Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The controversy over the purchase of Mercedes Benz cars for the Terengganu Executive Council members, against the purchase of the Perdana V6 Executive, has now become an issue between the Terengganu state government and the federal government. This does not auger well for state-federal relations.

Personally, I do see anything badly wrong for the MB Terengganu to purchase the Mercedes Benz, as we all have to respect his reasons, for he is the rightful executive head

I was once an owner of a Perdana V6, but I had to sell it off because of the perennial problems that I had with the car. I even had to change my gearbox, and the front fender keeps dropping off. The noise that the car makes while traveling is unbearable. I suppose, the MB Terengganu had faced similar problems with the Perdana V6 Executive, that resulted in him changing it to a Mercedes Benz. I too now drive a 20 year old second hand Mercedes Benz, and it is free of all the problems that I had with my Perdana.

The other point that I wish to make here is that the purchase is not wasteful, since selling the cars off later will still earn the government some revenue. But what had been spent by the previous state government, is to me more wasteful and had little benefit for the people. I need not want to say what the wasteful spendings were, because this is well known the people of Terengganu. Are we not aware that Terengganu, with its oil wealth is still one of the poorest state in Malaysia? What's the point of the the Crystal Mosque or the Moonsoon Cup, when the state is still poor?

Shahril Samad need to exercise a bit of flexibility, and to allow the MB Terengganu to make his own decision in running the state government.


maurice said...

In order to clear the air on the reliability of the Proton V6 Executive, I would like to suggest SPANCO be asked to inform the public of their experience of the car since the GLC has all the necessary maintenance data.It's revelation by SPANCO would help to settle the present controversy surrounding the purchase of the expensive Mercedes Benz by the MB of Terengganu.

captazhar said...
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captazhar said...

When the PR took over the state governments of Perak, Kedah & Penang, I remember it was mentioned that they also complained that the official cars returned had numerous faults especially the faulty gearboxes and of these most were inservicable.