Wednesday, July 16, 2008


As aqnticipated, the electronic media this morning blared out,that the debate between Shubery Cheek an Anwar Ibrahim last night (July 12), was a grand winner for the BN government. The news reported that airing the debate has proven that the government of Abdullah Badawi is exercising the the rights of the freedom of expression, by allowing the opposition, for the very first time, to argue their views live on TV.

The news also commented that Anwar had failed to impress the audience of his reasoning, that the price of petroleum can be lowered, should PR forms the government.

I had earlier commented in this blog that the debate should not be the one to decide who is the winner and the loser. The debate should be viewed as an intellectual discourse between two parties for the benefit of the people. It is for the people to then decide for themselves, based on intellectual reasoning, whether the decision to raise the price of petroleum was correct, or a lowering of the price can be implemented.

I for one do not agree that there is a winner or a loser, but I can positively say that I am better informed of the issue, now than before.


siamangagap said...

But sir, the loser is the people! What 's the use of freedom of expression if it leads to nought, if the people continue to have empty stomach!!

Anonymous said...


The Malays is the main loser as Anwar said, when the price of petrol increases the price of all goods follow suit. Only idiotic Malays and their cronies taught otherwise just to maintain their status and position. Majorities of Malays in Malaysia are non businessman therefore they have to dig their pocket and enrich the Chinese businessmen. The Chinese maintain their profit throughout in good or bad time ............siapa rugi.

maurice said...

Happy to see our politicians nowadays are willing to face the public in open an debate.It is a historical event, and I hope more of such debates are going to be held in future to discuss other issues which are of public interest.

I enjoyed their oratory skills but still unclear how:

a.Anwar is going to review the IPP agreement without severe penalties to the government; and how good governance would give his government the necessary funds to subsidize his 50 sen per litre petrol price reduction.

b. On the other hand Shabery was not that clear with his explantion why the government found it necessary to increase the price of petrol by a big jump of 70 sen per litter (why not by small increments?) despite earlier promise of no increase in petrol price for the year; and the no response by him on Anwar's comment that inflationary pressures are likely to set in within the next 2/3 months.

I suppose the public is expected to do their homework to find their own answers to these questions.

Nochan said...

It is refreshing to see two equally good debaters on the stage in an historic event in our beloved country. I hope that this could lead to better things in future when street demonstrators become history. It is also very encouraging to see a young man able to hold ground against a supposed renowned orator that brings back memories of the Soekarno era in Indonesia.

However, I dread when this person declared that he wants to be PM of the country at whatever costs. This main aim means only one thing – he will be willing to sacrifice the very dear principles that had been holding the country together all these while. While we do not want the army to be guarding the streets, we also want the rule of law practiced.

If we go back into recent history, this well known figure started becoming well known by being able to round up people’s sentiments against authority that do not agree to his wishes. It was only quiet when he gained some semblance of power. When he lost it, in no time was he back to his old ways. Then it was a repeat when he has his freedom.

WE want a two party system as seen in UK and USA where both parties are equally good for holding the country together with different styles of government. However, to bring down one party with slanders is not my choice of a good alternative.

maurice said...

The political tragedy that we are witnessing now is as a result of years of unchecked excesses by some of our political leaders and elite businessmen for power, greed and untold wealth.

The frustations of the rakyat make it possible for Anwar to reemerge as an alternative with its PR coalitions.His challenge for power is not without justifications as he is seen to have the support of a substantial number of Malaysian voters.

The political battle become nasty when parties resort to dirty tactics to undermine their rivalries' institutional and personal weaknesses.Now the nation relies on the police and judiciary to do their work honestly to ensure the future survivability of the nation.As citizens we have no alternative but to recognize and should accept the supremacy of the law if we want to see Malaysia moving out of the current political abyss.