Sunday, July 13, 2008


" Imposition of visa for Malaysians entering the UK by year end" writes the headlines in Star on line dated July 13th, 2008.

This ruling creates concern to many Malaysians who flock to the UK in the thousands each year. Being a former colony of the UK, Malaysian today still chooses the UK for their European holidays, despite the escalating costs to travel and to stay there. This is truly amazing.

The excuse that the UK government gave to exclude Malaysia on it visa exemption list is because, Malaysians have abused their entry permit, by either working there, unlawfully overstaying or had done undesirable things.

For the reasons given above, I do not believe it so grave enough to warrant such a serious action by the UK government. I suspect that there are other unknown factors or reasons that had influence the decision.

Be that as it may, the ball is now in Malaysia feet. The learned Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Rais Yatim is reported ready to go to London to appeal that such a decision be revoked. This will not be an easy task, and Dr. Rais has to do a lot of diplomatic manoeuvres to convince the UK government.

We also hope that the UK government will ease in its proposed ruling, and be considerate enough to continue to include Malaysia in its visa exemption list.

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maurice said...

From one aspect, we have nothing much to lose with the new entry visa requirement to the UK.As you have mentioned, our people flock by the thousands to the UK for their annual holidays and shopping sprees.

With the new visa requirement it would discourage our people going to the UK for such purposes and hence save on the outflow of foreign currency.

I am almost certain the British authorities must have put their argument in place for wanting to impose such requirement, possibly due to unchecked wanton abuse by some dishonest Malaysians on the present visa-free requirement.