Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Higher Education Minister, Dato Seri Khalid Nordin has now join the chorus, when he commented to a question from an NST reporter yesterday, that Anwar must make himself available to the police for questioning, regarding his sodomy case.

My question is, what has he got to do with the case to make such a comment. There are other major issues affecting his ministry, that he ought to be looking at seriously.

Just a few minutes ago, I was at a friend's house, and my friend told me that her daughter who is an under graduate in Bio Technology, will have a lot of difficulty to secure a job when she returns home next year. He told me that, there are limited jobs available in her field of study, and for those who have returned home, most end up being sales person. I just wonder what has sales got to do with Bio Tech?

There are many other similar examples that I can write about. but suffice for me to say that both the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Human Resource are not working hard enough to look into the reality of things, that is affecting young graduates today. If nothing serious is done to seek a remedy to this discrepancy, I am afraid that one day, we will have graduates in medicine ending up as postman.

Please stop making these unnecessary comments concerning others, that does not affect your ministry.

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