Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am not at all surprised to read the police findings into the tear gas shooting incident at Tung Shin hospital during the Bersih 2.0 rally on 9th July that indentified the involvement of a lone policeman, and that ‘no further action will taken on the policeman except for an internal breach of procedure’. The AG office had also concluded that ‘no further action could be taken against the policeman in the absence of any witness’.

I cannot understand how the police investigation was carried out and for the AG’s office to come out with such findings. It sounds rather silly to me, or do they think that Malaysians today are so dumb and stupid that they can be so easily hoodwinked to believe in such findings?

Firstly, I do not believe that there was only one policeman involved, and by looking closely at the video on the amount of gas and water shot at Tung Shin hospital, I think there has to be several others involved. Secondly, am I to believe that a breach of police procedure by any member of the police force in the performance of their duties isn’t an offence; hence it does not warrant the offender to be charged or disciplined? Try and breach an SOP in the military, and you know what you will get. Thirdly, am I to believe that there were no witnesses to the incident, and because of that the case needs no further action (NFA)? I don’t think the policeman was alone when the shooting occurred? Surely there were several other policemen in the crowd, unless the rest were all asleep or blind at the time of the shooting?

Honestly, had I been the investigating officer, I would surely have come out with a different finding, and a breach in the SOP alone is enough to put the offender in trouble. I would have questioned every single policeman in the crowd, viewed all photos taken of the incident, talked to any civilian indentified at the scene of the hospital and interviewed all doctors/hospital staffs of Tung Shin hospital. I am sure I could come out with a different finding than that of the police investigation. I say that the police investigation and findings are flawed, bias and with intend to absolve blame. I note that this has been a common feature in any police investigation when it involves their kind. And this again reminds me of the mysterious and unanswered death in police custody where we are yet to see a policeman charged for murder or being an accessory to the murder. Remember the story of the three monkeys; see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil?

But the biggest joke of it all is the statement made by the Home Minister Hishamuddin himself, when he was reported to have said that the whole incident “is like making a big mountain of a mole hill” and that it is “blown out of proportion as the police were not solely responsible for the situation”.

Denial is all that they know, and the sufferings of the people are of no concern.



mike joey said...

All those stupid statements issued by
the police and the Minister concerned
is actually an insult to the peoples'
intelligence. They are shameless and
has no integrity to up-hold in their
profession. A wrong is a wrong. All
you need is to apologize and bring the culprits to booked. That is all the people wants to see of a responsible Govt and leaders, instead of going in self-denial mode.Just disgusting!!

Arunzab said...


The police are always known to protect their own kind even in retirement. Do you know that every retired policemen carries other than his pension card another card on which it is written "Kepada pehak polis tolong beri apa apa bantuan yang perlu kepada pemegang kad ini" Why do they have to have two cards and what bantuan do they need, other than to be let off for some not so serious offence. ie. traffic violation etc.etc !!! Have you ever heard any retired policemen ever paying fine for any traffic offense? Just tunjok member card and terus jalan!!!

sang kancil said...

What do we expect when we have LIARS THIEVES AND SCUMBAGS running our beloved country. What particulary sadden me is the inaction of the socalled royals who are suppose to be the guardians of the RAKYAT.

Utter Disgusting!

bruno said...

Dato,if the police made a mistake, shooting tear gas and spraying spiked chemical water into the Tung Shin Hospital compound,all they need to do is to come out with an appology.During the tense moments some police officers might have gotten over jeolously exited.Human errors happen in tense situations,and is understandable.

Those police officers responsible should be reprimanded but that should be it.Those guys were just doing what they were ordered to do,and that is to chased the protesters home.Mistakes were made,and those higher ups should have appologised instead of trying to cover up and tried to lie their way out.

And the most important man involved in the cover up was the health minister.Instead of LTL taking the men in blue to task,he lied through his asses to try and protect them.A HM's first piority is to protect hospitals,its staff and patients from attack.But this pariah HM's first piority was to protect the attackers.And all it takes was for them to eat humble pie and appologised,and the whole matter would have gone away.

Because of these pariah cowards, the Tung Shin fiasco has no end in sight,and have been allowed to drag on for so long.It has also caused a dark cloud over the men in blue.All because the cowardice LTL,Hishamuddin and the gutless IGP all lost their bolas,and cannot act as real men.

H J Angus said...

To me the rot in the police and the government was confirmed when the BN colluded with the police and decided NOT to implement the IPCMC that should be the proper body to investigate this type of misconduct and abuse of power by the police and the Minister.
Yes, I agree the "molehill" remark was totally inappopriate.

Lalok said...

When we put someone without any credibility to man a post that is beyond his/her capability, capacity and knowledge, this is what we can expect...hancus...