Thursday, October 27, 2011


I see a pathetic face in the person of the former IGP Tan Sri Rahim Nor who has foolishly associated himself with Perkasa and was honoured with the ‘selempang merah’ (red sash). I have the slightest idea the significance of wearing the ‘selempang merah’. Does it mean that TS Rahim Nor is acknowledged a Malay warrior? Or does the sash entitle him to an honorific title of ‘Perwira Melayu Terbilang (PMT)’ or some other titles that supersedes the title of Tan Sri?

TS Rahim Nor was an honoured guest at the 2nd Perkasa General Assembly held recently. Another notable character at the assembly was Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah of the ‘Tiga Datuk’ fame. You see, TS Rahim Nor and Datuk Shazryl Eskay both have something in common i.e. have appeared before the court and sentenced; the former was ordered to spent time in prison (though brief) for punching Anuar Ibrahim, and the latter fined for being involved in the screening of the alleged sex video of Anuar Ibrahim. You see the common association both had with Anuar Ibrahim that caused them to be sentenced. I am surprised that the other two Datuk’s were not honoured by Perkasa.

During a speech, TS Rahim Nor said that he likened the rise of the human rights movement in Malaysia to communism. He went further to say that “Every century has its wave and we cannot avoid being hit by this wave. Now, it’s the human rights wave. Before that it was the wave of Maxism, Socialism”.

Honestly, I cannot see the logic of likening human rights with communism for the two are markedly opposed in its philosophy, meaning and purpose. Human rights, as I know it is a universally acceptable requirement and demand; whereas I would described communism as some conceited idea of a ‘mad man’. And have we not seen the disaster communism has done to the human race? On the contrary, has human rights been associated with violence, murders, corruption, abuses and the many other worldly woes? And did we not fight communism in this country to defend our rights i.e. human rights? I suggest TS Rahim Nor should do a bit of reading on the subject before he makes such a comparison, and coming from someone who was once a powerful national figure and saying something that is out of context, is laughable.

My advice to TS Rahim Nor is to disassociate himself from Perkasa, for there is nothing left in him to champion the cause of Perkasa. I know TS Rahim Nor is a Malay and like all Malays, he holds dearly to his roots, but not the manner in which Perkasa seems to be propagating the Malay cause. I think TS Rahim Nor could do better justice if he involves himself with the Persatuan Persara Polis Diraja Malaysia, or any other association aimed at improving the police force in its fight against corruption from among members of the force, and to help rebuild the trust and confidence of the public towards the force.



matsingkong said...

I dread the day if our generals or ex-generals will be admitted into PERKASA and given the red sash......PLEASE NO !!!

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Matsinkong,

Rest assured - it's not going to be me.

Gengis Khan said...

I really don't know what this bloke Rahim is trying to prove. This thug has lost it the day he landed the punch on a helpless Saudara Anwar Ibrahim and was subsequently sent to prison.It was the sound of the landed punch that resonant around the world that sealed his fate.This pariah is now trying to make a come back by joining the other pariahs but for him it is all over. As the saying.....A good name is seldom regained, when CHARACTER is gone all is gone and one of the richest jewel of life is lost for ever.

Justin Choo said...


The very fact that these little minds were gathered together speaks loudly of what is left, if any, inside their heads. As they said, birds of the same feathers gather together. This is the greatest circus in Malaysia. Let them announce their foolishness and stupidity in public. They want to go back to the dark ages, let them be.

I think the more they "perform" in this circus, the better the chance BN is kicked out of the system.

Thanks to all of them actually.

apek ironside said...

ya ya rahim nor, the human right wave will kick your ass and send you to jail, satisfy? now only he realized what is human right, no wonder there were many abusive cases from the police force until now, cause it was managed under a leader that put the human right awareness aside....sigh!

monty said...

Dear Dato,
Please don't equate the sash to the word 'Perwira'....Melayu Terbilang.TS Rahim is certainly no 'perwira' for associating himself with Perkasa.Even
without the Tan Sri he is also no 'perwira'. To call him a 'perwira' we are degrading the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa(SP) and Panglima Gagah Berani(PGB)recipients. He is not talking 'straight' maybe abit senile and trying to regain 'lost glory' by teaming up with the undesirable characters as seen in the press photos and postings. Leave TS Rahim alone to reminisce about the 'black-eye' episode which had caused his down-fall.

komando said...


All our leaders feel they are leaders with KUASA!

They forgot it is more about AMANAH!

So they lead with an IRON hand when they say :"SAYA YANG BERKUASA"

They never understand AMANAH!
Which means responsibility and accountability as a leader!

Lest they start learning about these 2 simple words!

They will all fail!

Anonymous said...

Well said, "komando".

I can imagine even the leader of a platoon in the jungle needs to be well aware that the amanah factor is even more important than the kuasa he has in his hands and at his command, with the death dealing weapons he and his men are responsible for.

But it seems our leaders, both present and past, are not as aware of the responsibility they have to honour the amanah. The power the people have entrusted in their hands.

Perhaps even the "raja" root word in "kerajaan" has got to their heads. For some time, I had been wondering if there was a better term for government in Malay.

Certainly if there is, I'd be more than glad to push for it to be adopted. .

Frankie said...


The scums of society attract each other. Thus it is no surprise that people like Rahim Nor and Shazry Eskay associate with Perkasa as they are all scums. Ibrahim Ali is correct when he mentioned that UMNO members are also Perkasa members which proves that UMNO members are also scums.

bruno said...

Dato,this ex IGP Rahim Nor is more than pathethic.He is a damned ass and a convicted criminal.A disgrace for the men in blue.Perkasa the so called protector of the Malay race,associating with the likes of like Rahim Nor and porn peddlar Shazryl Eskay speaks wonders of itself.No wonder even with the backing of Umno,the Malays shunned them,with a turnout of a mediocre of less than five thousand.

9w2msg said...


Ted said...


I enjoy reading your blog. You may not remember me but I am the younger brother of Chan and used to frequent your parents' house in Jln Kuantan. Shame that our country has gone this way due to corrupt and unprincipled villains that run the country!
I am sure a lot of Malaysians support you in what you are doing. My best wishes n regards to your brothers and sister

Ted Hoo

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Ted,

Sure know you. Do you know that I have lost by bother Nan January this year? Now it's me and my younger brother Ayub that's left.