Sunday, October 23, 2011


DPM Muhyiddin Yasin is reported to have said that, “a blue wave (referring to the colour of BN) is in sight in Selangor indicating that the people desire to return to BN rule in the state”. And in some other forum, Muhyiddin had said that he is worried about the infighting within the component parties (UMNO included I suppose) that can disrupt BN chances of winning the next GE. Can you not see the confusion and uncertainty in Muhyiddin mental faculty when he makes contradicting statements about the party’s position for the upcoming GE, in a matter of days?

Being a Selangorean, I think I know my state better than others, more so from someone from Johore, Perak, Pahang or Malacca. In all honestly, I can also feel the pulse of my Selangor mates and let me tell you that getting back Selangor as claimed by Muhyiddin is not going to be that easy. Muhyiddin may be right in saying that businessmen in Selangor are not too happy with the state government because contract are not easy to secure. I think the businessmen that complained to Muhyiddin are those from UMNO who had been getting favored contracts from the previous state government. I know this because I too get complaints from non UMNO businessmen that the state government has done away with the practice of favoritism and cronyism in the award of businesses. I even had a PR contractor who complained to me. So why the fuss about not getting contracts, where every bidder is seen as equal and where they now trade on a level playing field. Surely, we do not wish to see another fiasco like the problematic construction of the new hospital in Selangor that remained uncompleted. Was it not the job of a crony or some favored contractor? Had the award be done professionally, I do not think this fiasco would have occurred.

My advice to Muhyiddin is not to listen to the ‘chanting’ and ‘sermons’ from any Selangor UMNO/BN leaders; surely not from Noh Omar and the left over’s of the MCA and MIC leaders. And hasn’t PM Najib realized this when he said that he can no longer believe the ‘goodies’ that he is so often fed by some ‘pencancai’ around him. I believe, these are the same ‘pencacai’ that surround Muhyiddin now and are singing the same old song that Muhyiddin wants to listen. And let me tell you this, that Selangor UMNO/BN will be facing the biggest challenge of their life to regain Selangor if UMNO/BN is not willing to do a massive shakeup within the party’s leadership. I now say that they all need to go.

I am not being unjustifiably pessimistic of UMNO/BN chances of winning the next GE, and neither am I being overly optimistic of PR gaining a bigger majority in the next GE. PR has to work much harder despite its good performance in managing the state, and this should not be a cause for complacency.

My final advice to Muhyiddin is to take some lessons from fighting a battle i.e. seek out the weaknesses of the adversary, plan a ruse, optimize resources where a win can be assured and exploit the win, and finally be consistent in the execution of the plan.



bruno said...

Dato,Muhyiddin got to where he is now is because of his benefactor Dr.Mahathir.Muhyiddin is not as smart as he thinks he is.Just look at his performance as Education Minister.Education standards have continued to go down hill,with no bottom in sight.Once the pride of Malaysians,MU standards have continued going to the dogs.

When is our PM Najib going to realised that career politicians are never good for educational positions.The smart guy politician who happens to be a good Education Minister was our Dr M.The only not so good things about Dr M was he was to greedy,power crazy and his ketuanan Melayu style,or else he could have been the best PM Malaysia ever had.

Selangor can only fall back to Umno if PKR hand over to them on a silver platter.The weak link in Selangor PR is PKR.If they don't closed ranks soon,that is undermining Khalid's leadership and sabotaging him,Umno might just steal it from under their noses.

Just look at LGE in Penang.Even under attack after attack by Umno,he still have Malay contractors coming out to defend him.In Selangor,where can anyone see Azmin's faction came out to support Khalid.And with Khairy shooting Umno's butt with a bufallo gun,with his latest and worst political blunder ever,what more can be expected from Umno.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...


komando said...

The theory is just simple if you can't beat them join them!

Now lets be careful when we see, hear or read anything these days!

Almost all are half truths and all lies!

So lets see the show proceed and enjoy it with a good laugh!

Some are double agents, even triple agents - as long as there is money they will work.

I t all depends who pays more!

AlphaGuy said...

Greetings General. This is a well written and timely article to mow down Muhyiddin's simple 'blue wave theory and analyses' of wresting Selangor from PR.
Yes, you are correct in your observation as we know Muhyiddin and his cohorts in UMNO DO NOT have a prayer of capturing Selangor much as they hoped for. Selangorians respect Khalid for his honest and no-nonsense style of administration. For these reasons, we now see Selangor with a healthy bank balance and the top earner.
Muhyiddin has infuriated many people by implying that Lim Guan Eng's son, Marcus, did molest a girl even though the school head master and the girl came out to deny such an incident happened in defence of Marcus. No decent man would inflict harm on a 16 year old boy just to kill off his father's political career.
54 years of ruling Malaysia have made them arrogant, insensitive and callous and UMNO continue to sicken Malaysians with their despicable style of politics.

man said...

All propaganda....old trick. Worked 50 years ago, not anymore nowadays. What to say, they still like to think old fashion way. They can kiss goodbye to the new world.

Anonymous said...

few months back, i was at a 'blue wave' carnival listening to grassroot leaders praising and bragging about easier path now to taking back SSG. It seemed that new 'fuel' has been pumped in at large scales all around the states to these grassroot leaders to spent on whatever deemed 'suitable' to retake SSG.

monty said...

The next GE13 would bring about more losses to the BN/UMNO parties as I see it.Due to too many 'slip-ups' done by Perkasa and the Govt on matters related to race and religion.They tried so hard to play-up their dirty tricks to rein-in hatred and disunited but to no avial. People are NOT blind or deaf nowadays and certainly NOT fools. either. We are so fortunate to have the alternative media to bring about change in mind-sets.BN will have to keep on dreaming some more in hoping to take back Selangor which is doing fine. I call it 'silent efficiency'.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear All,

Do you not see the infighting within UMNO Selangor i.e. Ezam on the one side and Noh Omar on the other. They seriously think they can retake Selangor. God bless them.

matsingkong said...

What can happen in Perak can happen in Selangor...The Federal government has the capacity, resources and executive power at their advantage and they will use it to their utmost, by hook or crook, through morality, race , religion . There is infighting in UMNO Selangor, but there's also in PR Selangor. What makes it volatile in PR Selangor is some PR reps are ex UMNOs who are aligned to the thinking of UMNO Selangor.
Be on guard at all times and always have contingencies dealing with the enemy (both within and external)one step ahead.

'If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril'. - Sun Tzu