Thursday, January 12, 2012


Sodomy II is now over after a long and perilous trial. It is not Anwar Ibrahim that I cared less, but I cared more for his family members. I sense the agony, restlessness, fear and uncertainty that the family members had gone through all these years. I being a father of three children and a grandfather of four grand children could sense the suffering endured by Dr. Wan Azizah, her children and grandchildren. It is because of such great feelings of sympathy that I had for Anwar’s family that had influenced me to slant most of my writings to favour Anwar Ibrahim. I am truly amazed at the strength of Dr. Wan Azizah to be able to withstand the persistent onslaught against her husband by UMNO, and to be able to keep the family glued together in times of absolute hardship. With the trial over, I hope Anwar’s family members can now go on with their lives in the comfort that they do not have to endure many more trips to the Jalan Duta High Court.

The slandering, smearing, scurrilous attacks and character assassination of Anwar and his family by UMNO and their cohorts however will not cease. Even as I write, I could already hear voices of dissent against Anwar, and expectedly from none other than Ummi Hafilda, the sister of PKR’s Azmin Ali. Isn’t this the woman that was embroiled in Anwar Ibrahim’s first sodomy charge? And wasn’t she the woman that was renounced by her own father for causing a feud within the family? To be renounced by her own father is serious and hell awaits her if she does not repent and seek forgiveness from her father. I do not know if she had ever sought forgiveness from her father before he died. Ummi Hafilda has vowed to continue her personal vendetta and scurrilous attacks against the three A’s i.e. Anwar, Azizah and Azmin. I am quite sure she will be a super campaigner for UMNO in the run up to the election, slandering everyone that is associated with Anwar including his own blood brother Azmin. You call this an honorable lady? It’s only UMNO that honors’ her. So Ummi, please keep on slandering and smearing others to your heart's contend. And after you have finished, take a look at the mirror and ask yourself if you have never sinned in your lifetime.

From the statements made by UMNO/BN leaders following Anwar’s not guilty verdict, there isn’t the obvious fear shown by them that more trouble can be expected from Anwar, given his new found freedom. The show of ‘confidence’ can either mean that UMNO/BN is fully equipped and ready to take on the full brunt of Anwar’s onslaught, or that the party is now too confused and digging hard to device new strategies to counter Anwar’s new wave of popularity that is so obviously seen at all his political rallies. This new wave of popularity is a photo copy of the scene that led to PR unexpected victory in denying UMNO/BN their two third majority during the 2008 GE.

While PR leaders are already in the forefront in their daily political rallies, UMNO/BN leaders are still tugged in the comfort of their stately homes, officiating functions and possibly attending dinners as its guest of honour. Maybe, some would return home on the weekends to their constituencies for a meet-the-members session and to hand out a gift or two.

It is interesting to make a comparison on the people’s appeal and response at UMNO/BN’s and PR political rallies. I note that there is an obvious mismatch between the two political parties, notably in the quality of the speakers and their fluency at articulating issues. I think PR has an upper hand at this. PR also seems to have a retinue of young and able speakers at any particular rally and their appearance is pleasantly received by the audience who are also generally young. I wonder why is the UMNO genius Khairy Jamaluddin so quite now? Has he not started his rallies? I am just waiting to hear him debate with PR’s Rafizi over the NFC scandal.

In UMNO/BN it is only PM Najib that seems to be making his rounds at meet-the-people sessions, but the audiences that attend his political rallies are certainly far short of the numbers attending Anwar Ibrahim’s rallies. If this can be taken as a measure of popularity, I think Anwar Ibrahim is one up on PM Najib. Anwar Ibrahim’s oratory skills and the way he appeals to the audience to communicate with him is no match for PM Najib. PM Naijb’s is too stereotype in his speech and presentation. He also does have the right vocal to attract the audience attention.

I think UMNO/BN has yet to be awakened to the political realities that surround them; made worse by the recent corruption scandals plaguing the party leaders. Despite the obvious misdeeds, PM Najib has yet to level blame on anyone of them. On the contrary, PM Najib has declared that there are no claims of corruption against anyone of them i.e. Shahrizat, Awang Adek, Jamil Khir and I suppose this includes the two aides of Ministers. And what about Azalina Othman Said? A decision like this I think will be the cause for the eventual downfall of PM Najib and that of his party.

If indeed UMNO/BN is to fall this upcoming GE, then it is the number 13 that is to be blamed.



bruno said...

Dato,fully agreed with you that that Dr Wan Azizah was the pillar of strength for keeping her family together.I always have high regards and respect of Wan Azizah and later Nurul too,as she grew up.Hopefully one day Nurul will realised her dreams and become the first lady Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Frankie said...


UMNO is still pretty laid back because it has the EC in its pocket. And of course the EC itself answers to no one (except to UMNO) so there would be plenty more of gerry meandering, phantom voters and instant voters springing up from nowhere and casting their votes for UMNO-BN winnable candidates in the GE13.

The former US ambassador to Malaysia, John Malott has already predicted the GE13 will be the dirtiest in the country's history as the government will exhaust all avenues to cling onto power (read:

The PM is pulling out all stops including an investment scheme for the poor in his “Skim Amanah Rakyat 1 Malaysia” or “Sara 1 Malaysia” which guarantees returns of double their investments in 5 years. Now if this is not a vote buying ploy to cling onto power for another 5 years, I wonder what this is. And of course we should not be surprised that some "poor" people earning RM3,000 below suddenly have the ability to buy a few hundred thousand units at RM1 per unit as if their money appeared from thin air. The real poor will be none the wiser when they realized this ponzi investment scheme is meant to benefit the government's age old cronies more than themselves.

All I can say is that this government is willing to sell its own mothers and daughters to stay in power.

Gengis Khan said...

Many of us have the same sympathetic feeling to wards Annuar and his family. I still remember in 1998 when police stormed Annuars house to arrest him,Datin Wan Azizah rushed to ask help from then Datin Siti Hasmah but was ignored. That nightmare is still on going till this very day. I hope this 13 election will be in favor of Annuars PR and look forward to him being the PM of Malaysia and hope he kicks these UMNO fat cats out of office.

bruno said...

Dato,Umno/BN is very bewared of number 13.That is the reason they kept pushing back the date of the inevitable GE 13.Dr Mahathir's well intended advice to Najib and Umno to delay the GE as long as possible or else get a humilated public spanking is soon to become a self fulfilling phophecy.

Azmin Ali's sister Ummi Hafilda is just a paid filth messenger of Umno.We can be fair to call her a whore as she is prostituting herself for money.Whether she roiled the bedsheets with her masters is another matter.But by her past conducts of her dirty laundry been washed in public seems to say so.

Yet Umno looks up to her as the would be destroyer of Anwar and Azman.The way this lady talks is like she can described all the details Anwar has under his pants.Must be a real insider.

Whatever tricks Umno has under its sleeves is not going to cause another bombshell.The rakyat has caught up with Umno's under handed tactics and will just brushed it aside.The ABU steamroller is on cruise control and will go full throttle on polling day.

bruno said...

Dato,the curtains are up.Shahrizat is away on emergency leave percusor to handing in the letter.Due to near mandated pub and bar closing hours the last call is for Shahrizat.

bruno said...

Dato,if we want to see Khairy debate Rafizi we have to wait till the cows do finally decide to come home.He has already publicly say that he is a political chicken and will not debate Rafizi.From all his big wartalk,he finally realised that he has lost his bolas.

All the corrupted crooks that whistleblower 711 has outed,Najib lack the political will,guts and determination to take any action.He has shown all this sometime ago with his lack of follow up to his proposed reforms.It is pretty obvious that the Umno warlords have Najib's bolas in their grasp.

Rather than go for broke in the power struggle in Umno,Najib has decided to let the warlords juggle with his nuts.A spineless and gutless leader like him deserves to lose bigtime.This is my personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

Dato,there is no significance in no 13 in Islam.It is only by coincidence that BN is going to loose the 13 GE.....

abdulhalimshah said...

Dato' Arshad,
On a personal level, I agree with you wholeheartedly. It is always the family who suffers more from the trials that have been going on for a very long time since Anwar's sacking way back in the late 90's and also his incarceration. It is a no mean feat to be able to withstand such an injustice. ALLAH S.W.T. shall fulfill the prayers of those who have been unjustly treated and whether or not the number 13 is of any significance, we shall be waiting for the timely demise of the dinosaur and leviathen who had been responsible for the destruction of our fundamental liberty and fairplay.