Monday, October 3, 2011


I can’t help but like to pen a comment on the public apology made by Penang CM Lim Eng Guan over some disparaging remarks concerning Johore, purportedly made by him in Singapore that caused the ire of the Johore Sultan and UMNO in particular. I watched a video of the apology made by Lim Eng Guan and the numerous comments written about it in the mainstream media, including a comment by the Johore Sultan, Perkasa and by PM Najib himself. Lim Eng Guan has said that it was the mainstream media (MSM) that misquoted him and had caused a furor, and he vowed suing the MSM for this.

I think what Lim Eng Guan did was noble, if indeed he had made such disparaging remarks about Johore. Lim Eng Guan has proven himself to be a true gentleman, and with the public apology broadcasted on video in the new media, makes him a respectable and honorable politician. If a similar thing would have happened to a BN politician, I don’t think that politician would want to do what Lim Eng Guan did. I also think that it was disgusting for some politicians to make unworthy comments even after Lim Eng Guan had tendered an apology to the Johore Sultan.

When I was in the military, I had come across a number of my superior officers who would forgive his subordinate for an offence (not serious offence) the moment the offender makes an apology. By doing so, the officers would not only gain greater respect, but the kindness shown is enough to turn the offender into a much better person. I had such an experience once when I was a Commanding Officer of a Battalion. The soldier was supposed to be tried by me for an offence, but the moment he was brought before me, he sought to apologize for the offence he had caused. I quickly closed the case, and told my RSM to release the soldier of all charges. When I returned home for lunch, the soldier came to see me and thank me profusely for not proceeding with the charges against him and was remorseful for all that he did. It was after this incidence that I was told, had changed the soldier who ended up his career as Staff Sergeant. Had I charged him, I think he would not have gone any further in his career and remained a private soldier.

In the case shown by Lim Eng Guan, I believe his exemplary action has caught the hearts of many Malaysians. I am quite sure the people of Pulau Pinang in particular are proud of having a CM that is honorable and a gentleman. I don’t believe there will be another CM who would want to emulate Lim Eng Guan, particularly if it is an UMNO Chief Minister and leaders. There have been examples in the past, and I would not want to go further into this because such examples are in public domain.

And Lim Eng Guan being a Chinese, is an example of what a Malaysian leader should be………..honorable, honest, clean, sincere and most of all, setting good examples.



-thethinker- said...

but .. but.. but.. how can I tell my kid , you got to say sorry for telling truth . Johore crime rate is HIGHER than Penang. that is the fact. You cannot hide it , but you also cannot mention it . Damn !! this is the story of the king and his new cloth - in real life

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

It is said that "It takes a great man to say sorry" and LGE has proven he is one of the great man.

Surprisingly, there are people who question his sincerity of doing that. I'm not sure if there is any method or benchmark or even a scientific meter to prove our sincerity. If there is one, I hope the said people will tell me in detail.

"Kami Nak Deris, Natang!". To-date I have not come across any statement of apologize by the said party. Bare in mind, I'm not as forgetful as those said people. They are many cases of condemning directly on Sultan but just because it was done by UMporNO members, no further action is to be taken.

Say sorry also wrong, no say sorry also wrong. What they want actually? Oh I see...

They want to be at center of the stage so that can be easily be seen & nominated as a candidate for the forthcoming GE.

“Dulu orang Umno berkorban apa saja untuk parti, sanggup gadai barang kemas dan sebagainya untuk bantu parti tetapi sekarang mereka pegang jawatan sebab hendak dapat kontrak, jadi calon atau sebab tertentu." - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

p/s: Selamat Menyambut Bulan Bahasa especially to them. Oppsss, wrong again, UMNO has been endorsed as bahasa kebangsaan, hahaahaaa.....

Frankie said...


In actuality there was no need for Lim Guan Eng to apologize for stating the obvious, which is, crime rate (kidnapping included) is indeed very high in Johore. However Lim Guan Eng is well aware that tendering an apology especially to the Sultan of Johore was in order to put an end to the hypocrisy exhibited by the likes of Najib, Muhyiddin, IGP, Perkasa, etc who are living in self denial and "syiok sendiri" syndrome.

I frequently travel to Johore Baru to visit my relatives and seldom a minute goes by when I don't hear police sirens blaring all around me. Be it in the residential housing estate or downtown areas, the police cars are always rushing to some crime scenes (very much like watching a police TV series). We read from the UMNO-BN controlled newspapers the rampant snatch thieves terrorizing the JB residents. And yet people like Najib, Muhyiddin, IGP can claim crime rate is down compared to Penang. These people do not understand statistics nor do they know exactly what's really happening in front of them because they close both their eyes like ostriches burying their heads in the sand. What one does not choose to see, it does not exist. Its stale news to say these people think they are so high up their status that their brains are oxygen starved.

Its honesty that UMNO-BN people fear because they themselves can never live up to being honest. So when a person is honest, they have to put this honest person down so there would be no basis for the public to compare them with honest people.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato, I think you meant LIM Guan Eng and not Lim Eng Guan.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Walimuar,

Thnaks for correcting my error. Salam.

Arunzab said...

To add on to what saudra Kamal Sanusi said," I'm not as forgetful as those said people. They are many cases of condemning directly on Sultan but just because it was done by UMporNO members, no further action is to be taken." Below is what one UMNO man said,
From the Hansard on Dec 10, 1992, Dr Affifuddin Omar, an Umno man from Padang Terap, asked in Parliament: "How can we continue to uphold rulers who are known to be robbers, adulterers, drunkards and kaki pukul (thugs)?"
Is this not Treason of the highest orde !!!!!! Kalau zaman duhulu suda tentu kena panchong kepala !!!!

Alan’s City Travels said...

Hi Dato Arshad,
Nice read, written by a sensible man with cool mind. About 10 yrs ago, LKY of S'pore was forced to swollow his pride to say 'sorry'
for his remark over Johore's scenario, due to diplomatic protocol. Shortly after that, more
mugging, handbag snatching, car jacking, burglary, robbery, kidnapping and murders occurred in the notorious state. LKY would have said: "I rest my case. Did I lie?"

Alan Kok

taming said...

Ramai orang benci sikap setengah pemimpin DAP yang berlagak dan bertindak terlalu "extremist"
khususnya di kacamata setengah orang Melayu tapi bagaimana pula LGE? Bapanya, LKS banyak kali bersikap biadap demi kepentingan parti DAP dan bangsa Cina! Tetapi kadangkala kita lihat parti BN dan UMNO juga ada bersikap serupa!

Orang politik nampaknya sama sahaja!

Ada pernah lihat LGE naik turun kapal terbang di Pulau Pinang atau di Kuala Lumpur? Saya sendiri pernah lihat beberapa kali. Cuma seorang pegawai pembantu sahaja mengikuti beliau dan pesawatnya Firefly ATR 72!

Kalau Menteri Besar/Ketua Menteri
BN/UMNO, berduyun-duyunlah kuncu- kuncu ( kaki bodek ) yang menghantar dan menyambut VVIP dan mereka mesti naik business class pesawat MAS...akulah "raja"!

Well done, LGE. The way LGE carries himself socially, I feel that it will be very difficult for BN to throw him out in next GE. I support no political party but good, clean and credible political leaders have a place in my heart.

komando said...


We live in a world that sees daily that the real truth is more often than not hidden and covered up!

Even with facts and figures plain and simple for all to see!

We rather like to live in a state of denial !

Denying that we are having problems in this country as far as race relations, religious matters & social ills and most urgently bad economics, we are actually doomed & morooned!

Why because we have "MORONS" as leaders!

komando said...

The truth always HURTS
The real truth even hurts MORE

What can we say when the whole world is in denial of everything.
They say global warming is a scare tactic.

Just look what we have today, what we are facing on a daily basis.
THE superpowers are also in denial

What more about the little powers here also !

Even in DEATH they DENY!

These are the leaders and heads that we have, just HARD LUCK to MALAYSIA.

The good is never seen and recognised until it is too late!

Lets all hope & pray HARD THAT we are still NOT TOO LATE!

bob villa said...

apple polishing?, selective censorship?. you just shown your hand.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Bob Villa,

Show me someone who would do what LGE did if that someone was a BN politician and who is alleged to have said what LGE had said in S'pore? My answer one. Full stop.

This is not a question of apple polishing, please. This is a question of integrity; a must for all leaders.

Arunzab said...

Bob Villa,

You are barking up the wrong tree mate. Apple polishers do it for some gainful reason. What is in it for a retired 60+ soldier, tell me? If indeed he was an apple polisher he would have done it during his service days and probably got another star.

bob villa said...

please read the sequence of what actual happen first.From the very begining when the story first broke,that you can see the putar belit of how he and his kaki lie aout nat saying what h says here
Then they produce the tapes on TV3, dah tak boleh lari dia tukar cerita.

read this

Dia cakap it is a private meeting lepas itu the "private metting" later it was found out that meeting was open the for a payment of $75.00 per person. dah ken acheck mate baru lu Punya HONEST ABE Baru mengaku dan cakap sori
Come on la dia sama level dengan Chua Soi lek, dah kena Check mate baru Mengaku.

So suggest that you check any story from both side of the political divide before yu Junjung ini ultra cina atas kepala


As for the apple polishing remark ,it meant that dont over sell LGE image la. Kasi polish dia punya image sampai kilat tanpa comfirm all the whole story nanti ada orang macam saya komen , nanti marah .

P.s. DAP pandai pakai statement orang melayu untuk sokongan mereka.

Pak jeneral ,i sent a very long comment 3 day earlier, tak dapat ke?

bob villa said...

another link

matsingkong said...

All politicians lie and the rakyat always swallow it.....if LGE lies, its so insignificant, small matter. The Sultan can say what he wants but he does not have statistics at his singgahsana. As a Malay, I am proud he is my state CM. Don't hear rumours from non Penang Malays, go have a nasi kandak at Penang Road, you will know the truth.Kita Melayu bukan lagi berpandukan kepada hikayat....PIKIAK HABIS HABIS.

justicenequality said...

LGE is speaking from fact-Johor crime rate is indeed HIGH.Due to the illegals there who can't find employment?

Also pickpockets are getting brazen on board buses plying between JB towards Ulu Tiram. Even the Bus Drivers and passengers are AFRAID to interfere should these gang choose to rob someone on board the bus.

Also there seems to be a gang of Indo Pickpocket always hanging around the bus-stop opposite the AEON at Tebrau City along Kota Tinggi Highway.

Don't Belive Me? Go see for yourself. Hope you don't go there alone.