Monday, October 31, 2011


Finally, it is the Agriculture Minister Noh Omar (not the former Agriculture Minister Muhyiddin Yassin) that was asked to answer to the failed National Feedlot Centre (NFC) run by the husband and family members of an UNMO lady minister that was government funded by a RM73 million soft loan. Noh Omar said that the NFC has met its target for producing 8,000 cattle by 2010, against only 5,742 cattle that was reported by the Auditor General (AG) in its recently released report.

Now, who is lying and who is not. Can the AG lie? Or is the minister telling the truth? If you were to ask me for an opinion, I would definitely say that the AG wouldn’t lie. But at the same time, I would also expect that the honourable minister shouldn’t be lying too.

The onus to prove who is lying and who isn’t, I believe lies with the minister. I say this because, the AG report is comprehensive enough, and I believe every detail of the NFC’s business transaction is provided in the report. The AG therefore does not have to make any further clarification with regards to its findings. This should be well understood by all.

Noh Omar in making his ‘defence’ of the NFC was merely stating a figure without any explicit explanation or argument. He has to be clear as to the source of his answers and to detail out explicitly how he had derived at such figures. That’s the major difference between the findings of the AG, and that of the minister. What we need is substantiated figures; not mere numbers plucked from the sky……so they say.

I am certainly not convinced with Noh Omar’s explanation and all tax payers’ wants to know the truth. Please remember that the GE is near and the people cannot be fooled anymore by unsubstantiated and doubtful answers. And there are many more issues arising from the AG report that need answers and if these issues are not handled well, it will become ‘fodder’ for the opposition during the upcoming GE that will leave the BN defenseless.

Just wonder where is Muhyiddin? He certainly wasn’t helping Noh Omar with the answers.



Jeff said...

The AG has highlighted many wrong doings over many years but no action was ever taken against any wrongdoer.

Crooks will never take action against crooks & the whole system is corrupt. The whole cookie got to crumble unfortunately it wont be in our lifetime.

Well i pray that it will be in our children's lifetime otherwise the country will go to the dogs. What a shame & i was once proud to be a malaysian........

bruno said...

Dato,in this case Nor Omar is left carrying the cannon ball.And this cannon ball is no lightweight.It is a timebomb waiting to go off.And there are countless of these cannonballs in every federal ministry waiting to go off.

The reason Nor Omar cannot explained his way out is because the money is gone and has been shared by his predecessor and the minister's hubby.And the money is already in their offshore bank accounts.Muhyiddin is a smaller version of CM Taib.That was the reason he was chased out of Johore.Or else Johore would have been a bankrupted state,and will be in the hands of the opposition by now if not sold to Singapore.

In Umno,if you cannot control the crooks,promote them.That is how Moo got promoted to a federal minister.There are no real leaders willing to take any action.Only gutless and spineless leaders,the GOM has.So the thought is that if these juvenile delinquents are in Putrajaya,it is much easier to keep an eye on them.That is why this cancerous cell is spreading with no end in sight.

The only way to get rid of this cancerous cell is for the people to be united as one.And that is this coming GE,to put them on the midnight flight to Zimbabwe.

mike joey said...

Dato, Can we really trust UMNO politicians like this blook Noh Omar?? This guy will lie through his teeth without blinking an eye. So are the other UMNO/BN politicians and whatever figures thrown out by any of them are all lies.Trust the AG's report as he has no reasons to lie.The year in year out AG's report repeatedly discloses mismanagement,
wastage and leakages of public funds and the Government turns a deaf ear and blind eye towards the reports.They spend public money like as if there is no tomorrow. Vote wisely and throw them out for good in the coming GE13. These fellows are all rogues and crooks.

Frankie said...


UMNO politicians especially its ministers cannot count. Just like in the Bersih 2.0 rally, all the UMNO ministers can only count up to 6,000 which is the UMNO government's offically reported number of Bersih rally supporters.

Since the Bersih 2.0 rally, some UMNO politicians/ministers have learned to count up to 8,000 which explains how Noh Omar came up with the magical 8,000 heads of cattle. Of course Muhyiddin pushed the matter to Noh Omar because Muhyiddin himself still cannot count beyond 6,000.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

Frankly speaking, I would believe on what being said in the AG Report. Same thing when we read the audited report of our company prepared by the professional audit firm.

I can only believe on poliTAIK men when and only when they remain silence.

Again, Malaysian namely Malays are hot-hot chicken shit and and very forgetFOOL.

Citing example, after budget 2012 being tabled, every Dick, Tom & Harry give 1001 kind of comments. Now, everybody seem silence and will make noise again when budget 2013 is to be tabled.

Now, those Dick, Tom & Harry are making noise on AG's Annual Report. Believe me, later on (not so long already) the issues are being forgotten again until the next report being issued.

Those people involve in the mark-up price policy, corruptions & spending like nobody business still laughing all the way to the bank.

Fish rotten from its head. If KERAjaan wants to action on AG's Report, I believe our prison will be FOOL (read: full) with them and there are 1001 vacancies in KERAjaan sector.

Our voices are not listened to even when there are people doing a peaceFOOL demo and what not.

They only way to teach them a lesson is by way of voting them out. FOOL stop.

mitchell said...

Dear Dato,
We continue to hear no detailed explanation on AG's report,only excuses and more all of us, besides reading and commenting, we too need to do our part by encouraging family and friends to go out to vote..and also explaning all the misdeeds by the present administration...
Just heard yesterday that there are almost 800 transfered voters to a particular DUN held by the opposition, ironic that 20 names are registered to an address of a house that has been unoccupied for the last 2 yrs.
Together as true Malaysians, let us make this country what it should be, a peaceful, properous and loving country.

Fair play said...

As usual, the leaders will push their underlins to be sacrifice first eventhough Muhideen was the Agriculture Minister when the project was first alunched.