Friday, October 21, 2011


Am I pleased to know that opposition party leaders have decided to disassociate themselves with the planned mammoth Anti-Apostasy Rally (Himpun) to be held at Shah Alam tomorrow Saturday 22, October that is reportedly organized by Muslim NGO’s. Who else can be the rally hero’s other the born again UMNO member Ezam Md Noor and the incorrigible Ibrahim Ali.

Although the organizers can deny the involvement of politicians such as the two that I have mentioned, but believe you me, this rally will be nothing more than a political rally that can fuel further mistrust, divide, anger and fear among multi racial and religious Malaysians. This rally is planned to assemble a million Muslims to be packed like sardines at Stadium Shah Alam.

And interestingly, the Home Minister, police and even Jamil Khir (Religious Minister) can be so easily convinced by the smooth talking organizers’ of the numbers that is likely to attend the rally, and that all will be well and orderly – hence a permit for the rally was issued in double quick time. Do you not see the marked disparity here when Bersih, a multi racial rally demanding for free, fair and clean elections was made illegal and was forcibly dispersed with tear gas and water cannons. Bersih has nothing to do with racial and religious issues, but was merely a voice of conscience for the good of all Malaysians.

Can anyone believe a million people assembled in a stadium that could only accommodate about 50,000 people? Where are the rest to be assembled? Surely the rally will spill out of the stadium, and how sure are the authorities that these people will remain orderly, quiet and obedient to their organizers? Knowing full well the way a rally is organized by pro UMNO linked NGO’s, issues that hinges upon racial and religious sentiments are sure to flare up. And with a million people flooding the stadium and Shah Alam, how the hell can the police ensure that there will not be breaches of security.

I think gathering a million people is utter nonsense and if indeed a million people can be gathered for the rally, this will go into the Guinness Book of Record as the largest congregation of people ever to take place at one single location i.e. in a stadium. I hope Al Jazeera, CNN and BBC will be there to record the event. I know TV3and RTM will be there too. And once again, how on hell can the authorities be so convinced?

My next concern is what if other Malaysians of different faith decide to do a similar rally? Deputy Education Minister Fuad Zarkashi was reported to have said that they too can organize a rally. But I think I am no fool to believe in such a talk. Even an assembly at the Chinese Assembly Hall had caused the consternation of Malays and what more an assembly of a million Malaysians of other faith. I think Ibrahim Ali would be the first Homo sapiens to raise an objection to such rally.

I honestly think that the organizers have not seriously thought about the consequences of the rally. Neither have they ever thought of some better and effective ways of reaching out to Muslim Malaysians about their (organizers) concerns affecting the Muslim Malaysian’s religious beliefs. Why not look at how and what are the state religious departments programmes to curb apostasy among Muslims. Why not think of using the mosques, especially during Friday prayers to continuously drum in issues relating to apostasy and other associated issues to the congregation? Next look at what the mainstream media can offer, especially the electronic media. Now, does anyone realize that our electronic media today is infested with programmes that does more harm than good to the younger generation; the Malay word to describe such programmes are – ‘program-program yang menghayalkan’. Now, who is to be blamed if the Muslim youth goes astray? Please take a hard look at this.

Finally, time is ticking fast and deep in my heart, I hope nothing untoward will happen during the rally. And may the speakers be sensible enough not to raise issues that will hurt Malaysian of other faith.



Anonymous said...

How indeed could Hisham and the police be convinced so quickly that the permit is issued in "double quick time"? Indeed something which many are uncomfortable about.

There was also a report I read yesterday which stated that the Selangor state government had - coincidentally according to the state government - organised another Muslim orientated program in Stadium Melawati just 150m or so away next door to the Shah Alam Stadium.

So not only will there be 1 million Muslims fitting into a 50,000 capacity stadium, there will also be a large number in the vacinity headed for the smaller Stadium Melawati.

P5C said...

assalamualaikum tuan,

saya mohon dibenarkan artikel ini saya copy ke dlm FB saya.

bruno said...

Dato,the anti apostasy rally(Himpun)is actually a guise for a political rally by Umno.Just imagined Malays(Muslims)been the majority race can be converted to Christianity by a minority race.Besides nobody can encouraged anybody to convert to any religion,if that person has no faith or interest in that religion.

If many Malays wanted to convert to Christianity,that the Muslim authorities have to asked themselves why.Are they neglecting their own people that they no longer have faith in their own religion.

During the mid eighties,I was asked by my employer to commission a woodworking factory in Medan.During my short time there I have observed that the Malays there are freer than a bird.You can see Malays,many of them policemen and soldiers drinking beer in Chinese cofeeshops.You can even see Malay businessmen and professionals drinking hard liquor with Chinese businessmen over dinner in restaurents and nightclubs.

There are even many Malays who are Christians.And there are many Malays who are working in places that served liquor.And there are many Malays who also worked in massage parlors too.And you do not see any JAIS or Rela people raiding these places.If Indonesia,who has the world's largest Muslim population can be tolerant towards its people,what is more to say about our authorities.

This Himpun rally is to gather support for Umno.They are using this as an excuse to rally the troops.With the pariah hyprocrite of a froggy Ezam there speaks wonders of it.Everybody knows that the GE is around the corner.

Umno doesn't need this Himpun rally against the minority Christians.They have the police,Rela,Macc and the AG to do their dirty work against the Christians for them.This rally is used to intimidate the people,and also to test their strength for this coming GE.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear P5C,

With pleasure.

Frankie said...


Isn't it normal for these gutter politicians and religious extremists to blame others for their incompetence in tackling their own problems? The easiest route these people take is to spread fear and panic amongst their ignorant masses and therefore giving rise to this "Himpun". Even the Home Minister and PDRM are supporting this paranoia hence the permit was issued to the Himpun organizers on a silver platter.

I personally witnessed the Million Man March in Washington DC in 1995 and it was a massive monstrous gathering. The monstrous crowd was more than 1 kilometre long along the streets of Washington. I don't believe the Home Minister and the PDRM can ever fathom or even have the faintest clue of how monstrously large a crowd of 1 million people are. Or perhaps the Home Minister and PDRM figured that probably only 1,000 people will actually be showing up for the Himpun so there would not be a problem with crowd control. But whether 1,000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000 people showing up is besides the point because the Himpun gathering has all the UMNO politics written all over it in the guise of an anti-apostasy gathering.

When muslims make up more than 65% of this country's population and generous federal and state funds are channeled to JAKIM, JAIS and other state islamic religious bodies, why is there still a need for these "protectors of Islam" to gather? Or is it actually a show of power to intimidate the non muslims? Or perhaps it is election time and this is an excellent opportunity for UMNO to once again stir up the muslim (malay) support. UMNO tried using the Bkt.Kepong communist approach to drum up malay support and failed so this is their last desperate attempt to get as many malays on the streets to defend their UMNO religion. Mind you, the gathering will be on the streets and not in the stadium as the Himpun organizers will surely group and march their way to the stadium.

I have seen this country going down the drain rapidly over the last 10 years after the rot set in from the early 80's when a certain "inferiority complexed" person took over as the PM. The rot that he brought in has finally caused the country's racial harmony and tolerance to crumble when he left office in 2002. This particular man has rubbed off his inferiority complex onto the malays by large that what we are seeing from the last 10 years is an increasing inferiority complexed malay race unable to compete equally on all fronts including doubting their own faith and belief in their religion.

Even if this whole country's population is 100% islamic, the UMNO government will still find ways to divide the 100% muslim Malaysians because the existing group of people in the UMNO government has learned well from the Grandmaster ex-PM on his divide and rule legacy.

My comments above are not intended to ridicule anyone or their beliefs and I hope that you will not censure or delete my comments. Thank you.

P5C said...

Terima kasih tuan:)

Anonymous said...

can we expect a 'massive' roadblock scheme in and around Shah Alam stadium under the guise of 'menjaga keselamatan' just in case those coming decided to bring unwanted materials that can be used as weapons? or a major sweep carried out around the stadium looking for hidden cache of 'weapons' and t-shirts?

yuanyuan said...

I really scare if things happen.Are the Umnoes too free ?

Malaysian said...

Dear Dato

As a non-Muslim, I would like your sincere input on non-Muslim future. Should non-Muslim Malaysian migrate? Are we really that much hated by regular Malaysian? Truthfully, I do read Utusan Malaysia and some statement from NGO or politician that I can't help to think about migrating.

Noticing that UMNO is giving a lot of foreigners citizenship and creating a lot phantom voters, I am worry of loosing Selangor to UMNO and indirectly Malaysia's future. Should we leave? Is there any hope for Malaysia?

Lastly, what's regular Malay thinking about Pakatan Rakyat? Also, regular UMNO members not know our leaders are stealing our money?


Malaysian said...

Dear Dato

Let's pray that nothing happen. UMNO is really doing everything they can to split Malaysian into Muslim vs. Non-Muslim. Malaysian having been driven further apart and it's time our politician work hard to unite Malaysian. Most of us been here longer than Indonesian. We love this country dearly. Can we sit down and fix the problem we're facing? UMNO fought for Malaysia independence yet they are trying to destroy the country that they build!


Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

I agree with one of the commentator, bruno. Malay Muslim especially the organizer of HIMPUN and of course Hishamuddin and other related authorities should ask themselves as to why Muslim are converting to Christianity despite having noted Malay Muslim are the majority. This is considered losing the battle and war already.

What have JAKIM done all these years. Where is the KEMAJUAN ISLAM MALAYSIA entrusted to them especially to young generation other than feeding them with more & more entertainments. Make your house in order before blaming others.

With the GE just round the corner (target 1st term school holidays 2012), the fast approval on its permit and quietly support by KERAjaan, I'm very very sure this is a political motive to trap opposition namely PAS towards regaining the support from meLAYU.

Sorry to say, this UMporNO, Ibrahim, PerkasaM and other organizers feel that they are more Islam than Islam, more MeLAYU than Malay. Suck! These people are liar and cannot be trusted a single penny.

I believe those people especially young generations who gather in HIMPUN are those being paid to attend and have no ideas what is going on.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Allow me to give some thought on what Malaysian is asking.

Dear Malaysian

I am very straight forward guy...

Not only you, I have the same thought of migrating upon realizing Malaysia is going backward towards dictatorship and apartheid policies. However, having had served in armed forces and now embark into business, I feel that is not the right action.

BN has been in power for more than 50 years in which nowadays they are struggling to maintain it as more people are noticing their corrupt and double standard practices. This thing has to be stopped somehow or rather.

Therefore, there are so many reasons for us to kick them out and give someone else to lead the country on 5 years probation. Should they performing good, we will maintain in the coming GE or otherwise.

If we migrate, the future of this country will be in the worst darkness. Think about it. Think about your family and relative who are unable to migrate.

Even though the grassroot of Umno know what their leaders are doing, what can they do? Voice not listened. The worst part they are forgetful people whose anger can be easily vanished upon "bersalam" with their leaders couple with few ringgit and kain sarung.

As a conclusion, don't worry. There will be no civil war, no 10-sion among races/religious in Malaysia as more people are understanding compare to those 1 millions paid people attending HIMPUN.

In actual fact, we are living harmoniously and still able to chat, drink, playing with other races/religious.

Anonymous said...

Dato' i believe HIMPUN didn't have any political motivate or having relation with UMNO-PERKASA. this assembly lead by Cikgu Azmi who has supported BERSIH.

His stance struggling Islam not same like al-katak ibrahim and their friend. Please dato' do not believe Katak and Co when TV3 show their support or pretended recognize themselves establish HIMPUN. Biasalah Dato dekat PRU 'wayang lebih'.

HIMPUN didn't insulting any religion, their stance only show up that muslim must taken MURTAD as serious matter.

But I cannot hiding my upset why this assembly didn't appear when Lina Joy cases arose. Why we waiting Now?

mike joey said...

Actually there is NO issue on so-called conversion of Muslims to Christianity in Malaysia. This is all too glaring an UMNO ploy to create disunity among our brother Malaysians who had been living and working so harmoniously for so many years. I hope rightful thinking Malaysians of the Muslim faith will not fall for this stupid UMNO game of hatred and divide to rule.

Arunzab said...

I hope Saturday will be a wet wet day with thunder and lightining and the whole event gets washed off !!!!

bruno said...

Dato,come to think about it,what really surprised me and many others,is how the HM and the IGP based their discretions on when or how to approve permits for public rallys.Permits for rallys against corruption and for a fairer EC are rejected.But permits for a religious protest,which could caused emnity among the various communities are approved in a haste.

Least to say,even a kindergardener can tell that it is a guise for a political rally.Why be cowards and hide under their aunties sarongs.

The HM and IGP are on track to be the most famous clowns in town.If these two men were to be employed in the private sector,the most they will be given jobs as janitors.In a circus they will be employed as clowns.In government employment,maybe in Zoo Negara as attendents to female orang utans.That way,one of the clowns don't have to rush back to Johore to do his skirt chasing.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear kamal Sanusi,

It's the politicians that divides us and we know the reason why. The place I live has all sorts of people and we all get along well. Most avoid talking about politics of the day, and I think they simply understand the sensitivities. But do politicians understand this? We all know the answer.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Kamal,

I grew up being the only Chinese in my "gang" of kids, literally going through rain and shine on our bicycles. Fishing, swimming in streams and monsoon drains, football... we were like brothers. Not long after May 13, 1969, I went with them on our bicycles through kampungs, even Kb. Baru, the epicentre of the racial troubles.

As you put it, "we were living harmoniously and still able to chat, drink, playing".

But from what I have been seeing these days, there have been disturbing trends - splits along racial lines.

From primary school kids as young as 9-10 years old parroting what is apparently the bigotted views of their parents, to secondary teens ready to defend "one of their own race" in any confrontation big or small whoever the wrongdoer may be, to racist taunts during tense moments in political rallies, to the infamous ketuanan speeches from the podium by speakers from the notorious BTN.

Not quite "we are living harmoniously and still able to chat, drink, playing" in those instances, though thankfully at other times, what you wrote is still true.

Imagine what I felt while standing in between the opposing kids / teens, seeing the chism.

Imagine the anger I feel that publically funded BTN is doing the opposite of what our money pays them to do, apparently without any action from the PM [BTN is directly under the JPM] to stop the divisive propaganda despite repeated reports and outcries.

Imagine what thoughs I have seeing the Home Minister and his double standards when it comes to matters affecting groups of different races or religions.

Malaysian said...

After receiving low turnout, I can't believe the organizer plan to take the message nationwide. I don't know why there is a threat on Islam. The Sultan is Muslim. Most of the Army, police, government servant, majority of Malaysian citizen, etc are Muslim. What threat are we facing? These people really trying to destroy our country! Why can't we use ISA against them? Didn't the government threaten using ISA on Bersih organizer?

matsingkong said...

I am lost with words when my non moslim friends asked why are moslems acting 'unfaithful' to their non moslem country men by organising the Himpunan? I can only say, I'm god's weak creation, and so are they...

matsingkong said...

And please my non muslim Malaysians, don't migrate in droves..we need you to bring back justice to Malaysia.The middle class and educated Malays are paving the way for changes and we need you , non muslim Malay brothers and sisters, to bind hand in hand towards achieving the goals.We cant do it without you...we cant....

Malaysian said...

Dear fellow brothers
I had been to few countries before but it’s never as good as Malaysia. I still love this country very much. Malaysia is my only home. I always felt that I owe my life to this land. Without Malaysia, I would not exist.
I remembered a Malay classmate once told me this Malay proverb "Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri". This proverb definitely explained my feelings now towards this land.
This blog has definitely given me the strength to fight injustice and corruption. Mr. Kamal Sanusi is right about staying back. If we leave this country than UMNO and other BN components will definitely destroy this country. I want to help my country. I am not going to let them destroy this country. I will stay and fight injustice with all of you!
Lastly, let's not see ourselves as Muslim and non-Muslim. We're all anak Malaysia!

Malaysian said...


Do you know anything about BTN? I had heard some negative things about BTN before.


komando said...

Let it all happen, like in BOSNIA, DATO' PAK CHAD let them have a feel and see what they FEEL after it happens!

Since they are so eager to want turmoil and destruction!