Thursday, October 6, 2011


Finally, the trial judge Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah set aside the subpoena filed by Anwar Ibrahim to commit PM Najib and wife Rosmah Mansor to take the witness stand in the on-going Anwar’s sodomy trial. Trial judge reasoned the meeting that Saiful had with Najib/Rosmah before the former had launched a police report is irrelevant to the trial; hence the trial judge allowed Najib/Rosmah’s application and ordered the trial to continue. Najib/Rosmah are now freed of ever being summoned to the court as witness to face the defence at any time during the on-going trial.

This decision may surprise many (for better or for worse) but one has to have faith and trust in our judiciary that the on-going trial will be fair and just. We read the controversies surrounding the judiciary in the past especially that affecting the incumbent AG and the previous IGP, especially of the many allegations made by the former KL CID Chief Mat Zain Ibrahim, that has raised doubts concerning the professional credibility of both the AG and the former IGP, that remains unchallenged by both till this day.

Whatever be the final outcome of Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial, my only hope is to see that the trial will not end up in another ‘Reformasi Movement’ of the kind experienced in 1998.



tiongsinwee said...

The decision taken by the Judge, didn't at all surprised fact, all along iv been expecting it.
Again...the magic word *IRRELEVANT* is coming into play. You don't have to be a lawyer to forsee what's coming for our poor DSAI. As many had said.....the script n actors are quite similar to that of 1998.
N i feel sorry for DSAI and his defence team. It would take a miracle to have a verdict in his favour. God bless!

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

At early stage, they said that they are not going to give any statement during interview with Anwar's lawyers unless being subpoenaed. When they were served with subpoena, 1001 kind of action been taken to reject it. I guess he has "threatened" the judge (I guess).

At first they denied knowing who is SaiFOOL but after being shown with some evidences, he admitted meeting this fool.

At first she bought the ring using her own saving from childhood but later no purchase transaction being made.

Their flip-flops are worst than Pak Lah who is now seen as a liability not only to United Myanmar Nepal Organization (UMNO) but to all Malaysians.

As businessman, who want a huge liability in their company?

Arunzab said...

In one sentence 'Independence of the judiciary'My FOOT !!!!

EAGLE said...

Have faith and trust with our judiciary!?
You saw it and you heard so what is next.
But GOD acts in a mysterious way and yes have faith in ALLAH and you will not go wrong but not in our judiciary where plagiarism is also their favorite professionalism.
It is time to remove them! Who are the people? Melayu lagi...

sang kancil said...

What do we expect when we have LIARS THIEVES and SCUMBAGS running the country.

mike joey said...

Dear Dato,
Independence of the judiciary is
long dead and gone in Malaysia. There are 3 sets of laws - one is for layman, two, is for Umno/BN croonies and three, is for the VIPS/Rich n powerful.

Frankie said...


The accuser met with the PM and his wife 2 days before the accuser made a police report that he was sodomized against his will by the accused who, for all intents and purposes, is the PM's political opponent. And yet the judge ruled that the accuser's meeting with the PM is not relevant to the sodomy trial. Is there any iota of impartiality and fairness in our judiciary after such ruling? Can we trust our judiciary after this?

Malaysian said...

While we discussing about Anwar's trial, I can't help feeling pessimistic about Malaysia future after reading what BN offered for our 2012 budget. It seems as our government is giving cash out to the people without even considering how to curb against corruption. Is our country going to be bankrupt soon?

matsingkong said...

When judiciary is compromised, what's the point of calling Malaysia my country. Its so damn irritating, frustrating and still the government makes us like stupid beings...actually like slaves. I for one would hope a 'Malaysia Spring' will emerge...the chain reaction has started thanks to the Arab and American 'springers'....No more 'kowtowing' the bureaucrats/seniors/elite/'yang arif'.

Lalok said...

This circus is really different from others by showing kangaroos in its court. Hope one day the spectators will have a big laugh at the clowns in there.