Monday, July 21, 2008


When the southern development corridor (I do not know what is it being called now) was launched by Pak Lah in 2007, most viewed it as an ingenious attempt by the BN government to bolster the economic development of the country to unprecedented heights, and to fast track the country to achieving a developed status by year 2020.

There was pomp and splendor at the launching of this ambitious project, with the HRH Sultan of Johor, and a host of distinguished dignitaries gracing the occasion.

Not too long after the launching of the southern development corridor, two other development corridors were announced (though not as conspicuous as the first) i.e. northern, and eastern development corridors, that is supposedly to cost trillions of ringgit, and with the hope of generating thousands of jobs.

A year has passed and the general elections long over, there is quiescent as to the status of all the three development corridors.

One wonder, have the bulldozers stopped clearing the land, or the recent petroleum hike and the rising cost of construction material called for a temporary halt to the projects? Or has the investors (whoever they maybe) suddenly changed their mind on investing? There has also been no write up of late, in the mainstream media concerning the development corridors.

Now, with the ‘changing of baton’ scheduled mid 2010 between Pak Lah and Najib, and the uncertainty of the corridors ever getting off the ground within a two year period, a change of leadership remains elusive. I believe Pak Lah would surely want to see at least one of his development corridor complete to savour some sense of personal pride and achievement, and this is quite natural of leaders.

With Anwar charging for a change of government by September this year, and should this charge be effectively stalled by Pak Lah, Anwar’s only option will then be to vigorously maintain the pressure on Pak Lah. This option will only strengthen Pak Lah’s resolve not concede, but may opt to remain in power beyond year 2010.

Should the above be the political reality over the next two years, Najib and Rosmah might as well sing ‘Goodbye My Love’.


Anonymous said...


Apa nak tunggu lagi kita ramai ramai askar pencen ni tubuh satu parti baru dan bertanding. Parti cap lanun (pirate), bila menang kita rompak hasil negara macam depa buat apa salahnya.........raayat pileh perompak jadi ketua dia macam cerita Ali Baba Bujang Lapok tu. Lee Kuan Yew pun kata kita orang Malaysia ni tak pandai nak pileh pemimpin, kita pileh yang suka merompak harta negara lepas tu cium tangan busuk mereka ramai betul orang Melayu ni.Tak caya......ha tengok aje le kat TV tu masa warta berita berebut rebut nak cium tangan busuk, tangan mak bapak depa semua cium tak?

captazhar said...


I would love to visit your blog, if you have one.

maurice said...

I think any idea to develop the country should be welcome.But it must be realistic, achievable based on real requirements following the conduct of indepth studies.Such studies should be open to public discussions to avoid the project becoming a white elephant and irrelevant in latter years.

But I would like to comment on everyday issue which affect everyone of us.Yesterday I read an article in the local dailies, the fear of our people living in Kampung Pencala, on the presence of a large number of foreigners in their midst.This is a worrying development which the government must give serious attention.The required national resources must be put aside ahead of other ministerial requirements and project implementation given the utmost priority in order to rid the country of illegal immigrants.Security organizations must cooperate with each other.Our international borders must cease to be porous where it can be penetrated at will by these foreigners.It requires a national cause and leadership to achieve the desired results and judging by present situation, time is not on our side.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Maurice,

First the government said that they will be going all out to send home the thousands of illegal immigrants. The next day, someone said that by doing so, will cripple the economy, especially, the construction sector. So, where do we go from here.

maurice said...

The situation on foreign labour reliance by our society is now getting out of control.For example, recently I came across foreigners doing grass cutting jobs at our kampung folks houses.Can you imagine this sort of thing happening say 10 years ago among our hard-working kampung community? It is a serious matter, as the phenomena could be interpreted in many negative ways.

Anonymous said...


I dont have any blog and dont intend to have one.It is sufficient to "tompang" Dato Arshad blog as he has plenty of ideas which I can share, after all both of us were askar pencen and of common status and locus standi.........who bothers what we write or opined.....

captazhar said...


Yes, it would be nice to be able to see other's point of views.

Maybe in the near future when you are ready to blog.