Sunday, July 6, 2008


"Perak PR Government will fall by 31 August" so says Azam the soothsayer, as reported in NST today.

What is this half-baked-frog-leaping politician talking about? Has he now become a cheap microphone piece for UMNO? I am just wondering, where did he get the idea that the Perak PR government will fall by August? Can he not also predict that the Pak Lah's government will fall by September, and the exact date please?

This person by the name of Azam Mohd Nor is certainly making waves across the aspi
Check Spellingring PM I suppose. Oh no...please, you have Khairy to compete with you.

I did ask you in my previous article "where are the boxes load of files of supposedly corrupt politicians?". Have you forgotten this? Or have you handed it to Pak Lah and he in turn handed it to 'ammunition' in the future?.

You are a liar and nothing but a liar. You are also a coward and out of fear, you now seek refuge behind UMNO. Why don't you just simply go back to your kampung, meet a Tuan Guru and relearn the Quran. This is the better thing for you to do...then to start smearing the good name of other people, for your own political survival. Do you also know that in the hereafter, Allah does not give preference to politicians? He treats everyone the PM, no royalties, no ministers and no politicians like you. He only judge you by your good deeds, and I know that you know this.

Azam for what you are...please do something good. The country needs someone who can upturn the mess that this country is getting into. And I believe, you are one of a person who can help. And my brotherly advice...stop being a soothsayer.

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