Saturday, October 22, 2011


If UIA Constitutional law expert Prof Abdul Aziz Bari can be suspended by the authorities for expressing his professional opinion regarding the recent decree by the Selangor Sultan over the controversial JAIS raid on DUMC, then guess what will happen to us if we were to do the same. This is indeed a dangerous trend and precedence when university professors are made to be subservient to the wishes and thinking of the political masters, who think they (political masters) are experts in everything that goes on in the country, but in reality they are not.

Prof Abdul Aziz Bari is an acclaimed constitutional law expert and I have been reading a number of his comments and opinions over a number of issues, and I gain a lot of knowledge by it. And may I ask - who are these people that had criticized and demanded the suspension of the professor? Are they law experts themselves of the standing of the professor? The obvious answer is NO – they are merely some lowly self centered politicians desperately demanding that they be heard, and awaiting to be disposed off during the up-coming GE. If you look at the record of some, they are rejects of one political party and hops into another political party unashamedly pleading to their ‘masters’ that they be given a new lease of life to exist. Do I need to name them? I think you all know who there are – don’t you?

This is the mockery of the entire political system of the country today where voices of reason and conscience can no longer be heard and accepted. What need to be heard must be good for the hearing of our political masters and the many ‘pencacai’s’ that surround them. And anything that goes against their liking must be silence at all costs even if it is an opinion or an advice. The ‘killing’ will be done by the ‘pencacai’ and anything goes, and the trend now it seems, stories about sex (regardless if it is true or otherwise) makes good killing. And haven’t the son of Penang CM Lim Guan Eng been a victim of such scurrilous and vile attacks by you know who! Anuar Ibrahim is fighting for his life in court because of this. But what about the bottom grabber, the money laundering MB and the many corruptors and looters that gleefully lingers around the corridors of power?

The ‘masters-that-be’ knows all; his words are sacrosanct and must be obeyed; just like the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Haven’t we all learned from the events in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria and most recently Libya? I hope Malaysians are not like the North African Muslim nations, and God forbid that what had happened there does not happen here. But believe me, if the people are stressed out, anything can happen, and the youth today are no longer docile but are a conscious and a thinking lot. And isn’t this the reason why PM Najib has invited football fans to his Seri Perdana Residence to watch the English Premier League football match between Manchester United and Manchester City this Sunday night. I know the crowd will be mainly the youth.

Now, let me tell you this; there are already voices of dissent being heard, and it gets much louder by the day, over a number of issues that’s happening in the country today. Believe me, the judiciary is no longer held in high esteem, the police are seen as a tool of its political masters and the MACC has lost its credibility to even justify its existence when they themselves are seen to be abusive, inefficient and ‘corrupt’. Do I need to name the rest i.e. immigration, customs, EC where acts of abuse and corruption have been ceremoniously associated with them? There will always be something that ordinary Malaysians can talk about in reference to one or some of the departments that I have just named. I have heard it all and I bleed every time I hear such demeaning and disparaging acts concerning these departments whose very existence is to provide service to the people.

Now, going back to Prof Abdul Aziz Bari and the opinion he made is merely a fraction of what was said by our UMNO leaders during the 1993 Constitutional Crisis involving the Malay rulers. Certainly, Prof Abdul Aziz Bari was more refined in the use of his language when making a professional opinion, and he wasn’t at all condemning the Selangor Sultan or used words to belittle the Sultan. I would like to ask - have the Selangor Sultan himself made a pronouncement that he was hurt by what Prof Abdul Aziz Bari said? No the Selangor Sultan has not, and why has there been so much of hue and cry about this?

Although I was in Cambodia during the 1993 Constitutional Crisis, I watched every bit of the news regarding the crisis on satellite TV at how the government would run down the royalties unashamedly on a daily basis. I don’t need to quote statements made by some of our political masters, especially UMNO leaders then, against the Malay rulers that were published in the local print media, because it is already in public domain. And now they claim that they are a party that uphold and defend the rights of the Malay rulers. Am I to believe this and be easily convinced after all they did and acted against the Malay rulers? I’ll be a fool if I were to say yes.

This takes me to an article that I wrote in May 3, 2011 titled “Malay Disunity – A Cause For Malaysian Disunity”, and I would like to say it again that there is something in the Malays (my race) that is damning and partly a cause for today’s misfortunes. The act of FITNAH seems to be synonymous with the Malays now, and it is getting more prevalent and daring, despite the abhorrence Islam placed upon such acts. If such act does not ceased and punitive actions are not taken upon the perpetrators of FITNAH, then all can be rest assured that talks of MALAY UNITY might as well be thrown into the drain.

In the case of Prof Abdul Aziz Bari, it was obviously a Malay that had caused all the problem, and may I ask – what next?



monty said...

After 14 years of education and 33 years in working life in Malaysia, I just cannot believe it that our Government system can be allowed and given a 'free-hand' to do all these nonsense of persecuting an
academician who is an authority in his field of subject. My deep sympathy goes to Professor Abdul Aziz of UIM.I think our country's leaders and politicians have gone 'bonkers'. Or is it in a state of dire desperation to try to hold on to power at whatever course?

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Monty,

Can I just add that it is a sad day for the academic world. Not only has our education system suffered, but this case will make us a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

pronto said...


Today! anywhere you go, you will hear nothing from the raayat except politic, religion and race. Nothing good except bad. Today we have Himpun that scared the hell out of everyone but it failed with only a handful attended. Yet they claimed to be success and now planning to go country wide. They blamed the Jews for their own sexual failure. They blame everyone except them selves.
The worse enemy is their own shadow. They paint untrue picture just to hold on to the power. They might influence some but not all. Where are we heading?

bruno said...

Dato,this is Malaysia,the land of the 'bolehs'.But 'bolehs' in the sense that one has to tow the line.But to tow the line,one has to say anything that is bad about the ruling elite,translated into their opinions is good for the people.And what is good for the opposition is bad for the people.

No two ways.That is why Malaysia has two sets of laws.One set favoring the ruling elites and its cronies.The other against the helpless opposition and the public.To make it into a one set of laws for all Malaysians,the electorate must make the right choice this coming GE.

That is why even Umno and BN component party's elected representatives are cowed into sissies.As if they have batangs sticking inside their mouths.They do not allow voices of dissent.That is what they called democracy and free speech.That is Umno GOM opinions only.

Prof. Abdul Aziz Bari is just voicing his opinions.His is a lone voice among the hundreds of cowed BN elected representatives,who don't have the bolas and batangs to speak out.In fact these SA's and MP's prefered to be stepped and spit on.

And what is one lone voice in Prof. Bari's to do to these stupid monkeys.Wet their pants and panties.If that is the case then wear diapers.There is no shame in adult's wearing daipers anymore.Many adult's who have problem's getting to the bathrooms in a hurry wear diapers.It is better than wetting one's pants and panties,and in the process wetting the floors as well.

I sympatised with Prof. Bari.But until the animal mentality that our ruling elite have inbedded in their pea sized brains,change or be changed by the people,these pariahs will be having their ways,one way or the other.

komando said...

We shall be going to have some real changes pretty soon, just hold onto your horses.

It is just a matter TIME!

Hang on in there.


komando said...

These country has many standards!
It depends on very much who you are!

It is not what you say, how you say it and when you say it!

If they want to allow it to happen it will happen, no matter what the consequences is going to be!

So, Pak Chad lets not worry too much about the circus, it will continue as long as we have clowns who are all readily available to do the JOB!

Great day for this country - MALAYSIA TRULY BOLEH!