Thursday, October 6, 2011


The Malaysian Insider, October 5, 2011 reported that the Home Ministry found its officers (Immigration Officers) exercised their responsibilities in a 'good and orderly fashion' in the recent nude squat incident involving two Singaporean women found to have entered the country illegally. It was further reported that the Immigration Officers who were women, followed standard procedures when carrying out the investigation on the two Singaporean women.

Well, here again another blunder by a Malaysian authority. I wish to ask if it is the Immigration Department’s SOP to force all women that enters the country illegally to squat in the nude. Please show me what is written in the SOP. If the SOP does have that clause, I would recommend that the SOP be thrown into the sea, because such clause is not only humiliating and barbaric but worse still, it reflects the disgusting state of mind of our Home Ministry and the Immigration Department in particular. I don’t believe any so-called civilized nation would have an immigration SOP of that kind. Maybe, we are different or want to be different for all the wrong reason.

I do not think the two women intended to enter the country illegally. They had entered through a legal immigration entry point, but found that there were no Immigration Officials manning the entry point at the time. Now who do you blame in this particular instant. Where were the immigration officers at the time, and is it in the immigration SOP that the entry point can be left unattended at any time, or was there a stipulated opening/closing timing at the entry point. If at all the two women wanted to enter the country illegally, they wouldn’t have bothered to go through a legal entry point. And don’t we know that thousands of illegals enter the country every day. I now tend to believe that it is during such times when the entry points are not manned that illegals are free to enter the country.

You can now see how convenient it is for people to enter the country illegally with the courtesy and generosity of the Immigration Department. They might as well place a large banner at the entry point that says ‘ILLEGALS ARE WELCOMED INTO MALAYSIA WHEN THERE ARE NO IMMIGRATION OFFICIALS MANNING THE ENTRY POINTS’. This would make the work of the authorities easier since they don’t have to make illegal squat in the nude during an investigation.

I do not know whether our authorities’ i.e. Home Ministry or the Department of Immigration has apologized to the Singapore authorities over the incident, and if they haven’t, this is where the Malaysian authorities can now show their humility and regret to the Singapore authorities by saying “We are deeply sorry for the incident and the humiliation suffered by the two women”. I think this is the most ‘civilized’ thing to do for a country that aspires to be the ‘best democracy in the world’.



Hussin said...

Sallam Dato',
We are continuously fed with news of blunders made by the various arms of the government. What puzzled me is why are these blunders always investigated internally by the purported wrong doers themselves? Even if the investigations were carried out fairly and professionally, there will be room for accusations of cover ups. Why not let an independent body investigate to ensure that not only is justice done but it is seen to be done.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

I just wonder, is our beloved country moving towards dictatorship type of administration? Knowing it is hard to answer it, I believe we are. Looking at all childish answer by those menteris, it is very timely for Malaysians to make a drastic action and changes on our current administration.

azmie said...

humiliating, barbaric and uncivilized. heard that before from some smart lawyers pertaining to hudud issue.
by the way, when and where did this incident took place anyway? same state and about the same time the singaporean was kidnapped? ahhhh. the wonders on the www

mike nathan said...

Salam Dato'.
I feel it is high time to look into all the gov organisation to make sure it is represented by each race. This will help to check and balance the action taken by each individu in any action that is required. Why do i say so is that each race have certain strong values which will not allow other members in the organisation to do something that is againts the other members values.

matsingkong said...

The British 'left overs' are still in our system..we don't progress because our social and work culture do not permit creativity... and that affects our mentality.
Our SOPs in our government department strongly maintains that culture , that includes our military SOPs. we need young and brighter brains to implode the existing culture...its high time or not..We are modern in appearance but primitive in morality !!!

Lalok said...

Time to change those stupid low IQ mentris with better ones. Let's do it next GE. They've been there for too long, they cant think straight anymore. Always in denial syndrome.

dopey said...

Yes Lalok, let's do that.

And Dato' since when has our Home Ministry ever been civilized to start being one now..?? No point asking a mute to sing now, is there..?