Monday, October 17, 2011


Perkasa boss Ibrahim Ali is up to his nonsensical antics again. This time he took to task SUHAKAM for conducting an inquiry into allegations that there was human rights violation by the authorities i.e. police against participants of the Bersih 2.0 rally. He wants SUHAKAM to explain “why it considered human rights violation to have occurred during the rally, when both the event and its organizers were deemed illegal by the government”. He further said that “by entertaining the complaints by illegal groups like Bersih 2.0, SUHAKAM has given recognition to other illegal groups as well”.

Now, can you not sense the stupidity of this Perkasa boss? Firstly, who is he to ask for an explanation from SUHAKAM pertaining to any investigation carried out by SUHAKAM? Secondly, does he not know that SUHAKAM was established by an Act of Parliament; as such SUHAKAM reports to Parliament (though some say that SUHAKAM reports to the government) on all outcomes of investigations carried out; not to individual(s) or an NGO like Perkasa. Thirdly, does he not know that it is incumbent upon SUHAKAM to investigate any report(s) that hinges on human right issues lodged by individual(s)/parties/bodies; regardless of whether such individual(s)/parties/bodies are deemed illegal or otherwise?

Yes, Bersih 2.0 was declared an illegal entity by the government, but that does not mean those involved in the rally that had their rights violated and abused by the authorities cannot lodge a report to SUHAKAM. On the contrary, those violated and abused persons have every right to lodge a report and it is incumbent upon SUHAKAM to accept and act (without prejudice) on the report.

Again I ask - who is this Ibrahim Ali to question SUHAKAM roles and responsibilities explicitly prescribed in the Act of Parliament. By posing such questions, Ibrahim Ali has questioned the integrity of SUHAKAM. And as far as I know, no government minister has posed similar questions to SUHAKAM. I think it is high time the authorities pulled up Ibrahim Ali for being so ignorant of an Act of Parliament and for making a mockery of him being a law maker himself. Now you see the level of knowledge that some our law makers inhibit.

Personally, I have had enough of Ibrahim Ali’s antics from the very moment Perkasa was formed. I see there is nothing that he does that contributes meaningfully towards the betterment of our multi racial society, other than igniting racial and religious sentiments to the detriment of our multi racial society. He thinks himself to be the ‘spokesperson’ or some kind of a ‘custodian’ of Malay rights, which is rightfully the responsibility of UMNO. Or is he now assuming that role and responsibility where UMNO has failed?

I say this and I will say it many time over that Ibrahim Ali’s antics and what he claims to be fighting for, is a serious bane to UMNO. UMNO cannot rely totally on the Malay votes anymore to win the next election. It is well known to all that Malay votes are now split asunder. UMNO cannot deny this and in order to win the next GE, they have to woo the support of the Chinese and Indian voters through their coalition partners that are themselves in disarray. I don’t think giving instant MyKad to ‘illegal’s made legal’ which the opposition has accused the government of doing, could be the immediate remedy to ensure the government remains in power.

Finally, what else need I say of Ibrahim Ali, but to just leave it to UMNO/BN to deal with the Perkasa boss the best they can?



bruno said...

Dato,just because Dr Mahathir is a patron of Perkasa,every Umnoputra,whether they are cabinet ministers down to their cronies,to their cronies peons and drivers have been idolising Toady Abrahim as if he was an actress or rock starlet.If he was an actor or rock star nobody would have paid any attention to him.

This special attention paid to him has got him big headed and his tail is always angled at 75 degrees.If not for his fat butt his tail would have been at 90 degrees.Just because he thinks that he is adviser to Hishamuddin,so the HM has to report to him.So if the HM has to report to him,SUHAKAM has to follow suit.

That is why when the Umno GOM gave too much face to him and spoilt him that is what they get.A big fat pampered spoilt brat.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Bruno,

Now Perkasa is going into bigger things - to demonstrate with a million people to challenge the 'Christianisation of Muslims' this Saturday. Let's see what Hishamuddin has to say. This is going to be worse than Bersih 2.0.

mitchell said...

Dear Dato,
Toady Abrahim is fighting for his political survival...PAS will not give him the free Parliment seat, he will be hammered if he decides to contest as an independent, his only hope is UMNO...I am so very sure he is backed by UMNO to create as much ruckus he possibly can and he will be rewarded, there is another: YB for Bandar Kulim Baru..Zulkipli Noordin..he too is now walking the same path as Toady.

Frankie said...


Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa are paid thugs of UMNO and Mahathir. UMNO/Mahathir has to have someone do their dirty job of inciting racial hatred (actually UMNO is doing a pretty good job themselves without Perkasa), provoking Christians and non muslims, making a mockery of the constitution, etc.

Where does Perkasa gets its funding from to be able to afford to book the PWTC for their rants sessions? Why is Mahathir their patron? Why does the UMNO government just sit with their hands on their bums when Ibrahim freely stirs up trouble? Why does Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa gets immunity from prosecution? Isn't the answer obvious that Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa are protected by the UMNO government just like the well connected corrupted ones who are always let off scott free by MACC and the AG.

As long as Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa enjoys the patronage and protection of Mahathir and UMNO, we will continue to hear the crazy rants of this imbecilic two face politician. UMNO money certainly buys loud mouths like Ibrahim Ali. UMNO is playing a dangerous game by letting loose the rabid loud mouth but they are so desperate to stay in power that they will gamble on Ibrahim Ali to work his tricks.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

Who is the Menteri Dalam Negeri? Is it Hisham Tok Mudim or Ibrahim Ali?

Have all the brain of officers in Bukit Aman are too dry to the extend Hisham needs Ibrahim to advise him on internal security matters? What a shame!

There must be something in Ibrahim's hand that can rock the boat of those menteris unless he is given a special attention.

Same as Tan Sri Isa who is said to have an ability to produce the film with title "Najib, I know what you did last night at PD".

What Hishamudin (gay-boy) has to say on the proposed rally this Saturday?

No court injunction, no declaration of "haram" what so ever. In fact I believe police will be assisting the rally in kononnya to protect public safety. No road-block, no nothing.


Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Kamal Sanusi,

Like you, I am totally disgusted.

Malaysian said...

I would like to make some comment about the million Muslim March this weekend. I am just curious why should fellow Muslim be fearful of Muslim converting into Christian or other religion. Muslim (Perkasa, UMNO & PAS Youth) should actually do more soul searching why people is converting. Is it because of financial incentive? Lack the understanding of Islam? Is it because they are irk by actions of our politician that policize Islam? There are a lot of questions that fellow Muslim from Perkasa and other NGO need to ask. It's easy to blame other religion but sometimes we just need to analyze more indepth why people are leaving certain religion. Maybe they see a lot hypocrite that preach about Islam yet accept bribery, making racist remark, etc. I believe religion is a personal thing and nobody can do anything except ourself. Lastly, we should believe in Allah.

Note: Please forgive me if my comment hurt anybody feeling


komando said...

UMNO wants to shed blood to remain in power forever!

What ever means, whatever method OR WAYS!