Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Malaysians ought to be thankful to the Auditor General (AG) Tan Sri Ambrin Buang for having been meticulous in auditing the government’s spending and to come out with a report that I believe is unbiased, truthful and reflects the factual state of the ministries/government agencies financial management. I have been reading some of his previous reports and I sense that the AG seems a highly principled person that does his work with passion, honest, forthright and without fear or favor.

What has been revealed in his latest report (though late) that appeared in the media thus far can be frightening to say the least? Frightening, because if nothing serious is done to check the manner in which government manages it’s spending, this country is destined towards financial and economic mayhem. If that were to happen, then we are in the same league with Greece and with some other EU countries. Who suffers? Certainly not for the rich and famous, but it is the ordinary people that suffers.

National debt rose by 12% to over RM407 billion last year, and billions more in external debt making us I think, one of the worse debtor nation in the world. I wonder how the government could be spending so freely, and disbursing money to ‘any dick, tom and harry’ as though the government assumes itself to be a huge mobile ATM machine. That is what our DPM and PM has been doing; doling cash (they call it financial aid) as if the money belongs to them at every ‘meet-the-people session’; the latest being the announcement made by the PM of a RM1 million education grant for children of former policemen, from the 1 Malaysia Development Berhad. This has been the talk of the town, and do they not know this? I just wonder how many retired policemen still has school going children, when they retire at the age of 58 or is it 60 now?. Or is the PM thinking of the grandchildren or great grandchildren of our policemen that were killed in the Bukit Kepong tragedy?

From what I read, nine government ministries have overspent to the tune of RM3.73 billion that includes the Home Ministry and Education Ministry. This means that the ministries were either weak in their financial management or were at the outset poor at working out a budget. I have so often heard people say that finishing off the allocation early show good financial management, and asking for more allocation means that the ministry is working hard to ensure a better performance. No one talks about prudent spending and a saving would mean that future allocation will be slashed.

What caught my eye is the over payment by the Tourism Ministry of nearly RM270 million for advertisement that was not carried via the open tender. And does the minister not know that direct negotiated tender or selective tender system is subject to abuse? This ministry has somewhat been setting records for spending public money all for the wrong reasons, and the minister seems to have all the answers and justifications for such spending. And can someone tell me how much will it costs to purchase 1000 racks for hold tourism brochures? The ministry spends RM1.95 million for that purpose and would you believe that? And having spent that much of money, they could not account for 149 racks that had gone missing. I suppose someone must have taken it home or resold it for scrap metal or had eaten it up. This is the state of our Tourism Ministry where wastage is not their concern since it is not their money, and who really cares.

I do not wish to list all other abuses in the financial management of ministries/agencies detailed out in the AG report, because it is obvious in public domain. But what I would like to say is the manner in which the KSN responded to these abuses i.e. that “we will ensure that such abuses do not occur again” or words to the effect. I get sick when I hear such words because I know it doesn’t mean anything and there is no will to ensure that such abuses will not be repeated, unless he proves otherwise.

I have also read that the Public Account Committee (PAC) will investigate seven ministries and agencies for weak financial management. I hope at the end of the investigation, and if it is found that there was a deliberate breach at financial mismanagement; then someone must be made responsible, accountable and appropriate action taken, regardless of the status of the official responsible. My question then will be - does PAC have the will and morale courage to recommend appropriate action upon those responsible for the financial mismanagement? My answer is a flat NO. I just wonder whether ministers or KSU’s will be called up to face the PAC. This, we will have to wait and see.

This AG Report is certainly a bad Deepavali gift, not only to Malaysian Indians but to all Malaysians.



Frankie said...


The Auditor General's reports over the last few years have highlighted massive leakages and over spending by the various ministries. These massive leakages and overspending suggest only one thing - Massive Corruption which the Auditor General has avoided concluding for obvious reasons.

And what has the UMNO led government done about the Auditor General's reports? Nothing, totally zilch. Why? Because the people who benefited from the massive overspending are their own UMNO cronies. The government and its ministries have become so bold that they laugh at the Auditor General's reports. It would not come as a surprise if the Auditor General's hardcopy reports are used a door stoppers or as bookend supports in the ministries run down offices.

The UMNO government knows that the majority of Malaysians are not aware of the Auditor General's reports. Even if majority of Malaysians are aware, what can the Malaysian public do when the UMNO government just brushes off the Auditor General's reports? There is no accountability nor responsibility on the part of the Ministers involved as they have ready answers to defend their massive overspending and leakages. The opposition can only make noises in parliament and the UMNO-BN donkey MPs will be instructed to bang tables and shout down the opposition's protests.

This country needs a change of government and to bring those reponsible for the massive leakages/overspending aka corruption to court.

Justin Choo said...


Every year the AG reports revealed blatant discrepancies in these government departments. The same old routine; and then no action taken against these defaulters. And then back to square one.

I agree with Frankie; let's change the government next GE.

Justin Choo said...

Oh yes these AG reports are important. But if no action is taken against the wrong doers, these reports stay as mere reports. What a pity.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear All,

The MACC has opened up about 36 cases for investigation. Let's see which minister or KSU is being hauled up.

matsingkong said...

As long the rakyat has no say on whatever actions the government do, monetary or non monetary,we are all destined to be 'monkeys'...see no evil, talk no evil, hear no evil.

To what extent do we want a 'Planet of the Apes' situation and how far/deep do we want to scratch ourselves to get rid of the government 'ticks'?

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

I think that we need to "audit" the audit report. I wonder what changes were made from the first draft to the final one "after being presented to the cabinet". I do not trust any of our watchdog organisations anymore. All have been compromised.

mike joey said...

Dato, As far as I am concern I feel that the Government Ministries are spending public's money as if its their father's money. The Govt is not serious in being thrifty and preventing corruption as you can see year after year it's the 'same old stories' of wastage and shady and unnecessary spending. Why? Cos its not their money. Those in position and can manipulate the funds at their disposal will fall to temptation to 'make-hay while the sun shines' as at the end of the day no one will be held responsible if found out. So, this is exactly what is happening year after year since the early 80s when I was old enough to understand what Yearly Govt Budgeting Rpt is all about. These are people with no shame and integrity and that is why currently the young generation of today all over the world especially in the middle East Arab countries are so fed-up with corruption and dictatorship so much so they went to the streets.I pray and hope that it does not happen here and the Govt is wise enough to listen to the people.

1WORLD a.k.a. aje said...

Stern actions must be taken against all the wrongdoers,otherwise our beloved country will be doomed.MACC must act fast and without fear or favour to stop the rot.