Sunday, October 2, 2011


NST, Sunday, Oct 2, 2011 reports that Perkasa Information Chief Ruslan Kassim questioned the motive behind the dinner that was attended by MAS Board Director Datuk Mohd Azman Yahya, businessman Datuk Seri Kalimullah Hassan and Penang CM Lim Guan Eng with several senior leaders of Singapore’s PAP recently. Ruslan went further to asked what was discussed at the meeting and whether it was related to our country’s top secret. He said that Malaysians have the right to question where their loyalty lies, and warn Malaysians from becoming a foreign tool or agent to betray their own country.

In the first instant, I want to know who is Ruslan Kassim to come out with a barrage of nonsensical questions. Is he from the military intelligence, the police special branch or from any other national intelligence agencies? Is he the Internal Security Minister or a top notch security official from the PM’s Department answering direct to the PM on national security issues? I think he is a no body, but he sounded like someone powerful, more powerful than the PM himself.

Firstly, I don’t think Perkasa represents all Malaysians; certainly it does not represent me and the millions more. Hence, it is wrong for Ruslan to implicate all Malaysians in raising the above questions. Ruslan has to get into his head that he does not have the legitimacy or the authority to question anyone about security; let alone if someone decides to have a meeting in a foreign country. Just because Azman Yahya, Kalimullah Hassan and Lim Eng Guan had met with PAP leaders, does not necessarily mean that there are in a secret deal affecting national security. I don’t think the three are so foolish to be talking about national secrets, and it is unlikely too that they all want to betray their country.

If talking to Singapore PAP leaders over dinner can be construed as a meeting to discuss the country’s top secret, than Ruslan might as well say the same for PM Najib when he met the Singapore PM early this year or the Pope in Rome just recently. Ruslan might also want to ask our top military and police officers what are discussed during their meetings with their Singapore counterparts.

I do not know if Ruslan has any friends in Singapore or anywhere else. But I certainly have lots of foreign friends and I will continue to meet and talk with them, and does that make me a ‘foreign tool or agent to betray the country’?

You see this Ruslan is so foolish and paranoid that he sees foreigners as an enemy, regardless of who the foreigners are. Azman Yahya and Kalimullah Hassan are businessmen, and Lim Eng Guan is a politician. Surely they will not talk about how to conduct a military sabotage on Malaysia or to sell a chunk of our territory to Singapore. You have to believe that they will be talking about businesses that will benefit both our countries.

I am beginning to be deeply concerned that if Ruslan’s thinking is representative of the thinking of its Perkasa leaders, no Malaysian businessmen or politician will ever want to go abroad for fear that they will be similarly questioned. And if that happens, you know what lies ahead for this country. My only hope is for our leaders and government to disassociate themselves from Perkasa now before it is too late.



bruno said...

Dato,when Abrahim Ali,Ruslan Kassim's boss in Perkasa is seen seating next to Hishamuddin advising him on security matters,has got his underlings surely exited.The buzz around their camp have got his handful of supporters ears pricked as a potential winning racehorse.

Not only that,Ruslan's long swiggy tail is wagging non stop.These people think very highly of themselves,just because their patron is Dr Mahathir.If not because of their patron,would the Umno ministers ever paid any attention to these jokers and clowns.In fact they will be enjoying the luxury of Kamp Kamunting,courtesy of the ISA,Abrahim Ali's favourite security act.

mike joey said...

This guy who is a no body by the name of Ruslan Kassim should have just kept his mouth shut and then no body will know that he is a idiot and of very low mentality. He is certainly
not qualify to question those concern at the meeting pertaining to security matters. Trying to outdo his boss

Arunzab said...

A person like Ruslan is like a mongrel (A dog of no definable type or breed) which will bark furiously at the drop of a leaf to show it master the BN that it is vigilant and hard at work. You see Dato' mongrels lack the intelligence of pure breeds and they are hard to train as in this case they actually believe that disloyal Malaysians are discussing our country’s top secret with our enemy over dinner.Why do you think that pure breeds are the choice when we need guard dogs. Our leaders and government should indeed disassociate themselves from such mongrels before it is too late

monty said...

Dato, When I was a young boy I used to go to see the circus that occasionally
comes to town and I really enjoyed seeing the many clowns fooling around. This chap Ruslan Kasim reminds me of one of them with the chief of clowns IA doing all types of stunts just for laughs. No body takes their acts seriously; clowns are clowns! Nowadays many politicians are acting like clowns.

Anonymous said...

I think circus clowns certainly do make the audience laugh.

But behind their antics, there are quite serious minded folks who work hard and suffer the physical hardships and knocks to give folks a good laugh.

Do tin-kosong Perkasa types like Roslan and Ibrahim really bother about what comes out of their mouths? Do they really believe in what they spout from their mouths?

Or are they just the making noise which they think would earn them brownie points or which would please their political masters?

Certainly, Roslan would by extension seem to appear to be a big-time patriotic wira when he claims to be defending the nation against those who may be "foreign tool or agent to betray their own country".

But his outfit is certainly notorious for racist taunts, threats of bloodshed and other divisive cries, as well as trying to champion untenable causes like a "special committee" rather than the courts where the ISA is concerned.

To me, Perkasa in general, and its members like Ibrahim and Roslan in particular, are worse than an extrenal enemy - they constitute an enemy within.

Using Roslan's own words, "Malaysians have the right to question where their loyalty lies".

Frankie said...


This is the problem when Najib allows such morons like Ruslan Kassin and his No.1 Moron Chief Ibrahim Ali run wild. I really wonder whether this is the new malay psyche that makes these retarded group of malays paranoid to almost everything. If these retards see a chinese, a malay and an indian getting together, they will conclude the chinese and indian are intent to convert the malay to becoming a buddhist/christian/hindu. And when these same retards see a mainland chinese, local malay and a foreign indian getting together, they will conclude the foreign chinese and indian are trying to influence the local malay to be a communist or militant buddhist/christian/hindu.

Why are these new Perkasa malays so insecure? Perhaps they have been watching too many ghost movies on Astro that they are seeing ghosts in their midst. The sad thing is they do not know the ghosts in their midst are themselves.

I maintain its Perkasa and not the hudud thingy played up by Mahathir and UMNO that will cause the non malays to continue supporting the opposition Pakatan. Reason is simple: The non malays believe Najib has delegated Perkasa to run this country and we cannot have retards destroying this country.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Ruslan Kassin is not happy because he was not invited to attend the meeting which would read no business transaction for him.

He is just another crystal clear example of stupid Malay who think all Malays are stupid.

PERKASAm, what ever your name is, should ask their loyalty first before questioning others. Citing example Pemuda UMporNO who has even had a M.O.U with China Communist Party (Youth Wing).

cskok8 said...

I also want to know what the 1PM discussed during their meetings with the COMMUNIST Chinese and Vietnamese presidents when they came visiting recently. Did they disclose any national secrets? BTW does the welcoming parade by our soldiers insult the thousands of our people (police and soldiers included) that died during the Communist insurgency??

SSTHIND said...

Circus Clowns entertain, Perkas IRRITATES.

zorro said...

When the Chinese Premier and his entourage of businessmen came a visiting and was welcomed by the PM, where was this puppy Ruslan....dumb and peeing in a corner? This rabid band sees evil in every nook and corner.Any sane man would be careful to accept appointment as advisor to this mob, but that's TDM, no?

matsingkong said...

Probably wanting to move MAS HQ to Georgetown so that the Penang governemnt could give more landing rights to MAS at Bayan Lepas airport with more coordination to the barring of AirAsia rights there. That is top secret !!