Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Tun Mahathir is reported to have said that "Muhyiddin Yassin will win the post of UMNO Deputy President, if he challenges Najib", and he went further to reasoned it out. And if Tun's 'prediction' does comes true, where will Najib go?

I somehow tend to believe that Tun's prediction will come true. I am no UMNO member (though I was once), nor do I know Muhyiddin or Najib. I only know them from afar.

My believe is being reinforced by my daily meeting and talking with the 'man on the street'. They range from road sweepers, taxi drivers, waiters, cooks, office boys and even some serving government officers. My method is to probe them with a lot of questions relating to the issues affecting the country today. Generally, the people that I talk to are not too highly educated, but they are certainly not stupid, to not understand what is happening around them.

When the question of UMNO and the leadership change announced by Pak Lah recently is raised, many believe that the change would not happen. It is merely a ploy to get Najib out of the political scene, they say. They reasoned out that Najib is too weak, and he can even be weaker than Pak Lah. They say that if Najib becomes PM, he will not be allowed to sit in the office, but will have to leave the office to his wife. Where did they get this idea from......I really don't know. But when I ask them, they just say that this is the talk of the town. So someone is spreading rumors around just to discredit Najib, I suppose.

But honestly, Tun's 'prediction', may have some truth. I say this because Muhyiddin is only human. He is already a senior member of UMNO, and a seasoned minister. He surely aspires to move up the ladder, and age is not in his favour. The positive point that Muhyiddin has is that he is not engulfed in controversies. Most people don't even know how his wife looked, and is void of controversy as well.

Najib surely has a tough fight should Muhyiddin throws in his candidacy for the Deputy President's post. But the final count will be for UMNO members themselves to decide, and I believe they will make the correct choice.

And to the question as to where Najib will go if he looses the post, my answer is that the world is large enough for him to go anywhere he pleases.

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Anonymous said...

Orang UMNO mana tau pileh, mate bute,otak zero,perange iblis,ugame Hadhari,negeri bagi apek,bangse ....cakap aje besor. Melayu ni buat paku sebatang pun tak mampu nye.....duduk atas pokok le dema semuenye........jadi beruk