Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I received this write-up from someone that I thought is worthy of discussion and some soul searching. Some of the thoughts put into this write-up may cause the displeasure of some, but let’s open our argumentative minds a bit to see if Strategic Thoughts piece makes any sense to use.


The two clearly distinct roles of the Armed Forces (AF) are:
1. In peace – To Train for War
2. In a Declaration of War – Defend the sovereignty of the nation by engaging and destroying the enemy.

Having said that, let us now examine the ‘new tasks’ assigned by the government to the AF under the guise of a Blue Ocean Strategy.

Firstly, policing is NOT AN AF DEFINED ROLE. It actually skirts around the misuse of competent resources. Policing is the competency of the Police, and combat is the competency of the AF and never the two should mix. Yes, everyone is responsible for security they say, but surely there are levels of security and layers of responsibility by respective organizations.

My contention is that Military/Police joint patrols are uncalled for and smells of a hidden agenda.

Let us see some new developments.

The Territorial Army (TA) is re-designated into Parliamentary Constituencies. For what - Better Command - Better Control - Cost Effectiveness?

In fact, I always thought that the TA is to ‘mirror’ the structure of the regular force, and thus the Command and Control should be within the designated geographical HQ locations of the regular force. The manpower, training and logistics are all interdependent to achieve commonality and smooth adherence of the SOP. I shudder to think how the Command and Control is now reorganized to address the re-designation on TA units/formations into Parliamentary Constituencies. Pardon me for saying this -I smell a hidden agenda.

Then, there is an attempt now to increase a few fold the strength of the RELA, and for what? Has the internal security situation deteriorate so much that there is a need for this? Or has the Home Minister decided that he needs more clout to harass the public, foreigners, sinners, fornicators etc. Do we need a publicly funded private army (sort of) at the beck and call of politicians? Are these RELA also to be organized according to Parliamentary Constituencies? Pardon me again for saying this, but this is the public’s perception, and it smells something fishy here too.

Call me old fashioned, but I was made to believe that all the while, the separation of roles, tasks and powers of the Military and Police was healthy for the nation; well intended and in fact kept a sense of check and balance.

I feel now that there is compromise in this. So, what next?

Am I wrong to suppose that in the near future all security agencies in the country would come under a single ministry, say the Ministry of Security directly under the PM’s Department? And then, we have an individual in the nation’s executive to single handedly unleash the power of the military for political survival. This certainly is not my view of democracy. There is no perceived gain; only potential pain.

Such nonsense must cease, here and now.



Malaysian said...

I could agree more with this writer. Sadly, our politician from Pakatan Rakyat are more concern about Himpunan this weekend and Hudud. If Pakatan is trying to save this country they need to prioritize their goal first.

cskok8 said...

On paper we have more than enough personnel. But a large portion of them (rumoured to be almost 50%) are engaged in "political intelligence" duties; i.e. working to ensure that BN/UMNO stays in power. So now the Armed Forces has been roped in to help out. That is in addition to the people seconded to the so-called National Service program.

bruno said...

Dato,the role of the armed forces is to protect the nation from attack from outide forces and against terrorists operating inside the country.Policing the streets in times of emergency,or to keep peace in times of riots or natural disasters can be delegated to the members of the armed forces if needed.

But to have members of the armed forces to police the streets in peacetime is a farce.The HM is just using the army to intimidate the public,that's all.And these Rela members will be better off if they keep to the fields and tend to the water buffalos.These Rela members have been abusing the authority given to them.They are worse then being public nuisances.

If the streets of Malaysia were like Lebanon or Ireland,when the IRA were fighting their authorities,then it is a different story.If we need the army to patrol the very unsafe streets,then why spend billions upgrading the armed forces.Why buy expensive fighter planes,armoured vehicles or submarines that cannot dive.

Furthermore then what are the policemen going to do if the army is taking to policing the streets.Shake their bolas and batangs.Or shake the HM's.This HM of ours is a joker or a circus clown.He is fast becoming the talk of the town because of his continuos blunders.

TAG said...

I am in full support of the writer. He has put his finger on the button.

If what is said is true, then RAFOC should make a stand. After all those guys running RAFOC currently if I know them well, they wont stand for this nonsense as they are well bred soldiers who know their business.

Or just because it is a BN Govt initiative and not something ala Mat Sabu, RAFOC rather stays mum.I hope not!

As for the comment by Malaysian, why zoom on Pakatan. The Chief of the Armed Forces should be asked to explain now and forever as he has brought into disrepute this noble profession.

Naksam said...

Why is the ordinary soldiers are perceived to be less corrupt as compared to the policeman? It is because they are not exposed to temptation.

Put them on the street, I believe, they can be just as bad, if not worst.

Remember, majority of the older RELA members are ex-servicemen.

Wildman said...

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera,

Reading the comments posted, I tend to agree that we cant teach old dogs new tricks. Which is sad I feel. When most are moving forward, even more are marking time.

We should ask ourself, can the TA augment the regular? Do they have sufficient trg and competency to augment the regular? If we live in LALALAND, yes we can. Unfortunately we are not and have to do reality check as what was did.

Who do we think best to protect our home? Our neighbours who visited us probably once or twice a year during Hari Raya? Our relatives who probably frequent once every next month? Its us. The owner as we live, eat and shit there. We know every inch of our home. We are the best soldier to guard our home.

When we synch the reality check and the question of who is the best person to guard our home, I hope people realize why there is TA in every constituent.

They know their ground and dont req map. They can access to anything in their home that others may not be able as some are Commercial Secrets. They will be the one who will protect their home against any intrusion. Well unless they are chicken and always hope for government subsidies. They are the one. As such the fundamentle of war fighting should be taught but in different environment.

Gone we the days where TA come to the Rej to be taught drills. We go to them and teach them how to defend their home.

Look objectively and remember we are evolving and refuse to be obsolete with our thought.

I rest my case on the TA at every constituency.

komando said...

This strategy is only good if they are sincere!

If there is a hidden agenda, god bless this Nation!

We have ourselves to be blamed if they become monsters!

Becos we gave them that POWER!