Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Reading through the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the beating of Anwar by the police, posted in RPK’s Malaysia Today dated July 16th 2008, makes me boiled in anger. I just could not understand how a person like Rahim Noor (former IGP) himself, can take the law into his own hands, to beat a handcuff and blindfold person senseless. Islam does not teach us this. In fact, Islam teaches us to be compassionate to others, even if the person is a staunch enemy, while he is in custody.

What Rahim Noor did to Anwar is unforgivable, and he deserves the punishment meted upon him, and be labeled an ex-convict forever. He will again be called to answer his deeds and misdeeds in the hereafter, where he will not have the privilege of a lawyer. And please remember, the wrath from God is unbearable. I strongly advice that Rahim seeks forgiveness from Anwar, before it is too late. And I am sure Anwar being human, will forgive him.

Today, we once again see Anwar being treated like a criminal by the authorities. Threat of arrest is being hauled at him. The police in particular has little regards as to who Anwar was or is now. If they do not recognized him as the ex DPM, that is quite understandable, because certain members of the police force are themselves engulfed in corruption, rape, assault and even murder.

It appears also that the mainstream media today is having a gala time reporting about the Anwar’s case. The news reporting hits front pages and written in bold, in almost every mainstream media. Certainly, the sudden attention given to Anwar, I would say, makes him the most popular person today .

I have also read somewhere of a senior police officer today, who was himself involved in assaulting RPK sometime ago, and despite a report being launch against the officer, action has yet to be taken. So what does one expect of police officers today……sympathy and kindness……no way.


captazhar said...

Well, are we going to see a repeat of the events that happened a decade ago?

He was surrounded and arrested by black masked heavily armed polis again upon his arrival home from Putrajaya right after giving his statement to the ACA the whole morning. This happened even before the 2pm dateline issued by the polis themselves.

And the justification given for the high handed tactics was,

CID chief reveals why Anwar was arrested
Jul 16, 08 4:46pm, Malaysiakini

The police were worried that PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim would not show up at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters by 2pm and therefore decided to arrest him.

The cronology of events can be viewed here,

WaliMuar said...

Latihan mereka macam ba..,kerja macam ba.., bapak dia ba..perangai ba.., orang cina kata cian bodoh sahaja yang join Po...

Dari itu budak budak Melayu ni cari le kerja lain, dengor nya mamat Gurkha tu besor gaji dari dema ni jadi Guard

maurice said...

Saya rasa malu perkara sebegini berlaku dikalangan pemimpin-peminpin kita.

Sekiranya Anwar tidak bersalah saya percaya tidak ada sesiapa pun yang bolih menyentuhnya.

Nochan said...

Dear friends:
Please read an outside of the box interpretion about Anwar which appeared in The Sun dated Monday 21 July

Columnists :: Freespace - where young views rules

Different take on Anwar’s arrest
by Chan Kheng Hoe

MANY had commented on the high-handed manner in which Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was arrested. Thus far, most comments have reflected negatively on the police. Why arrest him before the deadline? Why use masked, armed men? Why employ a convoy of unmarked cars? Why ambush him when he had promised to co-operate? Why can’t the man be allowed a lunch break?
I always believe there are two sides to any story. If we assume the police were out to get Anwar, then obviously we will construe all events through the lens of such an assumption. Let us instead ask with an open mind, could it be possible that the police in fact had good reasons to act as they did?
Consider the fact that a police report had been lodged by an ordinary citizen against a very powerful man in the country. Anwar is the leading candidate put forward by Pakatan Rakyat as the PM-designate. Based on the last election results, he commands the support of nearly half of voting Malaysians. It cannot be denied, Anwar is a bigwig, and his complainant is a virtual nobody.
Consider also the perception that Anwar is apparently a repeat offender. Technically, he was freed of an earlier sodomy charge, but that is a mere technicality. The police know, from credible information, in ways that only the police can know, that Anwar must have been guilty both times. It is a universal law that police dislike criminals, what more an apparently repeat criminal like Anwar.
Furthermore, has anyone considered the fact that the complainant allegedly mercilessly sodomised by Anwar is a strong and able-bodied young man? Don’t be fooled by Anwar’s appearance. He must be strong as an ox. This man’s physical prowess is not something to fool around with. He needs to be physically restrained.
How about his connections with the United States? There is always the remote but nagging possibility that the US Marines would descend on Kuala Lumpur to whisk him out of the clutches of Malaysian law. Worse still, they may stay back to colonise our country, drain our petroleum and install him as the puppet prime minister. He is after all the blue-eyed boy of the US, isn’t he?
And then, there is his proven ability to start protests with a snap of his fingers. The country will come to a virtual standstill. Cars will be caught in an endless traffic jam. Certificate in Legal Practice candidates won’t reach the exam hall on time. Businesses will be paralysed. The city will be locked down by him and his goons.
When we take all the above into account, can anyone blame the police for acting as they did? Of course they had to send a convoy to restrain this man. The very thought of him is dangerous. Of course they had to be armed to the hilt. What if a troop of US Marines was suddenly despatched to his side? Of course they had to act unexpectedly so that he would not have enough time to galvanise his demonstrators. And to do all that, of course a fictitious deadline had to be set to lull him into a false sense of comfort.
As for the balaclavas, why would the police not don them? After all, they have already been bought.
The fact is, law enforcement needs to be consistent, and our police force can hold their heads up high in this regard. In the last major sodomy case of 1998, the police sent in armed, masked men to arrest the alleged sodomist (also named Anwar Ibrahim). In 2008, they have repeated their feat. This is a clear deterrent message to all sodomists out there: Don’t sodomise if you don’t want armed, masked men to come after you.
The police consistently investigate all reports lodged against non-Barisan Nasional politicians. They never shy away from their sense of duty des-pite being unfairly accused of being partial. They always question ministers in the comfort of their homes over tea and cupcakes, understanding that spurious allegations should never come in the way of more important matters of state. They always allow demonstrations against the US, Myanmar or Lim Guan Eng to go on peacefully and for a reasonable period of time. They will always shield the faces of the two officers accused of murdering Altantuya Shaariibuu in the firm belief that every person is innocent until proven guilty.
The cynic, Henry David Thoreau, says that truth is oftentimes but a consistent expediency. In this regard, we can be proud of our police who have remained true to their calling at all times.
Kheng Hoe, a lawyer who likes to think out of the box, takes his hat off to honourable policemen in the force. Comments: