Sunday, July 6, 2008


The Director of Military Intelligence, Lt Jen Datuk Mohd Salleh Ismail has denied "that the military intelligence had been a source of information for PKR advisor, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim concerning threats to his safety and that of his family" as was reported in NST online dated July 5th,2008.

The denial has now been the talk among retired senior military officers, who generally felt that it was wrong and unprofessional for Datuk Mohd Salleh to utter such a statement to the press. This act will simply give away the perception that the military is siding with the government and incriminating Anwar and his family.

Our Armed Forces has to remain true to being above politics. The case involving Anwar against the government is political in nature, and even if Anwar has implicated the military intelligence to the case, the least that Datuk Mohd Salleh could have said was that "this matter is in the hands of the police, and let the police handle it", or words to that effect.

By doing what he did, he had unceremoniously dragged the Armed Forces into a political fray, involving the top political echelons of the country. This is a major setback, that can bring disrepute and mistrust of the military intelligence.

What the military intelligence need to do now is for them to realign itself to its primary role and responsibility i.e. the acquisition of intelligence that threatens national sovereignty, defence and security. National politics is not part of such role and responsibility.


maurice said...


The Director of Military Inteligence designation has been changed to Director General Defence Intelligence for several years now.

On the contrary Dato Salleh's statement I believe has cleared the air on the percepetion that the Defence Intelligence was somewhat involved as described by RPK in his SD.As Head of Defence Intelligence I think he has done the right thing to clear the matter.It is no longer a political squabble between parties but involving the good name of his organization.

Anonymous said...


Mengapalah askar ni suka sangat nak meniru gelaran jawatan awam, "Director General" apa hinanya jawatan dan gelaran DMI yang dipakai dulu. Oleh kerana askar tak sensitif gelaran dan jawatan maka sekarang ni kita raayat Malaysia confuse tengok ada General 4 bintang diJabatan Kastam,Immigeresen,RELA,Bomba,JPJ yang tahan lori pun ada 3 dan 4 bintang dipakai oleh mereka. Yang terkini bos BPR pun pakai 4 star..........hebat tu.

Chuba Dato Salleh DMI geng saya ni baca Perlembagaan Malaysia dan Akta Angkatan Tentera 1972 ada kah mereka mereka yang saya sebut tu ditauliah oleh YDP Agong dan adakah mereka ni semua tidak melanggar Section 25 Minor Offences Act?.Sila Dato Salleh semak dengan Judge Advocate General diMindef tu untuk jawapannya.

Mengenai pendapat Maurice tu, saya tak setuju sebab kalaulah laporan tu betul ada dan benar apa salahnya nyatakan yang benar " is it an offence to tell the truth", askar patutnya berani menegakkan kebenaran "without fear or favour".