Monday, October 24, 2011


The claim by a pro UMNO blogger that the son of Penang CM Lim Guan Eng (LGE) had molested a girl has been circulating in the media for far too long. It appears that Malaysians has the propensity to sensationalize stories relating to sex involving individuals without due regards to whether such stories are true or otherwise, and its consequences.

Now is it found that the allegation is not true, but the reputation of the LGE and his family and in particular the son has been sullied to the point the boy will now find it hard to be his usual self among his peers and many friends.

This is a sorry state of affairs of the country today and it gets no better by the day, all in the name of political survival, and I suppose in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh. I now think that the theme Malaysia Boleh is a curse and should be disregarded; just as 1 Malaysia, which is to me a misunderstood concept. Coming out with high sounding and melodious themes and pronouncements has little meaning if society does not understand it and is continuously in breach of its aspired aims and objectives. Do we not see what had happened to Islam Hadhari, a concept that was perpetuated during the Abdullah Badawi era that is now silent? I have yet to hear anything being said about it by our Religious Minister.

The sex issue allegedly involving LGE’s son should not have happened if we have cared for the sentiment and sensitivity of others, more so when we are a multi racial and multi religious society. We preach to others that despite Malaysians being a multi racial and multi religious society, we have lived in harmony devoid of any racial and religious misunderstanding. Our leaders take pride in making such pronouncement and lecturing to the world about how we manage to live as one Malaysian society, but the reality at home is quite the contrary.

Clearly, I do not have any reason to doubt that the issue relating to LGE’s son is politically motivated. If it is true that the story was originated from a pro UMNO blog, then UMNO has to share the blame and not distanced itself only when the truth is revealed. All that had been said and commented by UMNO leaders prior to the truth being revealed show that they are in agreement with the story. They can say whatever they like in whatever form and language, but the truth of the matter is that they had said nothing to deny the story and to condemn it. Just listened to the comments made by Muhyiddin on the matter which is disgusting. And even PM Najib who has been silent all the while has now made his comments by saying that family issues should not be politicized, but short of saying that the pro UMNO blogger had spewed lies. I think Najib’s comments came a bit too late.

Now, many will say that I sound like a pro DAP person. I say to all and sundry that I am not. The basis of my writing is simply to speak out the truth and to be sympathetic to someone who has been slandered (Fitnah) and has suffered because of this. I do not care if the person being slandered is a Chinese, Indian, Malay or some alien nationality, because in the eyes of Islam, slander is a grievous crime.

Clearly, this is a case of slander and the person that had exposed the story has committed a grievous crime and ought to be punished.



Anonymous said...

Amongst the worst points arising from the foul attempt to hurl mud at Lim Guan Eng is the statement from Muhyidding yesterday Guan Eng's denial of sexual harassment by son is 'not enough'.

Not enough? Was the prson who is supposed to be the nation's No.2 man not aware that Anya Corke had come forward with her statement that she was not enough. Or did Muhyiddin simply accept 100% the UMNO-bloggers were stating the truth when they attempted to rebut with that Anya photo was used to protect the actual victim?

Since when have people like Papagomo shown any sign of such caring for victims? Or has their track record been the opposite?

What if the tables were turned, and some UMNO related party was the target.

Does Muhyiddin recallhow a Sinchew reporter was deatined under the ISA - for her own protection konon! - when she reported about a certain racist UMNO leader?

Yes, lies and inuendo can still be believed by some with scant or non-existant Net access, for example the rural folks who simply accept the faekd videos and propaganda distributed by members of the "pembela bangsa" party at some by-elections.

But I'd say that sort of dirty tactics is losing UMNO/BN more votes than it winds. certainly it had brought widespread infamy which extends beyond our borders.

And what about Khairy and his cheap Kg Buah Dada shot?

I checked his tweeter account yesterday. Not only no apology or acknowledgement that he got his facts wrong, but I could not not even find his offending tweet. Dah delete ke? And he had the guts to show his sorry face yesterday at the “OctTwtFest". Tak tahu malu pun.

Certainly not like the Melayu jati.

bruno said...

Dato,first of all the pro Umno bloggers who came out to attacked LGE's son we can safely say are cowards,who are of low intergrity and mentality.They do not have the bolas to attacked the father so they went after the son.But let us not waste our time on them.

Let us talk about Khairy Jamaludin.He being an Umno youth national leader getting into gutter politics,attacking a schoolkid.A so called Oxford graduate,showing such a low class behaviour and mentality,what more can be said about him.And when the former principal of LGE's son and the Penang Education chief came out to clear the matter,Khairy didn't have the bolas to appologised to LGE and family.

When the facts were out that the allegations were not true,they should have appologised and let the matter to rest.Instead they let it drag on with no end in sight.Then when all the facts were out that the allegations were not true,of all people to add more fuel to the fire was our Mr Moo.

This Muhyiddin,whenever he opens his mouth,he has shown that he is a bigger fool than our Minister of Misinformation.This guy doesn't know how to use his brains if he had any.Look at the education standards.Under him,the educational standards have kept going downhill.This is a good time and excuse for PM najib to get rid of Mr Brutus.

Arunzab said...

I believe all those behind this sorry episode have committed both Libel and Slander against the Penang CM Lim Guan Eng (LGE) and his son. As far as I understand Libel and slander occur when a person communicates false information that damages the reputation of another person . Slander occurs when the false and defamatory communication is spoken and heard. Libel occurs when the false and defamatory communication is written and seen. The laws governing libel and slander, are thus collectively known as DEFAMATION.

In this case defamation has clearly has been committed to injure a persons reputation.Every one whether you like him or not has the right to have his reputation kept unblemished and I believe the law recognizes the saying that the robber of reputation of a person is more dangerous person than a robber of property. The loss occasioned by loss of reputation is in most cases are more serious than that occasioned by loss of property. It looks like SEX is now the weapon of choice of those who have tried every thing else against the opposition and failed.

Frankie said...


The DPM one again prove he is nothing more than just another low life politician. As a DPM with the potential of becoming the PM, he should have demonstrated statesman-like qualities in taking the pro-UMNO blogger to task for spreading lies. Instead he jumped on the bandwagon just like his junior politician Khairy and went to town fueling even more fire into an non existent episode.

Is this the type of leaders this country have? I can understand UMNO members being led by their noses as UMNO members do not have much intelligence to think for themselves but I do hope that the rest of right thinking Malaysians will exercise their voting rights wisely in the coming elections. I shudder to think of this DPM being the next PM of Malaysia Bolehland.

Justin Choo said...


Thank you for pointing out the rubbish the irresponsible poiliticians have been spinning out.

We need people like you Dato, to inform others of the lies and rubbish these irresponsible politicians have been spinning non stop.

I wish that your blog will reach the kampong folks and the interiors of Sabah and Sarawak. Perhaps you should also have a Bahasa version.

They call me .....Bond said...

Translate to Bahasa Melayu......I am always available Dato'....

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Tell Call Me...Bond,

Most obliged. Just email me. Elok juga kita adakan dwi bahasa.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Sex, sex and more sex stories playing around in Umno's brain. Can't they think of something else in attacking oppositions?

This is evidently shown in statement made by Muhyiddin, KJ on the said issue despite having noted the said photo of the girl actually is a chess champion and being denied by LGE.

The worst part is there are Malaysian who just support their statement without having their brain to work. Let alone to read from other sources.

DPM just fail the moral test toward being the next PM.

LGE denying statement is not valid because he is an opposition in which he is to be in BN for his denial to be accepted.

Just like Adun Penaga questioning why LGE has to apologize to Sultan Johor for his statement while others in Umno wants him to do so.

Umno, umno.... the more you talk the more stupidity is shown to us.

Us is referring to people like me who obtain information from many sources and digest it with working brain before making any conclusion.


bruno said...

Dato,LGE applogised to the Sultan of Johore,even when he didn't have to,as he has not done anything wrong.It was all to give face to the sultan,and let the matter laid to rest.It shows how matured a politician or man he is.

But what more can be said like so called leaders like Khairy or Muhyiddin.Political cowards like them will be better off as GRO in a karaoke joint.

AlphaGuy said...

You are, indeed, a warrior and fighter for the underdogs and the downtroddened, and I salute you, General.
Please keep up the pressure on BN by exposing their wrongdoings and castigating them. Spare no one, not even PR leaders if they are out of line.
Malaysia will prosper only with proper, honest and intelligent governance and not through the whims and fancies of some miscreants who spend the people's money on lavish and unfruitful projects meant only to add to their already bulging coffers in numbered accounts overseas.

monty said...

In my humble opinion I believe that Umno guys set-up this 'story-line' on LGE's son to hit back at DAP in retaliation for US23M diamond ring and those very expensive handbags purportedly bought by 'you-know-who-la..' No shame on them even being
exposed of the ploy with statements from the alleged female victim and HM of the said school. Very desperate to bring down LGE and to 'install' back a BN friendly state Govt.

tiongsinwee said...

All the eight comments, thus far, are from the straight-thinking; sensible and non-bias Malaysians. People who are with brains...and differ to that of the senseless, arrogant and *yes-man* UmnoPutra. Its just disgusting. Sometimes...i feel that its a waste of my time to comment on matters pertaining to Umno/BN. Like iv always said, do they ever read and listen to the rakyat's opinions; grouses, etc? On the other hand, i just can't keep silent whenever they(Umno/BN) do something stupid...i have to have my say. Geram lah!
Now....back to LGE's son's sex slander. Why hasn't LGE (Penang Chief Minister) sue the UMNO blogger for this slander? Come to think of it....YAB Lim Guan Eng did the right thing, for not suing this UMNO he knows what the verdict would be.

mangchikla said...

Muhyiddin should also repeat that denial on the RM 24 Million ring is is also not enough, and the birkins...

monty said...

I deem to agree with tiongsinwee that for LGE to sue the bloggers would sure be a futile step and without 2nd thought everyone knows what would be the outcome. So, why waste time and energy taking that action when you know its going no where. Useless to go into battle when you know you are going to lose. Plan another strategy and wait 4 a more favourable 'battle-ground'. There is always another day!!

Lalok said...

Pity this umngok more intelligent, smart and clever people with brain in that group. Only those outdated low IQ and no sense of guilt people sticking around it. It's time to say goodbye to umngok, for a better, happier and healthier nation.

matsingkong said...

Are UMNO being influenced by the Obedient Wives Club ? Sex is motivating them in every way...hope paedophiles are not attracted by UMNO's 'indirect'recruitment strategy..

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear All,

I am yet to hear anyone from the government to apologise to LGE. Such stubborness is unforgiveable.

matsingkong said...

So what if some potray you as Pro DAP becuase of defending LGE on this matter? So if Najib's daughter is wrongly framed by PKR, and I support UMNO...I would not mind being Pro UMNO in that sense. I dont care you wanna call me pro this, anti this,..but the point has been made that I stood by the principles of justice and fairness in views/opinions and actions. Call me pro Jewish, if I protect a jewish Rabbi preaching in front of PERKASA....see where I'm coming from ??