Saturday, January 14, 2012


PM Najib has been on the offensive to retake the wealthiest state in the peninsular i.e. Selangor, lost to the PR coalition during the 2008 elections. As a result of the change of government, many startling issues have surfaced, especially with regards to poor corporate governance of the BN government resulting in loss of state revenue through unscrupulous deals involving state officials and politicians alike, and even the mismanagement of government owned business entities. I would simply sum it up by saying that leaders of the previous government threats the business entities as their personal ATM where money can just be disbursed to suite their whims and fancies. Otherwise, why had Selangor being a highly resource rich state be in the red over many years under the BN government, in stark contrast to the present government where in over just two years were able to record a surplus in state revenue; thus reclaiming itself to be the richest state in the Federation. Records of the success of the PR government are readily available in the various new media, but conveniently shielded out in the mainstream media.

Over the last few months and culminating in the grand festivities to welcome the New Year in Shah Alam, Selangor, the federal government has been doing a lot of publicity by announcing projects in the state that would supposedly appeal to the people, in the hope of winning their votes. MB aspirant and Selangor UMNO Deputy Liaison chief Noh Omar has been on a fault finding mission to discredit the state government where ever the opportunity arises, unknown to himself that what the PR state government is doing now is to undo the wrongs of the previous government. One obvious example is to stamp the illegal extraction of sand by unscrupulous contractors and because of this, there is now an increase in state revenue over the extraction of sand through proper and well enforced regulatory measures.

Yesterday, PM Najib during his visit to the state, he had made the usual promises and pledges e.g. to reduce the rental rates of tenants at the PKNS complex and promise to build a surau and a Hindu temple at the Taman Rimba Jaya housing area; supposedly with a caveat i.e. to vote in the UMNO/BN government during the upcoming election. I think PM Najib’s approach to solving the people’s problem is too amateurish and lacks sincerity. The reason I say this is because he perceives the people of Selangor differently, since the state is governed by the opposition. Had he been sincere and is wholeheartedly willing to help, he only need to call upon the Menteri Besar to discuss how best to solve the people’s problems. What is there to be selfish about? Aren’t the people of Selangor Malaysians themselves?

Being born in Selangor, I think I have a better understanding and feel for the people of the state. I must declare that I am thoroughly frustrated with the UMNO/BN government in the past who sees themselves as rulers rather than a servant of the people. I have never been associated with any single elected representative because I do not see myself being of the same league with them. My hatred for them culminated in the broom presentation incident (if my readers could remember) by the then MB Khir Toyo to one of the President of a local council as a mark of displeasure at the poor performance of the council. The incident is the most shameful incident ever for the recipient of the broom and a show of absolute arrogance by the MB. I did say to some of my kampong folks that had the recipient be me, I would have thrown the broom back at the MB face.

Looking back at all that has occurred to Khir Toyo since being dethroned as the MB, I think he is now being punished for his arrogance. It is Allah’s will that he be found guilty in his recent court case and he ought to know this. Allah gives and Allah takes it away, so they say.

If anyone were to ask me what would be the chance of UMNO/BN winning back Selangor. My straight answer is – not for now – and not in the future. PR bastion i.e. Selangor will remain firm and unshaken.



LaM said...

Malays are a stupid lot. Every Umno MB/CM except the Negri MB Mohd Said( 1960s MB) made their millions/billions. They keep voting in corrupt malay Umno leaders as the electer reps for these MPs/State Assy to use their posts to plunder public's walth.

Malays would be considered more stupid to hand over S'gor back to the corrupt BN/Umno leaders. Both Najib and Muhyideen are amongst the many corrupt Umno leaders and rank second only to Mahathir and Daim.

Ambiga is correct. PR must present their plan and agenda to recover and bring back the trillion RM stashed by Umno leaders overseas.

Riversidegrass said...

Yes, I agreed. SELANGOR is no longer be stolen away if PR manage it well.

Thanks to PR.

“All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke quote

Anonymous said...

Semoga Najib tak berjaya, Datuk!

UMNO and BN are more infamous for the greed, cronyism and corruption which the people of Selangor have had to endure during the 50+ years UMNO and BN governed the state.

After suffering through the years, from Muhd Taib and his briefcase full of cash in that Australian airport, to Khir Toyo and his RM6m istana, and all sorts of questionable deals involving the assets of the state and projects, Pakatan brought in much awaited fresh air, and much needed wind of change.

I wonder why Najib is still trying to use his "You help me, I help you" tactics at the PKNS complex and Taman Rimba Jaya yesterday.

Not only did it come across as "too amateurish and lacks sincerity", but it makes me wonder if he never learnt from the Sibu incident, and the widespread derision it brought him. Did he never come to hear the laughing at him which the Youtube video of him, with his outright attempt to buy votes for the BN candidate delivered with continual wiping of his mouth?

I am not a Muslim, so I cannot offer an opinion about whether Khir Toyo's fall is Allah's punishment for his arrogance. But on reading your thoughts, I wonder if the train of thought you used with Khir can also be applied to Najib.

bruno said...

Dato,with the GE at the corner,Umno/BN federal power is at stake.This will be the most important GE in Malaysian history.This election can go either way.

Sensing the vulnerabelity of the Selangor state government,the state Umno under Najib is on an all out offensive on Khalid's adminstration.

Like I said in my previous comments,Selangor can only fall back to Umno/BN if PKR handed it over to them on a silver platter.If Azmin and Khalid's factions do not closed ranks,this maybe what will happen.If Selangor falls back to Umno,PR can forget about Putrajaya.

Gengis Khan said...

Most of the Malay voters in rural areas who form the numbers are not well informed and are naive hence they continue to vote these corrupt Malay UMNO leaders as their elected reps.There is a stark difference between being naive and being stupid. So please do not make a sweeping statement that Malays are stupid. Of course now with the alternative media things are beginning to change as more and more cases of corrupt UMNO leaders are being brought to light and these naive Malays will know what to do at the coming election, Inshallah.

maurice said...

When Pak Lah took BN to the battlefield in the last GE, BN was in tatters due to the attacks by TDM on his own party.It swayed the 40% votes to the side of PR.People were just fed up with Pak Lah that they voted PR out of frustration to BN's dismal performance.Hence many unknown faces from PR, some are just too young with no track record in public service,were elected as ADUNs and MPs.

Now the situation is compleletely different.BN is no longer under attack from TDM.DSN has worked hard to put his strategies into place.He has done his ground reconnaissance and knows every inch of the battle ground, including obstacles to cross and overcome in order to win the heart and mind of the electorate.

The electorate has a big responsibility in the coming GE13 to contribute as to which direction Malaysia would be heading in future.

joe choy said...

I feel that if ever Selangor is to fall it's because of money politics. To some people their loyalty can easily be bought or sold depending on who can give the most benefits. So PR has to watch it as UMNO/BN still has alot of cash to throw around.Where it is coming from? Our thanks to Vincent Tan and his weekly 'special draws' and 'bodak' rich towkays.

Sam Yap said...

Mr. Lam, please do not generalize and say Malays are stupid. I have Malay friends and staff who are certainly NOT stupid. They smart and well informed. There are some stupid Chinese and Indians who still support and will vote for BN. Plenty of them around, if you care to check. Those non-Malays are not merely stupid, in fact it's their greed and selfish attitude which cause them to continue to support BN.

As long as they get sub-contracts from their UMNO pals and as long as their children get scholarships through their UMNO connections, as long as they get funds for their personal projects, who cares if the country is dying, they will tell you....emigrate to Australia lah!

Mr. Lam, are you one of them?

bruno said...


I have to agree with Gengis Khan.
Some Malays are stupid,naive or ignorant,but not all Malays would be better put.Just the same as other races.Cheers.


DSN has worked hard to put his strategies into place.

I agreed that DSN has come out with very well good intended ideas and reforms.But DSN has have every good ideas and reforms crushed by conservatives and right wingers before it could even get off the ground.

To be fair to Najib(leaving aside all his baggages and skeletons as if their didn't exists)he is the middle of the road guy,more suitable for a multi racial country as Malaysia.Forget about Mr Moo and the rest of the gang.

Even up till about a year ago,I was still hoping that he will go for broke to consolidate his power inside Umno.But I guessed his enemies inside Umno has his you know what in their grasps.That is why Najib is flipflopping all the time.

With Najib definitely out of the picture,even if Umno/BN managed to scrapped through he will be pushed out by the hawks.Unless BN win big,which seem impossible,but one can never know until the fat lady sings.

As all fair minded people who want change and a fairer and more transparent government,I am keeping my fingers crossed for a landslide victory for PR.

Anonymous said...

Lam u have wrongly generalize all Malays are stupid and this give me the chance to say all chinese are equally stupid for eating pig.Pse consider the sensitivity of others before making any general statments wil u.