Sunday, October 30, 2011


DPM Muhyiddin Yassin sure has a lot to answer regarding the failure of the National Feedlot Centre to meet its target of breeding 8,000 cows after more than two years of operations, and after having received a soft loan (why soft loan?) from the government of RM250 million (that’s a lot of people’s money you know?). The failure of the National Feedlot Centre was one of the more pronounced failures exposed in the recently released Auditor General’s report.

Muhyiddin who was the Agriculture Minister then, has reportedly thrown the buck to current Agriculture Minister Noh Omar to answer questions for the failure. You know, Noh Omar is already finding it hard to seek answers to the RM110 million incentives promised to 73,000 odd farmers to increase the national rice output that has yet to be disbursed to the farmers. Besides that, Noh Omar is struggling with his popularity status in Selangor and if he does not perform, I see little hope that he can be categorized as a ‘winnable candidate’ for the upcoming GE, and obviously the ‘exit door’ policy will be forced upon him by the party. There is already so much of talk in Selangor that there is a popularity struggle between Noh Omar and Ezam Nor as to who should lead the state during the next GE, and a win for BN will see either one becoming the MB.

I think, Muhyiddin’s descision of throwing the buck at Noh Omar is an irresponsible act at its worse. Mind you, Muhyiddin was the minister then, and I believe he had a hand in the approval of the soft loan and of all people; to the husband of a lady UMNO minister. Does he not know that it would be quite improper; unethical to say the least (though not legally wrong, but morally incorrect) to approve such an enormous sum of money to the husband of a minister? Does he not know that this act will be subjected to public scrutiny? If my memory hasn’t faded, I think the loan was approved prior to the 2008 GE. And if indeed it was approved prior to the 2008 GE, do you not smell something sinister here? And who was the lady minister then? Wasn’t she the head of the Wanita UMNO wing where women votes really counts.

Now, Muhyiddin has the audacity to say that, “There is nothing unusual or wrong. The audit found weakness which will be explained”. What kind of a lame statement is this, coming from a senior minister who is the PM designate, as most would say? How can a stupid person like me accept that there is nothing ‘unusual and wrong’ when RM250 million of public money has already been spent without the project achieving its target after more than two years?

The question remains - who is going to explain the failure? Surely it is not going to be Noh Omar for reasons I have describe above? And why has Muhyiddin avoided answering a failure of his own doing? If this is the sort of leaders that this country continue's to have, than I can only say that this country is going to the dogs. I now begin to wonder too; how much of the soft loan (or was it an outright grant)given to the lady minister’s husband has been recovered. Was this reflected in the Auditor General’s report?



tiongsinwee said...

Another denial, followed by another subsequent failure(s). My recommendation to the govt...scrape off the Auditor General's Report in total. Why waste time on this matter, as, in the end....the BN-held states and the Federal govt aren't bothered with whatever comes out from the report. They wd come out with denial(s) and numerous excuses...instead of taking positive steps to remedy the situation.

komando said...

malaysia boleh !


It will never stop as long as this GOM runs this country like its' their own kedai runcit!

THE cows can go home!

AlphaGuy said...

Greetings and good afternoon, dear General.

By now, many alert and wise Malaysians know that these irresponsible elements in the federal and state governments had been bleeding the nation dry with bad investments. Without proper thought-through and careful planning and implementation of any project will only result in total failure.

Cattle rearing and husbandry is an ardous profession meant only for those who have wide experience in this field, surely not Shahrizat's husband! Since that was the first of it's kind and size in this country, even employing experts from overseas cannot guarantee success. Didn't we hear of another failed cattle project where they bought overseas milk producing cows only to see them struggling to acclimatize and 'experts' suggested that those cows be housed in an air-conditioned area? Isn't that another cruel joke at the people's expense?

Thank you for continually highlighting the wrongdoings of Najib and his predecessors' administrations. With the alternative media available to concerned citizens, they are able to comment and/or condemn any malfeasance, all kinds of abuses and corruption and hopefully to weed out these dregs of our society.

Malaysian said...

I am sure everybody had read the report from out auditor general on this failed project. It’s ashamed that no action will be taken. Why is there not any in-depth investigation on these projects by our mass media? The mass media play a very important role on monitoring our government. But how can we expect them to perform their duty on reporting such projects since they are owned by UMNO or MCA. I am very surprise that it possible for a political party own newspapers. Is it not a conflict of interest? It’s time that we stop political party from owning mass media unless all political party is allowed to freely publish their own newspaper.


bruno said...

Dato,besides the widely accepted,natural hobby and past time of ministers that is sleeping on the job,a new hobby and past time has arrived in town.It is called the blamed game.How can a national project like the National Feedlot Centre failed to achieved its objective after two years.

I have been scratching my head for hours looking trying to figure out an answer.How could such an important project for cows failed,as it has been a widely accepted fact that Muhyiddin moos.How could a man of his political stature let his brethens down so badly.They are of the same genes.I guessed we have to come to a conclusion.This man has no loyalty.

matsingkong said...

Millions of ringgit given to minister's cronies.....and the rakyat still vote for this type of government. What is wrong with Malaysians? We need a national type of SELCAT in the government's procurement system.....something drastic has to be done quickly. Come GE13, will the rakyat still 'tutup mata sebelah'?

Frankie said...


People like Muhyiddin do not understand what is ethics. If he does, then half the problems of this country will not have arisen. People like Muhyiddin always have ready answers or excuses to explain their incompetence or corrupt practices. There's nothing unusual for UMNO leadership to help each other to enrich themselves at the expense of the rakyat.

The PM himself openly encourages and practices the "Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu" philosophy. So it is no surprise that Muhyiddin "tolong" the husband of his fellow UMNO back door minister with the RM250 million "loan" (RM250 million is an insignificant amount by UMNO standards) because in return, the husband of the UMNO minister will "tolong" Muhyiddin in whatever way deemed fit.

Asking Muhyiddin to be more responsible is akin to asking a crab to walk straight.

A Pinch Of Salt said...

I just want to thank you for highlighting these blunderings of the government which is draining the blood out of the people of this nation. So much malpractises, corruption and lackdaisical attitude of the authorities. Just like you, I am appalled by such "robbery"!I am honored and respectful of your impartial views in your writings. God bless you for caring for this nation.

taming said...

Typical of most politicians...very irresponsible at ALL levels!
They swindel RAKYATS' money through projects which are doomed to fail, find scapegoats to answer for them so that they would get
away with murder in the broad daylight... and yet Muhyiddin Yassin is DPM!

The BN leaders' biggest mistake is to assume that the RAKYATS ( you and me ) are naive, stupid and do not know about their crimes and sins. They are BLOODY wrong! The RAKYATS had enough but what next? FELDA listing to get more of RAKYATS funds?

We have irresponsible leaders who accumulate wealth by dirty means and thrive on the ground of
"political immunity"! How is BN, particularly UMNO, going to get support in the next GE?


IAMKAN said...

Wah MYR250,000,000.00 for 8,000 cows? That works out to MYR31,250 per cow - even if the project succeded. What kind of a cow is that!
Treat the MYR250 million (well at least a large part of it) as having gone into someone's pocket (MACC where are you?)and write it off as cow manure or else wait some more - till the cows come home.
Malaysian Cowboy

monty said...

Dato, This is a 'one big-family' charade 'stealing' from the rakyat's coffer by the UMNO/BN goons. They have never heard of credibility nor accountability and what spewed out from their mouth are all rubbish and nonsense. This DPM is really stupid of the highest order and just unbelievable coming from him. Our country run by such 'pea-brains' is going to the dogs. Very sad, indeed!

Jeff said...

RM250m of public money wasted? Are you sure its public money. As far as the govt is concerned its not public money but the GOVT's money & not ours. Thats the mentality of the govt & most malaysians do not understand this.

You can read in all the newspapers that the govt is subsidising this that & other but the actual fact is its the public's/taxpayers are subidising the essentials & the govt is only the custodian of the Country's resources.

Why do most malaysians can't figure that out????

apek ironside said...

dear all, is called "cash cow" project.