Saturday, July 12, 2008


MP for Wangsa Maju, YB Wee Choo Keong has exposed two startling reports that is tinted in suspicion and impropriety by the federal government and its agencies, in his blog The report states the following:

1. That Air Asia has incurred a debt of RM 110 million to MAHB since 2002, against a sum of RM 60 million as claimed by the CEO Air Asia, Tony Fernandes. It was reported that the Deputy Minister of Transport had confirmed the the debt of RM 110 is the correct amount, and not RM 60 million as claimed by Tony. Now..who is cheating who? A difference of RM 40 million is a huge amount, and this will give rise to a lot of speculations. Don't blame people if they begin to speculate that the money has gone into the pockets of so and so. What puzzles me most is that suddenly the Minister of Finance has absorb himself of any responsibility, despite knowing that MAHB is a GLC, and is under the purview of the Ministry of Finance. With the shoving of blame, who then will be responsible to ensure that Air Asia pays up its debt? If it is too difficult for the federal government to solve the problem, I would suggest they invite the Menteri Besar Selangor to solve the problem for them.

2. The government has awarded a contract for the upgrading of LCCT to the tune of RM 123.9 million to Fajarbaru Builders Group Bhd. YB Wee contends that the company may not be suitable to undertake the job because its core business is Investment Holding & Provision for Financial Services. By merely looking at the company's stated core business, the company does not reflect a company that is involved in the construction business. Would you not sense a rat in this deal? And is it wrong to seek clarification to ensure that public money is well spent? The public has had enough of the failures of the BN government in awarding contracts, and what YB Wee is trying to do, is to put things right the first time.

As a concern citizen, the government must be honest with itself and to immediately stop the rot, that has caused the loss in confidence of the people towards the BN government.


maurice said...

Looking at the Ministry of Transport website, MAHB is a GLC of the ministry.It is therefore assumed that MAHB is responsible to the ministry in its day to day operation including financial accountability.

The difference of RM50 millions could be due just to accounting error by either side which could be easily solved by an independent financial accounting firm whose findings should be accepted by both sides.

Air Asia has done a tremendous job in uplifting the image of Malaysian entrepreneurs in this region, for that matter globally.From a company that was in debt of RM100 plus, Tony Fernandez and his team has turned the company around to be a key player and most outstanding in the airline budget business Malaysia has seen today.Air Asia has made air travel affordable to almost every Malaysian at great efficiency and convenience.

The government should allow Air Asia to operate from Subang Airport to further reduce expenses and costs for the benefit of the rakyat.

maurice said...

I hope JKR closely monitor the quality of the finished work delivered by the company on the new LCCT extension.

I remember then looking at bricks and concrete slabs peeling off at the baggage bay terminals when walking past towards the waiting aircraft on my first trip from the current LCCT.