Thursday, July 3, 2008


I allude to a report (NSTonline dated 2008/07/03) “that the Selangor government is going ahead with the appointment of Ampang Jaya councilors on Tuesday despite the possibility of three of them having criminal backgrounds”

This is indeed a lesson to be learned by all opposition state governments, that the authorities entrusted to select potential local council councilors must be absolutely thorough in nominating a person to the post. To have named persons who have a previous criminal record or a tarnished reputation is most unacceptable. I am quite sure that the public will not accept such a person as a member of the local council.

Being elected by the people to form a government, those appointed to public duties, has a responsibility to serve the people first before self, to the best of their ability. Please be aware that the people who have elected you are watching you like a hawk, ready to pounce on you should you make a mistake. Here, I would like to mentioned the case of the Special Officer (though not a councilor) to the Selangor Menteri Besar, who was alleged to have abused his authority, and was subsequently sacked.

I believe, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim being a principled person who has shown his no nonsense stance, will act without fear of favour, to discharge any councilor from being appointed to the post, if he finds sufficient evidence that they are not of reputable character.

All opposition state governments has a 5 year term to serve, and the results of the last general elections has shown that the electorates can no longer be taken for granted. Instead, they had used their hands of authority, and brought four previously controlled BN state governments to its knees. This could well be the situation for the newly installed opposition state governments if they do not perform to the expectation of their voters.


Dr Mohd Rafick Khan said...

I still remember your speech in Majidee on soldiers being trained to kill prior to departure to cambodia. Ever since that day, i have been quoting you on the role of the army. I think we did a good job without incident except for the issue of "Enlarged Bakat'. Your leadership was instrumental in that tour of duty.

Nochan said...

This is not a surprise at all when the party has a convicted criminal as the de facto leader