Sunday, October 23, 2011


As I watched the video of Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi’s final moments of his life, I can’t help but felt a sense of pity for him. There have been reports that Gaddafi was responsible for the death of about 35,000 Libyans throughout his 42 years rule where he held the country with an iron fist. But the good side of his rule is that Gaddafi provided his people with free education and that accounts for the high literacy rate. Automobile fuel is cheap and the government offers a sizable grant for those who want to purchase a car. Couples who want to get married get cash incentive from the government. Libya has no external debt (unlike us) and income derived from oil is in the billions per day. Libya is acclaimed as one of the wealthiest countries in the world; its GDP per capita is much higher than that of developed countries like S. Korea, Spain, Italy and even Singapore.

As of yesterday, news has it that the body of Gaddafi now lies in a vegetable and onion freezer, and on display in the city of Misrata at a local shopping center. Where and how he is to be buried is still unclear, but reports have it that his burial site will eventually be kept a secret.

As a Muslim, I would not agree to the way Gaddafi met his end. He should have been kept alive and to face justice by the court. Even if he is ordered to die by the court’s ruling, that is not to be the final and ultimate judgment. That final and ultimate judgment will be God’s judgment in the hereafter. The people that had caused Gaddafi’s death are not the authority to impose the death sentence, and I would say that they are murderers and they will also face God’s ultimate judgment in the hereafter.

Talking about murderers, I know that there are many murderers on the loose in this country; some are even government salaried. I have talked about it in some of my earlier writings, and I believe you know who these government salaried murderers are. We know that there has been much death in the custody of our authorities, but little do we know the actual cause of death other than the version published by the authorities themselves.

So the mystery lingers and the families of the decease suffer. But don’t they (authorities) know that those who were a party to the death will also face the ultimate judgment in the hereafter? Regardless of who the dead person is; Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, Hindus or atheist, God does not differentiate race or religion of the murderer and the punishment is universal i.e. HELL. I just do not know how one feel to have murdered someone or have been an accomplish to a murder, and are left free to roam the streets. The same can also be said of the government salaried murderers.

Gaddafi has met his fate, but the fate of the Libyan people is yet to be seen and known. Is it going to be better where freedom reigns? Or will it be worse? Already there has been extra judicial killings and with the vast amount of weapons in the hands of the people; I do not see a settled Libya in the many months to come. Factional issues will flare up and this can be a cause of another civil war; a much bloodier war than that of disposing Gaddafi.



bruno said...

Dato,I totally agree with you that Gaddafi should have meet his fate before the court of law.The Western countries who were mainly the ones behind the rebels should have seen to that.This is going to be a repeat of Iraq,after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Only this time it is going to be many times worse.There was chaos after the fall of Iraq when the allied forces were merely watching as spectators,allowing rioting and looting to take place.

Now after the fall of Gaddafi,the Western countries are mere spectators again.Soon the warlords are going for the spoils of war.Because of the many factions going for the spoils of war,and the Western countries sitting on their hands,it will be no surprise that Libya will turn into another Somalia.History always repeats itself.

komando said...

The world will not spinning and surely there will be others who will follow next....if they are arrogant and stubborn!

He was never ever going to surrender and that was his death wish!

He said that himself!

Do we blame the RAKYAT!

Imagine we were at the receiving end of the 42 long years of tyranny - one or two or even all of a our family members becoming his victim of persecution and injustice!



As said the final judgment belongs only to the Almighty !

Hopefully people in POWER will wake up and realize that we can't run and escape forever from our misdeeds!

matsingkong said...

Have strong feelings the CIA is behind this. Saw how Saddaam Husin was drag from the hole and then hanged through stupid and unbiased American sponsored military court?
The media surrounding the Libyan uprising was one sided, and you can see Al Jazeera leaning towards CNN reporting style...from one side.And how humiliating was the death of Gadafi? And what happens after this..another dictator will be appointed 'guardian' of British and French oil sites and the Libyans will still be slaves in their own country.The North Africans and Arabs will always be manipulated unless they believe in Islamic bondage against imperialism..but their character is one of infighting among themselves...

Iskandar said...


Power is a is much money does someone need..we see it happening here, old white hair and the other Malaysian robber barons, their henchmen and little napoleons...they have more money than they will ever need for 5 lifetimes..yet their greed is insatiable.

Gadaffi may have started the coup and come to power with good intentions...but when power gets to ones head..good sense leaves the room...

Will our robber barons end up like Sadam and Gadaffi..only time will tell...when they are no longer "useful" to the ones who pull the strings at a global level, then you will see some of these guys pay dearly for their crimes....but for now..they may be still safe for a while as the sun, Clinton and CNN still shines on them...

What comes around..goes around they say.