Friday, July 11, 2008


Finally Pak Lah has said that "I will step down and hand over the presidency and premiership to Najib by mid 2010" although the month and date was not specified.

The big question now is,"who would assume the mantle of Deputy PM when Najib takes over the PM's post?". To the eyes of the public, there are not very many to choose from, and I do not wish to make a prediction here. However, to UMNO party members, the 'fight' has started i.e. the jockeying and shoving of favoured personalities. It would not be wrong to assume that all Vice Presidents of the party, by virtue of their positions, are possible candidates. Don't forget, Hishamuddin Hussein is no pushover, and he has strong family ties with Najib.

However, the final selection of a running mate for Najib will perforce be Najib's very own choice.The party members can do want they want to shove their own candidates, but I suppose in governing a nation, it is not solely the wishes of party members that counts, but more importantly, the relationship, trust, loyalty and most of all, the willingness to work diligently with and for the 'boss' is of prime importance.

Some had asked me, "what then will be fate of Khairy? Will this be the end of the road for him?". Again, this will all depend on how Najib views Khairy. This young man had openly said that he wants to become PM by the age of 40. If Khairy persist on such a 'dream', I think he may not last under Najib, simply because the political landscape wihthin UMNO under Najib, will not be the same as under Pak Lah. This is Malay politics, which resembles a herd of walrus. If one jumps into the water, the rest is likely to follow.

What Khairy can do to suvive his political career, is to win the heart of Najib, and the people that insulates him. I know Khairy can do that; just throw the c...h, and you are assured of support. The other assured way is to start kissing Najib's hand, and Shahidan Kassim has shown UMNO the way.

Seriously speaking, the change in the leadership of this the country has been talked about since the BN assumed power after the elections. Pak Lah has kept his word, and we ought to respect his decision.

Once in power, Najib has to constantly remember that the people are watching him. Should he not perform, the 13th General Elections which is not too far away, will seal his political fate.

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Nochan said...

I feel that the handover period is too long for comfort. Two years?

I feel I had the right information that, Pak Lah did not have a comfortable trip touring the various states after the recent election. The grassroots wanted him to leave and they did tell him directly. All credits to him that he still could come out of those meetings smiling.

They wanted him to leave with due honours and not sacked. That was the reason they requested that he fix the succession date. I think I am not wrong to say that the date given do not satisfy the grassroots. It would be good for him and UMNO that he does not contest the coming UMNO elections and make the exit at that time.

With the current fiasco with statutory declarations coming out like hot cakes with requests for swearing and denials, I am sure the grassroots want a say in who should lead UMNO. UMNO should open the floodgates and choose the best among them. The best does not mean those pointed by the leadership.

If you go back to history, you will notice that UMNO became a national icon because of grassroots’ choice. Not pointed by some authorities!

captazhar said...

IMHO, AAB's talk of the transition coming in 2010 is just to justify him making the decision of no-contest for the no.1 & no.2 umno this december.

Nothing but a wayang to stay in power and to fend off challengers for yet another term.

ArshadRaji said...

nochan Sir & captazhar,

We are not politicians and had not taste the likeness 'power'. I suppose we would be just like them, clinging their lives to twigs and branches, to remains glued to power. We can only hope and pray that the country will be guided by a better set of leaders, he next time around.

maurice said...

I have a strong belief that Pak Lah is sincerely trying his best to reform the government to the best of his ability.

The new power given to BPR is a testimony of his political determination to rid Malaysia of the No 1 disease of corruption.Now Pak Lah has to ensure BPR is led by people who have the nation's interest at heart.

We all should support Pak Lah in his drive to fight corruption which is threatening to derail Malaysia from achieving the 2020 Developed Nation status.