Monday, July 7, 2008


My favourite politician, Samy Vellu is back at his antics again. This time he picked on his MIC Youth Chief, Vigneswaran for a tongue lashing. Samy said that Vigneswaran “ is good at chairing meetings but failed to come up with clear programmes and policies to uplift Indian youth” as was reported in today’s 7 July, Star on line.

Samy is indeed a quick learner, and such antics, I thought is only prevalent in UMNO. But being Samy, who has acquired the habit of ‘I do no wrong, and it is others who are always wrong’ behaviour, supposedly from his counterpart from Tamil Nadu, seems for want of popularity, decides to spill it out at some pressman, who in turn splashes it in bold letterings in the Star papers. This report must have arouse and excite Samy.

If I can rightly recall, even Tun Mahathir has made an observation of Samy by stating that Samy ‘is fond of accusing others of failure, except himself’. This flawless Samy must be quite a person, but having to lose Sg. Siput in the last general election, conjures up a different perspective of Samy. His loss must have nothing to do with his flawless self.

As the MIC chief, placing the blame wholly on Vigneswaran may not be correct. Samy has to take account of some blame; at least for not nipping the problem in the bud. Problems in the party do not occur spontaneously, but I believe it has developed over a period of time. Samy must have known this problem, or was it hidden from him by his cronies?

Samy, there are a lot more to be done for the Indian community after a long period of neglect by you, and you know this. Blaming others for their failure will not do any good to the party. It will only cause divisions among your members, which you could ill afford at this point in time.

As a Melayu, I take pity on your community, and I hope you do give an ear to my comments.

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