associated with a Chinese dominated party, let alone become a member. Clearly, in this regards, the MCA and Gerakan has lost its Chinese appeal and attraction, and especially the MCA’s so oft slogan that they are a party that takes care of the Chinese race is no longer true. I now believe that a party that is based solely on racial lines is no longer attractive and cannot survive the new Malaysian mindset.

With this new political development and shift, can the UMNO Malays now say that they are the only party to defend the rights of the Malays?



kampong lad said...

jgn layan budak bodoh sombong tu. majority of malays are intentionally and programed to remain poor for the survival of umno(putra).

cskok8 said...

BN always go around telling the voter "not to fall for the lies of the opposition" during any election campaign. I wonder who tells lies the most.

About the gatekeeper part, I think the role is the same as the toll collector.

bruno said...

Dato,to simplify Khairy's usually clownish and childish remarks that why are the Malays joining the DAP at a time, when you think that there is no other party in the country that can serve the Malays better.

This kid sure has poor memory as Dr Mahathir has said that the Malays have poor memories.Was Khairy born when one of the Umno CM commited satutory rape on a Malay schoolgirl.Which party served this Malay schoolgirl better.Umno or DAP?

Then the NFC.Khairy was one of the first to jump to the defense of Shahrizat.Was not NFC set up,in the first place to supply affordable beef to the Malays who consumed the most beef as a source of protein.Who was protecting the Malays when the beef was stolen under Umno's noses by Malays themselves.

bruno said...

Dato,small kid and big mouth on the block,Khairy Jamaluddin is a big dissapointment,even to a staunch PR supporter like me.I always assumed or rather gave him the benefit of the doubt that he will grow up to be one of the younger and finer respected new leaders of Umno.

Given his education and all the political foundation set in place for him.Yet,he screwed everything up along the way.I believed that one of his biggest screwups was attacking LGE'S school going son.A national Umno youth head going after a schoolkid on unsubstantiated accusations,all because his father is the CM of Penang.

A man of his stature going after a schoolkid is like Muhamad Ali having a go for all against Lindsay Lohan.What an embarassment.
And he lack the balls to appologised to LGE and family when the truth finally came out.Such an all talk and big political chicken.

And Muhyiddin sounding of a DAP trap for the Malays joining the party or thinking about joining.What trap?Bear,bull,mouse or the corruption trap for Umnoputras.Maybe Mr Moo is beginning to feel the heat from gobbling up to many chilly peppers.

Before Umno was treating DAP as a thorn in the flesh.Now Umno is for the first time feeling that DAP is the real threat to its very own survival.To wake up after asleep for fifty five years into the worst nightmare of their political lives.Into the fiery flames of the year of the 'Dragon'.

Banne said...

Dato, as an ex serviceman I'm proud to have a comrade like you who thinks a Malaysian. When I'm overseas and when asked where I'm from. My response is "I'm Malaysian!". To me I'm not align to any party. I'll support any party who does the right thing for our country.

Banne said...

Dato, I'm proud to associate with you as an ex serviceman. You're a leader of men. Pray we've more people like you. I'm not aligned to any party. I'll support the party which do the right thing for the country. At this juncture - DAP.

exrmafazhar said...

Hello bruno, at the state Muhamad Ali is now i dont think he can do anything to Lindsay Lohan lah...
Anyway i think it is a grevious sin to support UMNO/BN.

kctan said...

Dear Sir,

I've been reading all your Posts for nearly a year now and I feel that its time to give my comments!
Before I proceed, and in all sincerity I would like to stand up and SALUTE YOU.I'm already hitting 66 and I can tell you that your written English is almost perfect and I'm I'm quite sure you will agree with me that if one has a simple Pass in English paper( Form 5) in the early 60's its such an achievement compared with today's standard of education!!!
Yes I agree that the country has gone beyond repair! Thanks to the looters of this country.
May the Almighty One help this Nation.
Best Regards,

sang kancil said...

It started with a trickle, may the flood gate open.........

maurice said...

Is good that DAP is working hard to entice capable Malays to join the party.The Malays joining DAP will have to prove that they are up to the mark in order to be accepted by the rank and file of the party.Hopefully the Malays too one day will have a chance to fill the leadership slot of the DAP.

Anonymous said...

UMNO has been betrayed by its own corrupt and self-serving leaders.

It has lost sight of its founding fathers' noble goals.

And with their eyes now more opened, I think the Malay masses are doing the
obvious - voting with their feet.

Gengis Khan said...

Why do you use the word ' entice' instead or recruit to describe DAPs effort to get more Malays to join their party.Entice means to provoke someone to do something through (often false or exaggerated) promises or "He lured me into joining" I don't think the DAP is in this game of enticing people to join them. This game is played more by UMNO to lure the Kataks to join them.

sang kancil said...

GK you are right. Entice is a word that can be taken out of context. Recruit, encourage and maybe convince is the better word to use.

Gengis Khan said...

If only Bruno had added the words "at his prime" after
Muhammed Ali it would made better sense.

Gengis Khan said...

Sorry for degreasing from the subject, but I just read this on Malaysiakini and also heard on the TV news . Najib said "when the chips are down Rela will be with this government to defend the country" and there are 2.5 million Rela strong. I always thought defending the country was the job of the army. Whose chips is he talking about !!!
Must be the BN! Which means if they lose the election Rela will be another entity besides the silat groups called in to 'defend the country' from been taken over by PKR.
Free and fair elections ! Malaysia Boleh

maurice said...

For the Malay politicians to succeed in DAP they have to adopt the Chinese work ethics.

I have nothing but full of admiration for the Chinese culture borne out from their ancient civilization of some 5 centuries old.The world owes the Chinese for inventing the compass, paper and printing press and gun powder, the latter the West of course used it to conquer China.

Can the Malays joining DAP think and work like the Chinese? Can they discard their out-dated beliefs and practices and replace them with practical methods that is more suitable with present day and future situation.I doubt so, because TDM had tried but failed miserably.

So the Malays politicians joining DAP unless they can transform themselves to think and work like their Chinese counterparts, they can never hope to make an impact within the party.They will be merely followers instead of leaders.


I remember reading some where that the malay civilisation is also 3000 to 5000 years old according to one syok diri professor. What a waste of time, after so many centuries nothing to claim as a malay invention other than the clutches or TONGKAT in the malay language.

Riversidegrass said...

UPDATED 6.15PM Using taboo white envelopes at its Chinese New Year event, its leaders resorted to handing out plain cash when those ran out.

The reason why UMNO-BN lost in most of the battle with PR !
This will going on to happen !

Sigh !
It's not hard to learn a culture, but it happened to our 'PerKOsa' leader.

A real laughing stock for the nation and international.