Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Amazingly, there has been a string of events that has shocked the nation recently, involving high profile personalities. From these events, a clear linkage from one event to the other is quite apparent, that only strengthen the belief that rumours surrounding the events may prove to be correct after all.

Let me briefly list out the events and the linkages to it.

a. C4 was used to blast the dead body of Altuntuya.
b. C4 is used by the Army, and is linked to the Ministry of Defence.
c. The Minister of Defence is Najib Tun Razak
d. Abd Razak Baginda who is alleged to be a party to the murder of Altuntuya is said to have close link to Najib Tun Razak; the former being the latter’s speech writer. In all probability, Abd Razak’s successful bidding for the supply of the French made submarine to the RMN is link to Najib.
e. RPK’s Statutory Declaration link the murder to Rosmah Mansor; Najib’s wife.
f. Lt Col Norhayati was Rosmah’s aide whose husband is Lt Col Aziz Buyong; an army engineer.
g. Being an army engineer, Lt Col Aziz in all probability, has access to C4 (link this to b. above).
h. RPK’s revelation implicates Pak Lah, Khairy and an unnamed royalty. This complicates the matter even further. RPK decides to wait for the court trial to reveal all. Pak Lah and Khairy vehemently denies having received reports relating to Rosmah’s involvement to the murder.
i. Anwar’s had openly targeted Najib for corruption in the purchase of submarines and fighter aircraft during his election campaign, as well as challenging Najib over the Altuntuya murder case.
j. Anwar has pledge to take over the Federal government by way of a crossover of BN MP’s to PR, which he believes is possible. Now the government feels threatened, and something need to be done to avoid a crossover.
k. Saiful now comes to play, and alleged that he was sodomised by Anwar. A repeat of 1998 in the offing, and an arrest of Anwar is imminent. Saiful must be extremely rich to afford to stay in an exclusive condominium.
l. With a police report on Anwar by Saiful, the former will now have to defer his by-election plan. Investigation on the report is carried in earnest, and in all probability, Anwar maybe brought to court to answer the charges.
m. With Anwar’s court trial which will attract much public attention, the Altuntuya case will now be of lesser public interest. RPK’s allegation (link this to e. above) of new evidence to the murder, will slowly fade away, with the mainstream media remaining silent.
n. Anwar will be found guilty and sentence to jail. This will disqualify him to stand for election, thus ending his political career.
o. With Anwar out of mainstream politics, BN shall continue to rule.

To sum up, the events above are merely a ruse to divert the main issues affecting the people i.e. economic and social issues. BN wants to buy time to stabailised itself, and to sort out the many issues affecting the party and country.

Anwar’s exit from politics will adversely weaken PK. With time in favour of the BN, prospect of winning the next General Elections by a better margin is probable. BN is likely to use the ‘Anwar sodomise issue’ as the main theme for the election campaign. Pak Lah regains popularity and continues his Premiership. Najib falls out of favour.

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semoga Allah terus merahmati Malaysia....ameen..