Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Prof Abdul Aziz Bari may have his suspension repealed by the university authorities, but the pressure placed upon him by other investigation authorities is yet to be over. They say that the police have completed taking statements from the professor, but what is laughable is the manner the police had conducted the investigation. Besides the statements taken, the police reportedly had conveniently taken away the professor’s computer (laptop I suppose) and even taken photographs of his house.

Now what stupidity is this? Are they trying to see if the professor had downloaded pornography onto his computer like one airline pilot did i.e reportedly the son of a former senior government official? And what about taking snap shots of the house? Are the authorities trying to nail the professor for corruption for building a house beyond his means? Have they not looked into the professor’s bed room to search if he had kept excessive cash under the mattress or anywhere inside the house, like one personal officer of a minister who was idiot enough to have kept excessive cash in his room? I think the police were merely trying to intimidate the professor, and I know the professor is not a weakling to be easily intimidated. Let us all wish and pray for the professor’s safety and wellbeing.

Now, if the police were looking for corruption, they need not look at academicians like Professor Abdul Aziz Bari. Academicians only collect books, read, teach and undertake research work. They do not deal with contractors or businessmen. Go and have a look at the houses of some of our ministers, politicians, Menteri Besars and even some senior government officials? You can surely find that the houses they built are beyond their means. Why don’t they take pictures of the houses owned by the Sarawak CM for instant? Do I need to say more? I know of a retired professor who does nothing else but reading, writing books; coiled up in his room and know next to nothing about doing business. This is unlike some senior retired government officials who are appointed Chairman or directorship in companies that they once had dealings with, when they were in the service. Do I need to name some of them?

The police have done their job, and who next will home onto Professor Abdul Aziz Bari? The MACC, Immigration, Custom, EC, JKR, JPJ and the religious departments? I hope not, but if the police cannot find sufficient evidences to nail the professor, they might as well have others to do their job too? If this were too happen, I say that we have all have gone crazy (including me) and Malaysians will no longer find this country a peaceful and likeable place to live and retire.

Let’s hope the authorities are sensible enough to do the right thing, at least in the case of this innocent professor.



bruno said...

Dato,our PDRM is like a one legged lame duck.It is a police force whose top senior officers are political cronies of Umnoputras,any Umnoputras even low level bola carriers.All the crooks from cabinet ministers to the street corner drug pushers are running loose as in a cowboy town.Like those cowboy towns of the sixties and seventies in Medan and Haadyai.

The PDRM is not an independent institution.That is why it cannot funtion effectively.They are 'kadang kabut' because they have a few hundred political masters,each with a personal agenda of their own ordering them to do this and that.One like Moo might like them to investigate LGE's son.Another will want them to investigate Prof. Abdul Aziz Bari.And Hisham might want them to build a case against Ambiga so that she will become a PR of Kamunting.Another will want Anwar behind bars and so many hundred others have orders miles long.

The PDRM is like a private company of the BN politicians,so busy serving thier political agendas.That is why they have no time to chase after the crooks.No wonder Hisham wants the army to police the streets.These no good useless ministers of ours.

The GE is just around the corner and with the students of Prof. Bari up in arms these pariahs will turn chicken.In other words they will hightail for the hills with their tails between their legs.In the end the police will recommend NFA,as ordered by the IGP or Hisham.These Umnoputras when their plans backfired will act like boneless creatures.

If they have the guts to fulfill their agenda and take any action against Prof. Bari,which I doubt they will,because it will cost them dearly of Malay votes,this coming GE.They know this,that is why they ordered the college to lift the suspension.These people just cannot keep the shit from hitting the fan,and flying back at their faces.

AlphaGuy said...

I fully agree and subscribe to Bruno's observation and comments. Yes, we do care for Prof Aziz Bari that he was castigated and persecuted just because he was brave enough to speak up. I suppose coming from our mouths would only cause a ripple but coming from a notable academician was too much for UMNO and mamak kutty to bear. This former PM, during his 'reign of terror' humiliated the royalty by removing their powers and now has the audacity to call Prof 'biadab' and 'kurang ajar'. What a bleeding hypocrite!!

Malaysians can no longer tolerate UMNO's incessant idiocy and oh! how we long for restored sanity and sanctity of a wholesome Malaysian society that is free from these things that are happening in our lifetime.

Malaysian said...

Dear Dato

I would like to disagree with you that academicians only collect books, read, teach and undertake research work. I doubt they don't misuse their power. I am very sure that our principal for secondary and primary school do take bribes. For instance, they would allow canteen to sell junk food because they do take commision from the sales. Also, I know they take commision from buying books too. Thus, our principal is one are very corrupt too. We know the corrupt will never be prosecuted in Malaysia!


Malaysian said...

Is it deem seditious to be critical on our Sultan? Is there such a law that we're not allow to be critical of the Sultan?

Justin Choo said...

Hi Malaysian,

Corruption is like a disease. The disease has spread to the whole nation. Because of the "culture" and mindset of this nation, most are not immune to corruption; let's face it. If one is working in a completely corrupt department for years, the disease will eventually spread to this person.
The most effective way to eradicate this scourching disease is to follow the action taken by the Hong Kong Government. The whole HK government was previously corrupted to the core. So I was told that what the government did was to declare an "amnesty" for all as of a certain date. After that date, those caught corrupted will be prosecuted. And it worked.

The second prong of attack should be focused on the big fishes. Once these big fishes are eliminated, the smaller ones will eventually become clean.

Just my 2-sen contribution.

bruno said...

Dato,if Taib have powerful enemies inside the federal government,who wanted to get rid of him,they will have to fix him up good and proper.So his enemies will have to ask the PDRM and MACC to get the facts together.So with suitcases of evidence in tow,these PDRM and MACC officers board the midnight flight,so as to keep a low profile and not to gain public attention,with the hope of interviewing or interrogating Taib.

Upon arriving at Sarawak,at the airport passenger arrivals gate,these officers were met by Taib's representatives and immigration officers.They were politely told that they have been denied entry,and that they will have to board the next flight home,which is six hours later.In the meantime they can sleep at the benches,waiting for the next available flight.That is if they are tired.

So in Sarawak Taib is still the big boss.So what are the ministers in Putrajaya going to do.Send in the airforce and army to arrest him.Then also Taib will asked, what about the corrupted cabinet ministers and their cronies.What about the warlord in Pandamaran,who has built himself a palace.Or froggy Ezam,who has a mansion bigger than Najib's official residence.Or the toyo guy.Arrest these guy's first than maybe the next time I might let you guys into Sarawak,says Taib,showing them the middle finger.

Justin Choo said...


The trend of intimidating as we can see is not going to stop. In name, our country is supposed to be democratic, but the actions so far by the power that is, show otherwise. They behave as if we are stupid citizens unable to think for our selves. Or they are blind to see daylight and think that this country is like North Korea.

I think the only way is to kick them out to Timbukto come next GE. Eliminate the known devils first.

matsingkong said...

We have been intimidated long time ago...but we are tolerant to the extent we tolerated injustice due to fear of cultures and the consequence of inter racial conflicts. The baby boomers generation had their chances and they missed that too make the difference...its their kids that that will make the changes. But they need the baby boomers late encouragement to eradicate injustice....the siswa siswi of UIM need your support.Let them lead the way, the young ones.

johnnie lim said...

This is real sickening. Why can't they differenciate the right from the wrong? Let's hope the MACC does not call on him, because nobody come out alive. Sad.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear All,

I now hear that Prof Abd Aziz Bari's case is going to be much larger than the authorities an chew.

The students are toying with the idea of launching a Bersih 2.0 like rally to 'seek academic freedom' and to 'free the university from political strangulation'.

University students have reawakened, and this is good for democracy, I think.

mike joey said...

Dato,our PDRM used to have excellent crime-busters like Kulasingam(PGB holder), Gui Poh Choon(PGB) and Govindasamy who really strike terror and fear in the past underworld elements/criminals and really knows their job. They had no political inclinations when discharging their
duties. They know no fear and those were the days of 1960s,70s and even early 80s. They don't go around taking photographs of houses of academicians as directed by politicians their masters. What a
terrible 'reformasi' the PDRM had undergone as compared to the good old glory-days of the former PDRM.
Of the 3 mentioned, Gui Poh Choon is still around and must be laughing away like mad.

komando said...

Anything that can free us all from the shackles of injustice is GOOD!

Malaysian said...


I beg to disagree that people will corrupt sooner or later working in the government agency. I know such person dearly and she didn't take a cent that's deem legal. I believe we still have government employee that's clean.

You are right that we must prosecute the big fish and give amnesty to everyone since most of the government servant is corrupted. The only path for us now is to educate more Malaysian about the danger of corruption and form more NGO that's not politically connected. By forming a strong NGO we can pressure politician from both sides to fight corruption.

Lastly, we need to vote BN out in order to curb corruption and save Malaysia and UMNO.


Malaysian said...


Let's hope the university student will form another rally and we do everything we can to support them.


Justin Choo said...

Hi Malaysian,

You are right. Not everyone working in the government departments will be corrupted.

I never meant to mean everyone; it's just my manner of over-exegeration.

My sincere apologies.

Malaysian said...

Did anybody read the news about Prof Abdul Aziz Bari got a death threat with a bullet? I remember several of our polician and others receive similar death threat too. I am just suspicous why no suspect is caught? I think getting a bullet in Malaysia is very difficult. Thus, it shouldn't be difficult for PDRM to catch the culprit right? Unless, these suspect are politically link!


Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Malaysian,

Yes, I read that too. Rest assured, nothing will happen. These are cowards, idiots, thieves, and squandrals that does the job of threatening people. You know who taught them? Why did they not do the same during the constitutional crisis in 1993? You know the reason why too?

Malaysian said...


That's the funny thing that no action is taken on UMNO during the constitutional crisis. Where was Perkasa? Did the public forgot about it? I think Prof Abdul Aziz wasn't even disrespecting the Sultan.

Let's hope the student will rally together and support Prof Abdul Aziz.

I am not a Malay but I'll definitely respect the Monarchy. Sadly, it's UMNO that publicly shame the Monarchy publicly during the constituitional crisis.

The monarchy is suppose to keep a balance between the Judicial, Legeslative, and Executive branch. I read from blog that after Tun Dr. Mahathir became our PM more and more power is vested in the Executive branch of the government. Is that right?