Sunday, January 22, 2012


This past decade has seen Malaysians politics boil and simmer, simmer and boil again. All these are puncturing too many holes in the armour of our economy while steadily shredding at the seams of our social cohesion.

For how long will we continue to be battered by the politicians who are hell bent in their determination to hold on to power is even beyond the soothsayers prediction.

But as long as BN politicians are determined and resolute to remain in power at all costs – even at the expense of democratic principles, then this nation will only sink deeper into the gutter of a failed nation status.

But looking at the daily unfolding of political drama after drama, it is everyone’s best that the rakyat are increasing getting fed up. Like in all nations across the globe, perhaps our youth will when tested to the limits someday soon, burst the seams of social order.

Is this what the BN is waiting and plotting for?

Not only are we the citizens worried about the looming global financial crisis, but even trying to grapple with the runaway cost of living is already a nightmare.

Civil servants are also scoffing at all the political rubbish pilling up. Same too goes to our men and women in blue. Talk to them over a cup of teh tarik and they will not shy from telling you “tak tahu lah apa sudah jadi sekarang”.

Whichever camp you belong to, let us face the fact – by virtue of the fact that BN has been in command of the nation’s political governance all these decades since independence, it must take absolute responsibility for the current state of crisis waiting to explode.

What BN is contributing and experiencing speaks volumes about the bankrupt leadership. And one need not be a management guru or leadership expert to decipher this, really.

BN should not blame the rakyat or the opposition camp for the state of mismanaged politics and bad governance that BN is being labeled with. If only BN had led wisely, the opposition would not be a threat; if only BN politicians had not succumbed to greed and corruption, BN would not have the rakyat abandoning them.

BN, you got it?

If truly people choose BN again, then walk in and get on with the business entrusted. If they lose, then pack and leave peacefully with a resolute will to be more transformed to the liking of the electorate by the next general elections.

BN must stop all these political scheming, talking down to the populace, dishing out threats, continuing to wallow in corruption and scaffolding individuals in their camps who have been alleged to have amassed illicit wealth, testing the justice system of the nation, and what not.

Already the longest serving Prime Minister has failed the citizens miserably. Instead of using his track record, power and influence to show the erring politicians the way forward, he has today become the ridicule of the entire nation. Even senior journalist in neighboring countries have not sparred their ink on the Tun Dr. Why?

For those of us who travel in and out of the country, we have first-hand experience of how many citizens in other countries are beginning to look at Malaysia with great suspicion. It could be far worse with potential investors though. In fact even newspapers in other countries are beginning to identify the serious state of political affairs in the country.

If there is any word that can best describe our current situation, it is this – we are in a mess.



bruno said...

Dato,the writer's last sentence,we are in a mess is a bit polite, like martial artists say 'pulling back punches'.It should be,'we are on the brink to disaster',better put,or 'on the brink to bankruptcy'.

bruno said...

Dato,the people are fed up with the present regime,looting the people's coffers and leaving it empty.It is the people who are hell bent on sending these politicians out,and there is nothing these robber barons can do.

The PR must be able to convinced the fence sitters that Umno/BN's place is on the opposition bench.Two to three percent of Malay voters,tilting to PR's side and Umno/BN is history.

The rakyat must have the guts and determination to face change.If one is always worrying about this uncertainty and that uncertainty,hiding under the tempurong,then Umno/BN will rule forever.

And then when they get the thorny end of the stick,they cried wolf.These useless gutless voters must decide once and for all,who they want to govern the country.If they vote Umno/BN and they run the country into a bankrupt nation,then they deserve to live on treetops.

At the rate the corruption index is going,it is a wonder if the EPF will still be solvent in a decades time.Then these people who voted for Umno/BN will realised that it is too late to start wailing like crybabies.

johnnie lim said...

A nice written piece. If BN had rule justly and with good governance, we will not even give the opposition a thought. But now we are willing to give the opposition a chance to proof that they can do a better job.

maurice said...

The mess is caused by none other than DSAI.TDM made a great mistake by bringing him from ABIM.As an Education Minister he destroyed the system by allowing religious extremism. He took a lot of privileges from the civil servants eg by replacing Mercedes Benz with Proton Perdana as staff cars for the Generals. As the Deputy PM,he changed the appearance of the Malay women. By right he should be teaching moral values, positive attitude, right attitude towards work, addressing the problems of drug abuse, bosnia, lepek etc. As a Finance Minister he almost sold the country.As opposition leader he caused division among the Malay community.To top of it all,the suspected sexual dismeanours associated with him are disgrace to the Malay community.Of course BN politcians are not free from blame either as they used their positions to enrich themselves and their families.Whether we like it or not, we are at the bottom of the scale right now compared to our neighbours.It look like we have to suffer for quite a while before something good come out of our present situation.

tahaneverest02 said...

It would do us well if our leaders concentrate more on immediately improve our country's economy rather than pursuing the likes of 1Malaysia here, 1Malaysia there and flip-flopping on the Anwar's SII issue.
We should sit down to tackle the impending economy downturn expected to hit Asian countries this year. The people, especially the poor are more concern in putting food on the table for the family rather than hearing the never-ending cry of 1Malaysia here and there. This is what a responsible Govt should be doing. Conserving money and be prudent and not wastage and corruption. Regardless whether the GE13 is expected today or tomorrow, the main focus should be on improving our economy and looking for ways to cushion-off the downturn impact which economists are expecting this year.

SABM said...

Threats on peaceful assembly.

nick said...

The situation we are in now, fare not much better than the cows of NFC in Gemas. Looking at the pictures of the cows, underfed and malnourished while in stark contrast, Sharizat Jalil's family rolling in moolah and wealth through corruption, abuses and mismanagement, the "similitude" is too real and too frightening a reminder, of us, of what we have become under 50 years of UMNO and BN rule.

However, unlike the cows that are bred purposely for commercial interest, Malaysian especially the Malays placed themselves in this situation by being timid, complacent and above all too tolerant on the abuses and corruption of the ruling Malay elite. Unlike the cows who can't do anything about their situation, we on the other hand have the power to correct the mistake done and improve our future through our resolve of not tolerating corrupt, immoral, unprincipled and greedy people and that means A.B.U! Instead of "Mooing" acceptance of our "livestock" fate, we can shout "ABU" to reclaim our place as a free people and the true owner of this country!


P.s-what are the chances that one of the cows in NFC Gemas is named Maurice? My guess is 1 in 28,401,017!

exrmafazhar said...

Semuanye tak kekal. Hanya Allah Subhanahuwataala yg kekal.

Saya pulak tak faham si Maurice ni. Kalau menukar kereta Merc kpd Perdan di anggap satu kesalahan, then i can only assume that he is very self centred, he can only think of privileges but what about the well being of the masses?

DSAI changed the apperance of malay women? So you want malay women to be like those in the 50s and 60s...back to zaman jahilliah? It was ABIM women which started to bertudung litup in the early seventies and now became 'normal' wear for muslim women in Malaysia. Even Indonesian muslim women dont start to bertudung, not until late 80s. So Abim muslimah has contributed a lot to the well being and 'perfect' appearance of muslim women. Wan Azizah is a fine example of one of them. Anyway, Maurice if you are not a muslim than i can 'forgive' you but if you are a muslim, God forbids!

DSAI almost sold the country when he was finance minister? Did he? You must be refering to the IMF/World Bank loan during the Asia financial crises. Anwar must have agreed but was stop by Mahathir. But didnt Mahathir recently admitted to have taken the loan too? In hindsight, those countries which took the IMF offers are doing better now.. look at Korea, Thailand, Indonesia etc.. they ar doing better now than Malaysia economically. And they are not bankrupt at all. But the way BN is spending our money now, Malaysia might be a bankrupt nation soon.

And you still want to argue on 'sexual misdemenours' of DSAI? Aiyaaa maurice takde lain ke nak cakap? Meluat lah.

Maurice, try something else lah.

True The Reds.. said...

saya sokong mahathir..saya tak taksub dgn mahathir.. tapi siapa yg kata mahathir tak berjasa pada negara.. saya tak suka org itu...