Sunday, July 6, 2008


FED UP....Yes, that's the word of the day, and I too am fed up. I would like to advice our political leaders to look at themselves in the mirror and ask, "what have I done to this country?". If you are honest with yourself, the mirror will say, "destruction and utter destruction".

That is exactly where our country is heading for...utter destruction, after years of savouring economic prosperity and peaceful existence. This is the doing of our self centered, greedy and corrupt leaders, who continues to lead a blissful life in homes that resembles palaces, while others have to struggle to exist.

I was back at my village this weekend, and the 'talk of the town' are complaints of increasing hardship and an uncertain future. I invite all politicians to go into the villages to witness for themselves the sufferings of the village folks, and please bring along bags of cash to pacify them. Otherwise, bad eggs will be thrown at you.

This politiking has to stop immediately. Approach the problems facing the country head on. Invite all political parties and including the opposition to some serious discussion, to seek ways to resolve the prevailing problems affecting the country today. Set aside your political differences. Shake hands and kiss one another if need be. Stop accusing and pointing fingers at one another like little children. Act like decent adults with a serious desire to change, and to seek solutions to the fast deteriorating state of affairs of this country, of which you have been entrusted.

The people have chosen you the politicians, to ensure that their livelihood is being well looked after. Instead, because of your greed for power, you have completely ignored their trust on you.

Please remember this....if you are a Malay and you claim yourself to be a leader and profess Islam to be your faith, you are being judged by Allah SWT in the hereafter. Your deeds and wealth will be questioned, and you cannot turn around to seek help from Musan Hassan or from Ghani Patail to defend you, or to trampled up evidence. You have to face it alone.

Please Mr. Politicians, have your brains and your hearts placed at the correct places. They are given to you by Allah all mighty for you to think, and to do good to the people being led by you. If you think that you cannot fulfill the trust given to you by your people, you have no other alternative but to leave.

I hope, all that I have said above make sense to our politicians and so called leaders.

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