Thursday, July 3, 2008


Being someone who was born post independence, I do not have the liberty to experience first hand the hardship that the older generation had to endure under the occupation of the British, the sufferings during World War II, the fear of the Japanese army that may come at any time knocking on your doors and the imminent threat of Communist guerillas. Not to say that I wish that I had had those experiences, but to appreciate what it feels like to live at that material period of time.

During these tiring times, our fathers and forefathers stood steadfast and brace themselves for the worst to come and steadfast they were with their blood, sweat and tears. And during these tiring times, our brilliants of the past emerged and the names like Dato’ Onn Jaafar, Tun Dr. Ismail still linger till today, remembered by those who cherish their thoughts, ideas and charisma. Like the glorious Islamic empire of the Ottomans, the same also happened to the brilliant leaders of our nation. They become history, past tense and remained a beautiful memoir.

The young generation of today, is a bit too complacent with the idea of having a stable nation, a stable economy and living harmoniously that it no longer requires non-corrupt, charismatic and brilliant leaders. When the situation today calls for the total “overhaul” of the government, yet there are too many still ever indulging with their mind and thoughts over “akademi fantasia” “so you think you can dance” idol this, idol that and let’s not forget the ever popular, “jom heboh”. Lesser are those who opt to read more and learn more and hence emulate the great thinkers of the past.

Leaders of today are becoming ignorant yet arrogant and hence irrelevant. When five states already denounce their faith in them, still, they say, they’ve won a majority. “Majority” is much more relevant to them, than to listen to the cries of the people that for so long have been voting for them with a hope of a better tomorrow. Alas, they forget what it means to be leaders. Ignorant yet arrogant and hence irrelevant!

Even the army generals are cowed by these leaders…shame…shame…shame… and it takes a 61 year old man who has twice being accused of sodomy to rise among the crowds. Is he the one to bring the wind of change to the nation? Is he the one to “overhaul” the government? Anwar Ibrahim is perhaps in my personal opinion, a charismatic and brilliant leader and hence relevant. Many will cry foul when I say that we need him the most now than ever.

By Aspiring CJ


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Nochan said...

That 61 year old man will one day be a permanent resident of Tg Rambutan welfare home if he does not achieve his ambition of becoming the PM of this country