Saturday, October 15, 2011


Say what you want – I think this country is going to ruin, if we are not careful. And every time I walk the street and see a foreigner, my heart throbs faster.

I live around Ukay Perdana, Ampang and as I drive home, I see more foreigners, mainly those from Indonesia and Bangladesh. I can easily make them out to be foreigners from the way they speak. Some are no longer wage earners toiling at construction sites, but have become small time entrepreneurs and are even employing locals as haired hands. In the villages, many are known to have leased out plots of land from its rightful local owner, and turn the land to agriculture and selling its produce at profitable prices. The lessor is quite happy to earn some money from the lease of his land, ignoring the fact that he could have earned much more if he had toiled the land himself. The lessee is even much happier to have a place for shelter, a land to toil and a reasonable income from the sale of his agricultural produce. The land provides him with all that is needed to sustain a comfortable life.

I do not envy these small time foreign entrepreneurs making a living for I think they have every right to do so, given the ease at which they can do business without the worry of being harassed by the local licensing authorities. The can do business anywhere and everywhere they please; just pitch an umbrella along the roadside, and that umbrella will get larger and larger and eventually a small hut is built to replace the umbrellas. Even when the hut is built to the obvious knowledge and sight of everyone, the local authorities would still play blind, deaf and mute. You have to see to believe it, and Ampang municipality is famous for such ‘grisly sights’. This trend does not seem to worry the local authorities, and I just do not know the reason why.

Now, I am told that the Election Commission (EC) has registered 820,000 new voters in 2010; a substantial increase of 533,000 voters from 2009. This terrifies me. How on earth can there be such a phenomenal increase over a period on just a year. Am I to believe that all of a sudden, our non-voting Malaysians have awakened from their slumber, and have now decided to register as a voter for the up-coming GE? Why the next GE, when they were not at all concern during all previous GEs? I have known many Malaysians, especially the young ones are not ‘savvy’ about voting, and are not too concern whoever gets elected. Therefore, can the sudden increase in newly registered voters be these Indonesian and Bangladesh entrepreneurs that I have mentioned above? Let’s hope Africans have not joined the queue to be registered voters, but by the way things go, one cannot rule out the possibility that an African can one day be a candidate for parliament. We already have it in the USA, and the person’s name is Obama.

And finally, who now says that Mat Sabu is a traitor? All former soldiers, policemen and auxiliary policemen that served during the First Malayan Emergency fighting the communist terrorist throughout the colonial era ought to be thankful to Mat Sabu the ‘traitor’ for opening his gap by raising the Bukit Kepong incident. Had he not made the Bukit Kepong an issue, I do not think these former soldiers, policemen, auxiliary and their families would get the one-off cash handout of RM3000 that was announced by PM Najib recently. And thanks too for the RM500 bonus due end of the year, and a 2% annual increase in my pension beginning 2013.



matsingkong said...

we have sold our soul and land due to the greed of power and the idea of maintaining race superiority, come what may.And we live in fear in our own domain that is surrounded by elements foreign to our culture and understanding.The evils of progress creeps in a very silent mood and once imploded, we come out wondering whether was it the progress we were looking for.The rakyat need to decide now, we cannot remain silent anymore...if it need a Malaysian spring, be it !!!

tiongsinwee said...

If your suspicion is true...that is, the govt is registering these foreigners as voters for the 13th General Election, I'm afraid the GE13 would be the dirtiest ever. Im also worried the PAKATAN won't take things lying down. N that will spell trouble. I do hope and pray it wouldn'd lead to massive demonstration and fights among
Malaysians. Touch wood!

pronto said...


You are not alone. I am equally worried like you. In 1990 MTAT student asked our invited leturer from PM department about the number of foreigners in Sabah. There were no answer or solution to it and left it hanging. That was 21 years ago. We knew the problem but no authority wanted to solve the problem of power game played by politician. Today we are worse off and they are doing business openly and control places like Chow Kit, Pulau Gaya in Sabah, Bukit Belacan and now at Bukit Bintang road side store where Bangla are now running the store. They now set up chains of catering services for Bangla workers in factories. Home delivery services using motorbike. We have about 2million illegals as declared by Home Minister running around the country. That is about 10% of our population which is very high.
To the politician it is a power game played by them but this power will eventually eat us up. By then it will be too late for us as a true Malaysian. The next generation will have to pay for the political games.

tiongsinwee said...

Like iv said before, do the BN/UMNO 'wise guys' up there ever surfed your blog...or for that matter, other blogs, to get feed-backs from the general populous regarding our dissatisfaction and opinions?
Looking at it, i doubt they do. On the other hand...eventhough they do, they are always playing the denial game. N its a very dangerous game played by our so-called leaders. Im pretty sure that many (within the BN circle) are aware of this (registration of foreigners as voters). For god sake...why are they so silent on this particular and dangerous game? Wake up BN! guys are taking our beloved country into hell. Something must be done to stop this madness.

Frankie said...


The UMNO led government has not only raped and plundered the country's wealth to enrich themselves silly but they have sold the country out to foreigners in order to hold on to power at all costs which explain the sudden increase in voters registration. Your description of Indons and Bangladeshis setting up makeshift stalls in Ulu Langat is repeated all over the country. Middle Easterners, Africans, Russians and Eastern Europeans are already making their own enclaves in urban areas like Bangsar, Sri Hartamas, Kota Damansara, Sunway, Puchong, etc. The country is already famous for all the wrong reasons such as human trafficking, drug smuggling and distribution, illegal ivory trade, etc.

This UMNO government is on a accelerated pace to destroy this country.

maurice said...

Dato, President Obama will be very upset with you for describing him as African!He is African American, the whole community will take offence if you describe them as Africans.(BTW the word Negro is no longer used to describe the community).

Yes, I share your worry and fear with some 1.7 million illegals (may be more) in our country.Because of economic reasons, a great majority of them for sure will not return to their country.They will want to stay on and make Malaysia their permanent home.Let's face it, we too are to blamed for the present situation as we need their labour and industriousness in the plantation, construction and service industries.The least we could do is to be fair to them and be a good host, treat them well, who knows their future off-springs could produce brilliant academicians, engineers, scientists, philosophy and political thinkers for the country.

Malaysian said...


I can't help to fear for our country future. Earlier this year, I was hopeful about our country. Talking to taxi drivers of different races I realized that Malaysian are more aware of politic. They don't blindly believe what they read from the media anymore. Sadly, learning that government is giving more citizenship to foreigners lead me to believe UMNO will remain in power. They will not reform to save this country. Goodbye to our beloved country with more and more Bangladeshi becoming Malaysian. It'll never be the same for this country anymore.


john karim said...


I too am worried. I pray that the politician's will come to their senses soon.